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Donate a Thundershirt!
Please consider donating a thunder shirt to AFF. All you have to do is click the link and buy the shirt and the shirt will be sent straight to AFF. These shirts are great for dogs who are scared of loud nosies and could even benefit our dogs going to a new home. The company was so nice to even discount the shirts for people to donate. Thank you in advance for donating to help AFF.

Foster homes mean a lot to us and are important for the animals. By fostering, you can make the difference between life and death! You can be hope for a dog and/or cat!

Scared, lonely, I don't understand why I was left. Where did my family go? What did I do wrong? All alone I sit. I shake from fear. Why am I here? It's not completely clear. A light shines through my fear. A kind hand I feel. A kind voice assures me they will be back for me. They say it's a foster home for me!

In these hard times, with so many animals being abandoned, the need for foster homes is great. Adoptions are down 80%, with many more animals being abandoned every day. These Furbabies are suffering. Please fill out the Foster Application. Any questions: email AFFRescue@aol.com or call Kim 215-676-3318. please fill out the foster application below. Any questions email AFFRescue@aol.com or call Kim 215-676-3318



Animal Friends Furever, Inc. (AFF) started rescuing dogs and cats in January of 2008 and found loving homes for over 300 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. We have taken in many dogs and cats who required extra medical care, including eye surgeries, mass lump removals, dental cleanings, extractions and surgery, and heartworm treatment, just to name a few. This extra medical care is costly and the donations and adoption fees received do not cover these expenses. All proceeds from this shirt fundraiser are specifically for Felix, an older Blue Heeler mix dog who desperately needs surgery to remove tumors from his eye to relieve him from pain and keep his vision. Last year, Felix found himself in a high-kill shelter in Texas after living his life chained outside in the extreme heat for 7 years or more. The euthanasia rate at the shelter is extremely high due to so many unwanted pets and no place for them to go and since Felix was an older gentleman, his chances of survival were very slim. One day someone pulled Felix from out of the shelter and he thought his life was going to get better. Sadly, this was not the case. Next thing he knew he was back living outside and barely being fed. In addition, at some point, Felix suffered a significant injury to his eye that went untreated causing him to go blind in that eye. Just when life was looking hopeless for Felix, a miracle occurred when AFF found out about Felix and we were able to get Felix safely out of Texas and into a very loving foster home in PA. For the first time in Felix’ life, he is finally being loved, cared for, living in a home with a family who adores him and receiving the best vet care. After all he has been through, Felix remains so incredibly sweet and forgiving. Sadly, Felix’ injured eye has now developed tumors that are causing him great pain and discomfort and there is a chance he could lose vision in his other eye. The tumors must be immediately removed and the cost of the surgery and recovery is $1,100. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards Felix’ surgery. These shirts are super soft and of great quality. They are regular t-shirts, fitted t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts with hoods and the sizes range from childrens to adult XXXLarge. Please consider buying one or two or three and know that with each purchase, you are helping Felix live a more comfortable, pain-free and loving life. Thank you so much for your support and please, spread the word. Please go to our Facebook page for the link to the shorts. Or use the donate button to make a donation. All donations are tax deductible

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Foster Application for Dogs

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Animal Friends Furever, Inc. (AFF) is a group of animal lovers that came together on June 6, 2007 to be the voice of animals in need. We are a rescue who helps those owners who can no longer care for their Furbabies and want to make sure they get the best new home. AFF also takes in animals found on the street or from shelters. AFF will help any animal in need if we can. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT have a PHYSICAL SHELTER!

AFF helps owners find new and loving homes for their pets when they can no longer keep them. We do this by posting a story and a picture on Petfinder.com and other adoption websites and placing a picture in the paper. AFF's animals also come from bad situations such as the street, abusive/neglectful situations, or animals who were tossed out. In each case our priority is to find each animal a Furever home!

AFF'S animals are mostly owner surrenders. Generally, these animals are NOT evaluated by AFF. Information about them comes directly from the owner. AFF DOES NOT HAVE A SHELTER! Our animals stay with their current owner(s) or in foster care. Foster homes are all over. We do not have a shelter where our animals are all together! Some of our Furbabies are with other rescue groups or in shelters and posted on our site as a courtesy.


To assist owners who can no longer care for their dogs by placing the dogs in new homes and providing any needed medical treatment.
To place abandoned, abused, and stray dogs in foster homes as quickly as possible, until a permanent home can be found.
To rehabilitate and re-home unwanted, stray and abandoned dogs.
AFF is a dog rescue! We will help any animal in need if we can. We will accept all cats that are owner surrender whose owners can hold their cat until a home is found.
· To educate the public about abuse and neglect of animals and the importance of spay/neutering their pets.
To bring to the attention of the public the dangers of choke and prong collars along with educating people about the danger of retractable leashes and electric fences.
To educate the public about the cruelty of declawing and leaving cats to fend for themselves. .

There are tons of ways you can help. And everything you do benefits the whole group, and in turn benefits our animals.

We need people willing to:
Be an Event Coordinator
Update Website/Facebook Page
Write Grant Applications

We are always in need of your kind donations. AFF is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit, so all donations are tax deductible. Employer Charitable Matching is another great way to help and make your donation go further. Many companies match their employees' gifts. Contact your company's human resources or public affairs office to inquire about how your company can match your kind donation. For questions regarding employer charitable matching donations, please contact Kim at 215-676-3318 or email at affrescue@aol.com We look forward to you joining our ever growing family of animal lovers!.

paw paw
AFF gives the following business 2 PAWS UP!! All of them have helped us in our mission to save animals.
We would like to thank them all!!!

Film and Video Transfers
Towne Book Center and Cafe
Dr. Johnson mobile vet care

Vegatarine society of South Jersey

Animal Friends Furever
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