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  • ATTENTION: for some reason e-mails sent through the Petfinder website to our e-mail are being delayed in sending by about a month. This may be a fault of our e-mail provider, so, please, if you are interested in an animal, be sure to telephone. Thank you!
  • The Spay & Neuter Wyoming Program is currently offering vouchers for Rock Springs and Green River residents who make a household income BELOW $30,000/year to have their dog or cat spayed or neutered at Sweetwater Veterinary Services for a discounted price. Please call Sweetwater Veterinary Services for more information at 307-362-5242.

Adopting A Friend

Our adoption fees are as follows:

$40.00 for an unaltered dog or puppy
$20.00 for an unaltered kitten
$10.00 for an unaltered cat

Animals that have been proven altered are half-price.

We do not spay or neuter animals at our facility and we do not provide them with their vaccinations. It is required that the newly adopted family member be taken to a veterinarian within three (3) working days after the adoption. If you live in city limits, all dogs and cats over the age of six (6) months of age have to have a city license, however you receive your new pet's first city license from us for free if the animal is adopted from us. We also provide the new owners of unaltered dogs with a spay and neuter certificate upon adoption, which is good for up to $40 back for the cost of the operation as long as the proper paperwork can be provided.

We perform all of our adoptions by an application process. This process is to ensure a pet ends up in a forever home as well as ensuring all laws and regulations are being obeyed and that the animal will not be returned to Animal Control due to lack of foresight. Applications may be picked up at the shelter or at the city's website http://www.rswy.net and going under the "Adopt a Pet" option.

Who We Are

We are the Animal Control facility for the city of Rock Springs. The animals displayed here are not all of the animals we currently have in the shelter, but they are the animals we currently have available for adoption. If you are missing a pet, be sure to give us a call or visit the city's website at http://www.rswy.net to check out the slideshow of all animals in the shelter. Though, we highly recommend calling or coming in because time constraints means that we sometimes can't update the websites daily.

Come Visit Us

You're more than welcome to come down to the shelter during business hours and take a look at the animals we do have. They deserve the chance to have a loving home!

We are open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday
(Closed weekends and holidays)

We're off the Beltloop behind Albertsons, right in front of the dog park! (We don't recommend attempting to find us via GPS as it will put you in the wrong side of town. If you get lost, feel free to call for directions!)


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