Our pets are fully vetted and ready for a new family. The email is: pantherintheforest@gmail.com. Adoption fees are refundable minus $25 within a month of adoption if it's not working out. I will always take an animal back, no matter how long you've had it.


I found him near a farm in Maysville in March '09. It took me 4 hours to shave 5 years of matted hair off his body (the 3rd picture is about 2/3 of the matt - compare it to the 8-inch scissors next to it). His right eye is permanently damaged, and his left ear was so horribly infected I got nauseous when I saw it. If Banks County had a shelter, Donald could have been turned in, and his suffering ended years ago. Banks County government is mostly farmers whose only concern is making money on livestock. Domestic pets have no monetary value, unlike the chickens, hogs and cows the farmers can sell or eat.

Donald has a new home, he goes to school every day with his new owner, and works with special needs children. Everyone deserves a life, and has a purpose in God's world.

To see a slideshow of Donald, Before and After, cut and paste this link into a new browser window, and click on the first picture that says slideshow:

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Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Information

Click here for spay/neuter discounts and locations of participating veterinarians. If you live in the NE GA area, email pantherintheforest@yahoo.com for coupons at Lavonia, Toccoa, Commerce and Jefferson Vets. Go to www.athenshumanesociety.com for info on the new Athens spay/neuter clinic. Leftover Pets has a mobile vet clinic, too, that travels around NE GA "fixing" the problem - click here for the Leftover Pets "Pet Mechanic" surgery schedules.

Low-Cost Vaccinations

Click here for vaccination discounts and locations in metro Atlanta Get a discount spay/neuter coupon at www.petorphans.com. Check the list, and find a low-cost vet near you! If you don't want to get it fixed, please be responsible and turn it in to a humane society or shelter, where at least it will be safe, and won't be allowed to breed if adopted!

"Fix" the Problem - Even the Stray You're Feeding!

Get a Discount Spay/Neuter Coupon for Yourself or Your Neighbors

I know how sad it is to walk down the row at animal control, or even at our adoptions, and see all the animals waiting for a home. So "fix" the problem by reminding all your friends and neighbors to spay and neuter their pets and strays! Most of the kittens and many of the puppies we are asked to take come from "the stray that wandered up." If you don't want kittens or puppies , don't feed a stray without fixing it! Take it to a shelter before you get too attached. It will be safe there, and if it gets adopted, it is required to be sterlized by Georgia law.

We offer low-cost spay/neuter coupons to the public for Commerce, Athens, Toccoa and Jefferson. Email us at pantherintheforest@yahoo.com, or call 706-244-1498, and leave your name, address, phone, and sex and type of animal -- cat or dog. If you're not in NE GA, a great source of information on discounts for spaying and neutering is the http://www.petorphans.com website, the low-cost spay/neuter link has contacts all over the US.

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Looking for a Great Pet or Small Dog? Try Rural NE GA Shelters

You can often find small dogs at one of the more rural animal shelters, such as Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter in Lavonia, Georgia, off I-85 at exit 173, 706-356-5363. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11 to 4.
Madison/Oglethorpe Shelter, Danielsville, GA 706-795-2868, http://www.moaspets.org.
Commerce Vet is also the pound for Commerce and Jefferson, and always has plenty of animals for adoption. The fee is $90 for dogs, $70 for cats, including sterilization, shots, and a microchip.

Great Adoption Websites

Southeast: Click on http://www.petorphans.com for the Atlanta Rescue list of purebreds and mixes. Also try http://www.atlantapets.org for metro and suburban Atlanta pets or adoption.
Athens has lots of rescue groups. Go to http://www.athenshumanesociety.com, which has links to a bunch of other local adoption groups, and information for the Athens area.
Athens area:The Madison/Oglethorpe Animal Shelter has lots of great pets, including small dogs, plus a low-cost spay/neuter clinic onsite!. They are http://www.moaspets.com located in Danielsville, about 20 minutes north of Athens.

Why You Shouldn't Give Your Pet or Stray Away Free!

Go to http://www.petorphans.com for a great list of vets who do pediatric (under 4 months) spaying and neutering, in case you have a litter you want to find homes for. It's much better to get them fixed, and adopt them out -- for a price! -- that way, the animal has a value. Never give an animal away free!

Jennifer's Philosophy About the Bad Things in Life

99% of humanity's problems are due to the human ego -- Mother Nature throws in a little excitement now and then just to watch the media frenzy, and to show us who the boss really is.

My Dog Was Shot - Poisoned - Killed. What Can I Do?

Rural police departments aren't often sympathetic to the problem of shot dogs. Basically, if you don't keep your dogs in a fence, you have to accept the risk that they will run off, get shot, run over or get stolen (which happens even if they are fenced, particularly if they are purebreds). What can you do? If your neighbor admits to shooting your dog, get a copy of your vet records of your costs for neutering, shots, etc., and request that the neighbor reimburse you for your expenses -- the "value" of the animal. The sad truth is, cows and chickens are more valuable than dogs and cats -- because we can eat them or wear them. Mixed breed cats and dogs have no monetary value to our society -- even purebreds, once they are sold to a pet owner, are no longer valuable. The only cost you can prove is vet costs, and you'll probably get laughed at, but it's worth a try. The cash won't fix the heartbreak or your guilt for leaving the animal loose in the first place, but it may teach the shooter than domestic pets do have a reimbursable value.

Humane Society of North Georgia

Gainesville, Georgia
Email for Jennifer, Commerce foster home, professional scooper and answerer of varmint-related questions: Email: pantherintheforest@yahoo.com
Cell if it's urgent: 706-244-1498

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