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Who We Are

We are a small group of animal lovers trying to help abandoned animals get medical care and good homes. We're match makers! We screen applicants to make sure our pets are going to a good home and that the pet is a good match for the adopter. We want our pets to stay healthy, happy and safe. Our dogs come from a rural area in Western Georgia where there is no animal control or shelter facility. These animals spend their lives on the street fighting to stay alive. Our parent rescue in Georgetown, GA helps the best they can but with very few adoptions their only hope is to travel to the northeast in hopes of finding the perfect family to call their own.

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Here is the true story of how Angel Dog started a few years ago in Georgetown GA

The True Story of Angel Dog

In The New Time, many of the people had lost their souls and the
memory of their kinship with Brother and Sister Dog, and all the
other animals. It was during such a time that a kind-hearted red dog
was abandoned in a strange town beside the great river. Some of the
people admired her big floppy ears and thought her beautiful and
friendly, but no one wanted a dog. Others believed her a nuisance,
yelling at her to go away. So the red dog learned to take care of

The people were astonished to keep seeing her with young puppies of
all ages, sizes and colors. She was adopting other puppies who had
been thrown away. She guided and helped them and kept them as safe
as she could. A few of the people would put out food to help the
dogs, but the red dog stood back and did without so her adopted pups
could eat.

Now, back in the Olden Time, Brother Dog, like Brother Wolf, could
survive in the wild on his own. But the people had tamed Brother
Dog, letting him think he would be loved and cared for living among
humans. He became dependent on them. Then more and more of the
people began loosing their humanity, and forgetting their
responsibility to the Creator to take care of His animals. Instead,
the dogs and cats were despised and called "Strays", not protected,
not cherished, allowed to multiply, so all the cute puppies and
kittens could grow up to be diseased, unwanted strays.

Like any stray who does not find a home, the red dog began to get
sick and weak. Within two seasons she was so sick and crippled she
could not take good care of her pups. Some of the humans who knew her
started trying to find her a home. But no one would take her even
though some felt very sorry. Then it was too late.

Before she died some of the people noticed how she still tried to
help her beloved puppies even when she could barely stand, was
starving and wracked with pain. One of the people held her and
cried, calling her an angel dog, knowing that she truly was an
angel. She died on the day she was named Angel Dog. All the people
saw her after she died, heard about her bravery and how she helped
the little ones right to the end. And some of them came forward
wanting to help - wanting to continue the rescue work she started.
Some of the humans were sad when Angel Dog suffered and died, but
they knew she would want someone to continue her mission. They knew
Angel Dog had done what they should have been doing all along.

Now Angel Dog Rescue is a small group of humans trying to help
abandoned animals get healed and find homes, and hoping that more of
the people will begin to remember their kinship with their animal
brothers and sisters, thereby awakening their souls. They never,
ever forget the wonderful dog soul who showed them what to do and
founded their little group, Angel Dog.

Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone: 703-303-0296

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