Adolescent & Animal Resource Fund (AARF Rehab)

Donations can be mailed to: AARF, 555 Goosehole Road, Benson NC, 27504

Our Pet List

PET CALENDARS are AVAILABLE NOW. If you would like to BUY A CALENDAR to PARTICIPATE IN THE AARF REHAB CALENDAR FUNDRAISER please CALL 919-902-0636 or email at The Adolescent & Animal Resource Fund (AARF REHAB) is a Non profit, 501c3, No-Kill ANIMAL Rehabilitation, Training and Adoption Sanctuary for all types of orphaned and injured animals. Our primary goal is to afford youth-at-risk the opportunity to develop self worth, compassion, leadership skills, and to be responsible for the critical care of animals in the rehabilitation program The over all objective is to provide a productive life changing influence on struggling adolescents and to rehabilitate special rescued animals through the assistance of the community and volunteers. Our passion is to reach out in times of genuine need to the wounded hearts of youth at risk, orphans, struggling children, seniors, widows, families and animals that are victims of sudden crisis, tragedy, violence, loneliness, hardship and painful losses. Our goal is to help stop the suffering and to aid in their healing and restoration by providing support and encouragement through AARF’s Animal Rehab, gifts of benevolence, youth and family outings, music, creative arts, multi-media and literature resources with a healthy message for today’s struggles. Volunteer’s that are young, old, and even disabled rehabilitate over 150 homeless, nursing, orphaned and/or injured animals while building lasting relationships with youth at risk as they train them to be leaders that will continue to go to the aid of others with compassion and integrity. We strive to impart to the youth their great value, to know their purpose, to recognize their God given gifts, to strengthen their talents, to develop new skills and to make healthy choices and relationships. The AARF Rehab is located on a peaceful waterside 40 acre farm in North Carolina near I40 and I 95.


AARF is financially supported by the generous, compassionate hearts of individuals, private businesses and corporate donations responding to prayer. New and used Items of need are greatly appreciated. Our current needs list is available by calling (919)894-1111 or Email Your donation of any size is used to change lives. Our needs list is very diverse including daily Foods, White Drinking Water Hoses, SPORN Dog Harnesses, Towels, Flat sheets pillow cases, blankets cut and sew in fours. Small Washable Throw Rugs (preferably thick ones like bathroom carpets). Funds for Emergency Medicine and Lifesaving Surgeries, daily medicine and medical supplies. Pediatric Electrolytes, Nutrical, Peroxide, Betadine, Novosan, dandruff shampoo. If you would like to SPONSOR all or a part of our monthly medical supply order, please Ask us. Safe and health toys for children and animals. Turtle sand boxes for the dogs to play and splash in for the summer, Washable pet beds, comfortable collars and leashes, an extra large igloo dog house; many 5 gallon galvanized drinking buckets. Strong square trash cans for pet food storage. Working appliances, towels, Bleach, paper towels, Cleaners, Laundry Soap, Large yard trash bags, Spray bottles, household items, construction materials namely sheets of Roofing materials, One Large Steel Building, two 12 x 12 steel buildings. HELP US RECYCLE retired vehicles, old rims, aluminum cans and tabs because your trash is cash for SAVING LIVES! We continue to pray for the Needs to be met as we together press forward to provide for these precious vulnerable and voiceless lives. We graciously accept donations of Running Vehicles as these are gifted to those in need due to a hardship or crisis. mobile homes for those experiencing sudden loss or unwarranted hardship. Sports equipment, fishing poles, camping gear, canoes, Music Instruments for the at-risk youth or children hoping to be adopted. AARF has animals that have completed their rehab and are ready for ADOPTION to companions genuinely offering relationship, love, care, understanding and a lifelong commitment. “Less Than Purrrfect Pets”, Senior Pets, Overlooked and Left Behinds need Good Samaritans to share the care with AARF’s REHAB. This is a good way for YOU as a senior citizen on a fixed budget to share your life with a special friend that Needs YOU and not have the annual medical expenses. You also have the security of knowing that if you ever needed a break due to a medical crisis or hardship yourself the special friend would be cared for. “Less Than Purrrfect Pets”, Senior Pets, Overlooked and Left Behinds are so rewarding to reach. They can come in all shapes and sizes; puppies, kittens, mature cats and dogs, senior cats, dogs, horses, and goats! Will you stick with us and help any way you can. If you are grieving and you are just not able to adopt, maybe you could be a VISITING FRIEND to a special companion home for visits to your home. Where you could spoil him or her on a regular basis and celebrate his or her birthday. Are you available at least three days a week and would like to commit to three days a week for a year as a Volunteer Animal Caretaker/Socializer or An Animal Rehabilitator or twice a week as a Volunteer Master Grounds Keeper and Animal Treat Bearer to befriend them all and make them feel special. Maybe you can do wash once a week or Transport an animal to visit. We had a poodle Named Sparky that waited every Wed. next to the AARF vehicle at 1:00 to go see his former owner who was sick and unable to care for him. How did Sparky know what day and time it was? I do not know but he counted on his walks and his trips to see his best friend. **** We can Genuinely need and appreciate your TAX DEDUCTABLE DONATIONS to help stop the suffering. Checks can be made out to AARF or Adolescent & Animal Resource Fund. We do accept CASH CHECK VISA and MASTER CARD ****


. There are many types of animals TO ADOPT including dogs, cats, horses, goats, small pets, rabbits and more. All animal receive complete age appropriates medical care. Some animals will remain at AARF for the rest of their lives and many needs sponsors. Please help if you can! To adopt a pet through AARF please call or email us and inquire about the pet you are interested in. (919)894-1111 Please leave a DAY and EVENING phone NUMBER for the quickest response or Email


Needs List

Schedule of Itemized Contributions of $ 250

Your hearts and hands of compassion are needed to help us meet all the needs of food, medicine, and comfort for orphaned / injured animals.  They need your intervention to survive, please help if you can.

 These items are regularly needed to operate AARF’S Rehab:

Donation Sponsorships . WE need HEROES!!!!                   Please Call: (919) 894-1111

SPONSORS for Spay / Neuter Certificates:  $76 F dog, $57 M dog, $56 F cat, $46 M cat.

*Urgent: SAFEGUARD (panacur) $350 per gallon – This wormer is needed immediately. Four gallons total are needed (ordered through a catalog).  When purchasing one gallon at a time from a catalog, we save $3,430 per 63 dogs that need to be wormed three days in a row then repeated a month later.  SAFEGUARD is used for many species of animals.

Feline Good Steward Sponsorships of $250 will purchase 15 blood Test Kits.  This allows us to thoroughly prepare 15 kitties for Adoption. When we purchase these Leukemia and FIV (AIDS) combo kits. we would be able to save $320 per 15 kitties.   

Canine Good Steward Sponsorships of $110.00 will provide 25 heartworm blood tests.  This will allow us to save dogs lives and care for them according to their need.  By purchasing 25 test kits at a time we save $640.00 per 25 dogs tested.


Heartworm Preventative Good Steward Sponsorships of $125 will buy a year supply of heartworm prevention medicine for 55 dogs if we purchase in bulk amounts.  The savings is amazing!!! :)


Puppy Dog Vaccination Good Steward Sponsorships of $150, including shipping, will purchase 25 doses of Duramune
Max V- CVK Canine vaccines.  This is a great savings!!


Kitty Cat Vaccination Good Steward Sponsorships of $170, including shipping, will purchase 25 doses of

Eclipse 4 + FeLV.  This is a wonderful savings!!!

Donate Current operational needs:          Help! Every little bit saves a life.

Cat doors (catalog)

(2) Small wheelbarrow (used is fine) (please watch yard sales)

Nutrical, a life sustaining  hi-calorie  nutritional  supplement for very sick or weak animals (catalog)

(3) Child's wagon or garden cart (used is fine) (Yard sale)

 Help we really need:   LONG NECKED IGLOOS &  washable BATHROOM RUGS

Used heavy garden rake (to move displaced stone in the pens)

Intensive care life saver “PEDIALYTE”  (electrolytes in baby section of grocery store)

Used leaf rake (to keep tree droppings from blocking drainage in pens)

Paper towels (for the oops while the are getting well)

Turtle sand boxes - These durable wading pools help the dogs keep cool

Latex-free disposable gloves (LG & M)

39-gallon trash bags ( Lowe's)

Dandruff shampoo

1 gallon betadine or nolvasan solution

Desitin  (only 40% zinc oxide strength)

Bath towels, hand towels

Dawn dish soap,  Palmolive dish soap 

Industrial hose (minimum 5/8”)

Quality puppy & dog food

20 concrete hog slat

Catalog Numbers to purchase and have supplies directly sent to AARF

Jeffers – 1-800-Jeffers

Foster & Smith  1-800-826-7206 Dunn, NC 1-800-682-1135 

s – a specialized item but very useful

Urinary Maintenance Cat Food

Two used washing machines & dryers

Kitten food

 (2)    12-foot-by-12-foot steel utility building for storage of food   


Schedule of Itemized Contributions of $ 250

Kitten food

 (2)    12-foot-by-12-foot steel utility building for storage of food   

Biospot   flea and tick prevention (catalog)

CAT LITTER!!!!  (and windshield ice scrapers for cleaning litter boxes)


PLEASE! WASHALE BATHROOM RUGS,  small throw rugs, thick towels

Safe, durable washable TOYS for dogs and cats

Drinking water hoses


Gas cards (help provide gas to get animals to and from vets and to new homes!)

HP C6657A TRI COLOR #57 for adoption promotion

Photo-quality computer paper  - 11 ½”   and 14” length

HP C6658A PHOTO color ink  #58 for adoption promotion

Ream of computer paper - photo paper  8 ½  X 11

** “Urgently” Needed Supplies and Construction Materials for Two Emergency Rehab Areas:

80-pound bags of Portland Cement

10 needed

Water buckets - stainless steel or galvanized; 5-gallon size for dogs


Central air-conditioning units/heat pumps or wall mounted heat pumps


Adhesive for waterproof  paneling


Window-unit air conditioner for catteries and rehabilitation trailer


Food dishes - stainless steel  (dog size)  3-quart


Water dishes - stainless steel, no-spill, 2-quart 


Food dishes -  stainless steel, no-spill, 1-quart, for cats


10-foot top rails (1 ¼-inch) for chain-link fence


2 3/8-inch rail end caps for chain-link fence


1 ¼-inch rail ends for chain link fence


½-inch electrical conduit, 20-foot length


½-inch conduit coupling


2 ¾-inch bolt with nut


4-bolt with nut


¾- or 1-inch electrical conduit. 10-foot length


6-foot chain-link gates


2-inch-by-3/8-inch concrete fastener screws


1 ¼-inch #10 bolt  with nut


2-inch-by-3/8-inch washer


Mini Link 1-inch chain-link mesh, 6-foot height (we are willing to cut any size roll)

400 feet

Steel Building Supplies (new or used “steel frames” & more panels).  We seriously need frames and roof to protect the injured and orphaned rehab animals from the elements.                            



Trusses for pavilions (one canine and two smaller feline areas).  Dimensions upon request.



Adolescent & Animal Resource Fund (AARF Rehab)
Benson, NC 27504
Phone: (919) 894-1111

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