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Our featured pets are some of my own furkids who need to be rehomed due to my recent bout with cancer and subsequent chemotherapy. I have so much fatigue and I have several furkids that need more attention and exercise than I am now able to give them. Shadow and Barkley are in their new home in WI with Karen and Hap. Both have adjusted well since Shadow knew them as a puppy, and Barkley is happy wherever Shadow is. Bear and Max are to go to their new home near St. Louis soon. BeBe is a super little dog who needs a special home and accommodations. She cannot have her DA2PP vaccinations because of an auto immune deficiency, so she need a family who understands her needs and a vet who will give her a letter stating her medical condition in lieu of regular vaccinations. She rarely leaves the house except to lie in the sun on the deck getting her rays or to the yard to do her business. Angel is another little girl that is a delight and is in need of a new home and famil. She is a love and her antics are very funny to watch. She now barks normally and when she wants attention. When she first came, she didn't make a sound. Now she "talks" to get her point and needs across. She has a cataract in both eyes and will be having cataract surgery on Oct 11th thank to some generous folks from CO and WY who donated to her fund. She does need her eyes checked every 6 months by an eye specialist, but other than that occasional drops for dry eye in the eye with the cataract is all she needs.She may not need the drops once she has healed froom her eye surgery. She is a funny little girl and would give some lucky person hours of entertainment and enjoyment. A very sweet girl is little Bonnie: also from KS, and barely a year old when he came. She is still a little shy but has decided she loves attention, as they all do, and would be a great buddy for a wonderful family. Traveler has been adopted along with Chester and Gidget. Henry VIII and Ms. Fairfax have gone to Angels With Paws in Denver and hopefully will find a home very soon. So most of the rescue cats are safe in other rescues and homes now, and that is a huge relief to us. We still have Bonnie, Miller, Anna, and Gracie available and we trust they will find a place soon.


IN THE NEWS!!!! We have had several adoptions in the past few weeks: Bailey, Pepe, Brady,and Pooh Bear all are in wonderful loving homes. Arney and Boots, kitties, have been adopted this past week, and Samantha, Winston and Bugsy left July 5th for new homes in MO. Miss PollyAnn, the little Papillon mill mama, left the same day and is not with a wonderful couple in foster care in Juniata, NE with Pap Haven Rescue. We at The Healing Journey want to thank so many people for their outpouring of love and support to help us vet and care for all the furkids here at the rescue. A special thank you to Jeramie, Jane, Betty, Doug, Marcia and Bill, Carol, and Lee for your generous contributions to help pay off the vet bills incurred with the last round of rescues(9 in all) and to allow us to do the medical work needed to prepare them for adoption. We have had two adoptions already this month, with several other folks showing a strong interest in some of our little furry souls. We are blessed to have found some wonderful people like The Mulherins, Annette (both adopted two rescues from us in the past year), and our wonderful Stacy, who helps us clean the Cat House, feed, and work with the furkids here in residence. Without great folks like this, we could not do even 1/10 of the work we do for these unwanted animals. We have some beautiful kitties who need their own laps and homes and families. So if you know of someone who is wanting to adopt a beautiful kitty, we have 12 that need someone loving and compassionate to adopt them and spoil them rotten! Since my diagnosis in February of this year, I have been consumed with trying to be well and stay well. The chemo is taking its toll on my energy and my ability to do rescue, and so once we have found homes or other rescues for the remaining kitties and the little rescue doggies, we will not be able to take any more for awhile until I am well and back to normal. I expect that to be sometime next year for sure, sooner if I'm fortunate. Thank you for your prayers, your support and to the wonderful adopters who have made some beautiful furkids very safe and happy in their new homes. God bless you all for choosing rescue.

Adopting a friend

If you see a furkid on our site that you think might fit into your home, your family and your lifestyle, please contact us for more information and an application. Once you have an application on file, we can begin the process of adoption. We require a fenced yard, a veterinarian reference (which we will check by calling that vet so please be sure to provide his phone number and location) and we or someone we trust will do a home visit. We do not ship our furkids, and we usually meet prospective adopters in Cheyenne, WY although you are welcome to come here if you prefer. . We do encourage a meeting with you and any other furkids that currently share your life to be sure that the furkid will fit into your family and be accepted by your other furkids. Because we rescue mainly cats and small dogs, we mark the NO KIDS section on the Petfinder webpage. But this only means that we do not adopt to homes with small children who do not yet have the capacity to understand the animals feel pain and emotion like people. But the time children reach the age of 8-10, they are quite able to understand the needs and proper treatment and care of animal companions. And in some households, even younger children have been taught to treat them with loving care. We appreciate your patience and just want to be sure the adoption is a perfect fit for everyone! Thank you to everyone who helped the furkids by adopting them and giving them loving homes and families. We adopted several kitties and doggies in 2009 and we hope we can save and rehome even more in 2010. Thanks for choosing rescue!

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