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News update.

October 7th 2014 the voters of the peninsula passed, by a majority vote, the enactment of 'limited animal control services". The assembly and the administration feels that the issue is "dead" because the voters rejected the Proposed funding for the program. Even though the voters passed the program.

Will we/Are we going to stand by and allow the borough to continue to ignore the issue due to FUNDING? Will we wait until a person is shot by someone shooting at a "stray" dog? Over the past decade there have been several snow machines as well as 4 wheelers that have been hit by bullets intended for a stray dog.

This must stop!

"Shoot, Shovel and Shut up" has NO PLACE in the 21st century!

To all the folks that donate to us for the animals - please remember to request a receipt for your donation if you would like one or need one. (For donations under $500 the IRS only needs a copy of the donation check...) The vast majority of our supporters prefer we spend the time and money on the animals - instead of paperwork and stamps. 

Adopting A Friend

Give us a call (907-776-3614) or email (aelas@alaska.net) us about the new family member you are interested in and we will walk you through our adoption process. 

Who We Are

We are the original 'no kill for adoptable animals' sanctuary here in Alaska. Started in 2001 we have placed over 2,700 animals into new forever homes to date. We are involved in emergency response pertaining to people with pets throughout the State. We exist solely upon the donations made by people from this state as well as other states - like yourself for instance. Please take a moment and make a small donation to help the domestic animals of Alaska in kill shelters get 'out of jail' and into a new home.

All our animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption and have current rabies vaccinations.

We want to thank our major sponsors the Petfinder Foundation, the Petco foundation and Walmart for all their support. We also want to thank the central peninsula Safeway stores and Save-U-More for their donations as well. A big Thank you to Kenai Auto Body as well as the Auto Knechtion on K-Beach, they keep our rigs looking good and mechanically sound. I want to also thank Rigid Industries for making such great LED lights for our rigs!

A Huge Thank you to our individual donors - without your support we would not exist!

Come Visit Us

We are located at mile 34.5 of the Kenai Spur Hwy, turn left on Coral street, bear left at the "Y" and come all the way back to the red house with all the barking dogs. We ask that people call before driving all the way out here - only to make sure we are here. We do this from our home, and there are times when Sue and I are both not here for short periods of time.

We have a few grey hoodies with our logo left - $50 + shipping.

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