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Heavenly Angels Rescue- 97-14 Liberty Ave. Ozone Park

Chip Chip may be a boy's name but this Blond Beauty is all Girl. If you agree that Blonde's Have More Fun then come and meet this Young Girl.
Sponsored By:
Todd Harrison in Memory of Jack
Patricia Demarco Stern of NYC
Joseph Chan
Abba Abba is blind in one eye. All he wants is to see if there's someone out there Who Will Love Him. Abba is sending out his 'SOS'. Don't let a shelter be his 'Waterloo'..... Very nice little dog.
Sponsored By:
Irina Lelchitskaya of Brooklyn
Ying Wu of Elmhurst
Hannah Heilman of the Bronx
Boo Boo We have a few gorgeous Tuxedo's who want to be noticed. Beautiful Tuxedo all dressed up waiting for a nice place to go - Your Home?

Sponsored By:
> Bella Tichkova of Brooklyn
Donation in Honor of Rhett Willett

Kitties Kittens are very susceptible their first few weeks of life to illness. Your donations allow us to buy the medicines to keep them healthy

Sponsored By:
Rose M. Colando, in Honor of Jorge Crovetto
Patricia Kennedy in Honor Kerry Kennedy

Sassy Sassy is a very special girl. Who Needs Special Attention from an adults only home. A Foster Home Also is Welcomed for little Sassy.

Sponsored By: Catherine Powell
Patricia Kennedy in Honor of 'Susan Catherall'
Halima Fazal of Queens
Nice Meet Nice. Isn't He a Real Cutie? Nice is a bit nervous and needs a patient person. A foster home is also welcomed for this little one.

Sponsored By:
Patricia Kennedy in Memory of 'Shannon' Charles Monteiro in Memory of Tanzi
Michael Amen - Corona Leo's Club

Linda This cute girl is Linda. She has amazing Green eyes. She's been here much too long. Won't you consider our Tortie, Lovely Linda?
Sponsored by:
B. McGinn of Astoria
Josephine Sabatino in Honor of 'Martini
Peter Jun of Bayside
Saya Saya has a Beautiful Chocolate Point Coat. She is Blind and at times may be startled. A Pretty Lady who deserves a wonderful home.

Sponsored By:
Patricia Kennedy in Honor 'Eileen Kennedy'
Carmela Romani of Bayside in Honor of "Viena"
Brooklin Shy and Scared dogs have a hard time being adopted. Though she's a Total Sweetheart, Brooklin has the problem of being very scared. She Needs a Hero. NYC is full of heroes so we hope someone will see this girl as one to be saved and loved. By the way, we think in no time she will return the love more then you will ever realize.
Sponsored By:
Lindsay Lemmer of Brooklyn
Kathleen Burns of Forest Hills
Carolyn Cronin in Honor of THE FULLER-DESILLASES

We Remember Those Who Have Left Us and Never Will Be Forgotten

Shadow Shadow passed away 12/20/07. At 13, he was abandoned here a month earlier. His owner didn't provide for him in his final days but we loved him in the little time we had together. Max Max passed away on 1/12/09 just a few months after his loving owner passed away. Max is terribly missed by his foster dad. Sandy Sandy was as sweet as can be little guy. Adopted last year, his owners called 0n 3/14/09 to say he had gotten out of the house and was later struck and killed by a car. We miss you baby...

Honey Honey went over the Rainbow Bridge on 7/26/08. She had a mass, was quite underweight and was very weak but we tried as hard as we could for her because she wouldn't give up without a fight. Ginger Ginger was a sweet little older dog who's owner was also elderly and couldn't care for her any longer. She was adopted and passed away awhile later. Josephina Josephina had severe problems with her trachea. She passed away peacefully in the arms of her foster mother on 7/29/09. The ACQ staff and her foster mother misses her dearly. Rest in peace, little Josie..

Gato On 11/15/09 our adorable Gato passed away after recently being adopted so he had a home to care for him in his final days. He would do well at times, but other times not so good, so it finally may have been too much for our pretty boy. Rusty Rusty died 7/29/09 after he had stopped eating and drinking. He just seemed depressed and wouldn't even look at us anymore. Mindy Mindy was an elderly rescue in poor condition from the city shelter where her owners had dumped her when she needed them most. It took awhile, but Mindy went to a fantastic home in PA. where she happily lived out her final months.

Memory Memory and Fudge came in when their owner was evicted. Both were front-declawed. Memory, a grey/white beauty, got sick and passed away in 5/2010. Fudge, a Tortie, was alone but soon found his home. Fanta Fanta died 6/16/10 despite our efforts. He was a big boy with a big personality. We all miss him. Thankfully, he was in a foster home so had someone there when he needed care. Please considering fostering. Bebe Little Bebe was living the sweet life up in Connecticut but suffered a brain tumor and passed away in early 2/10. Gone, but will never ever be forgotten.

Samantha Unable to see very well, our sweet girl found a home who spent the time and money to improve her sight. Though she had not been in her new home long, she was well loved and very Happy and doing well. Sadly, Sweet Samantha passed away suddenly of a heart attack on 1/25/10. Shaggy Shaggy was adopted in 3/2009; His mom renamed him 'Buddy' and said he was a honey, as we all knew, who loved his walks and of course a pet on his head and he followed her everywhere. Buddy died on August 13, 2010. Mikey Mikey was as sweet as could be and was here just two weeks before passing away on 9/3/10. Probably went through a lot his last month of life at the CACC, but we took him from there and at least made his life a little more pleasant his last week.

Shadow I was only three months old when I was left in a bag outside the Animal Center of Queens. Lori from the center took me in and named me "Felix" like the cat. For three weeks I waited for a family to adopt me, sharing a cage with 3 other cats. On August 1, 2010 I met my new family, my Daddy Jorge and my Mommy Josephine. They picked me up and cradled me in their arms and promised that from now on I would have a home. I went home that same day and they gave me my own bed, toys, water and food. I was so happy and followed them all over the house so Daddy renamed me "Shadow" and said that I was his little man. I played and slept with my Mom and Dad all the time for those first few days. August 3, 2010 was Mommy's birthday and we decided to stay home that night together as a family. Late that night I started not breathing well and Daddy rushed me to the NYC Veterinary Specialists in Forest Hills. They said I had pneumonia and I had to be put in an oxygen room and have an IV. Mommy and Daddy were so sad and stayed with me while Doctor Cooper tried his best to give me air and antibiotics. That's the last day I was home and the last time I saw my family, I passed away from breathing complications at 5:05am on August 4, 2010. Mommy and Daddy were heartbroken. They had me cremated privately at the Regency Pet Memorial Forest on August 6, 2010. Daddy insisted he wanted to place his little man's body to rest himself and then also carried my remains into my urn. Daddy couldn't bare to leave his little man alone, even in the end. My remains are back home next to a big picture of me taken when I was playing with Mom and Dad.
My family misses me so much but I know I'll see them again someday. At my viewing Daddy said he wanted me to always remember that I died having a home and a name given to me by my family that loved me. There's a clay imprint of my paw the hospital made for them that Mommy and Daddy put next to my picture and my urn. The name plate reads "My Little Man Shadow 2010-2010." Mommy and Daddy still kiss me hello and goodbye everyday.

Thank You To Everyone Who Supported Us And Cared For Our Animals!!


The Animal Center of Queens has closed. All our animals have been transferred to Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue (HAAR) at 97-14 Liberty Ave. in Ozone Park. Just off Woodhaven Blvd. Check their website HAAR to see the many Dogs and Cats up for adoption.
HAAR needs donations of dog/cat food, litter and towels. Please consider making a cash donation to help these animals.

The email address: has been discontinued.

Thank You to Everyone who Adopted, Volunteered or Fostered. While We Are Sad To Say Good-Bye, in just the last few years We Helped Well Over 1,000 Animals Find Forever Homes, To That We Are Over-Joyed!

Interested in being a Volunteer or Foster parent? Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue is looking for great people interested in helping Dogs and Cats.
For more information, please Email Lori at:

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