City/County Animal Shelter

WISH LIST FOR THE SHELTER ANIMALS Kong toys for the Dogs, Rope Toys for Dogs, Cat Litter (Clay), Lamb and Rice Dog food- Purina one

Our Adoptable Pet List


Remember to license your pet each year as the licenses will expire!

Most cities, including Gillette, Wyoming, require pets to be licensed. A city license is different from the rabies tag you get from the vet and can only be obtain from the City Animal Control.

Who We Are

Animal Control is composed of the Animal Control Supervisor, 3 Animal Control Officers, and 3 Shelter Assistants. This division of the Gillette Police Department enforces the City's ordinances related to animal control, which includes capturing animals running at-large & responding to calls concerning sick, injured, abandoned, lost, or dead animals. Staff handle bite cases, calls concerned with impoundments, destruction of animals infected with rabies, & related calls dealing with nuisances involving animals. All animals impounded by the Campbell County Animal Control are also housed at this shelter.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a pet from the City/County Animal Shelter is a fairly simple procedure. There is a short application to fill out and we do a background check/ fence check. Fees for the pet range from $15 to $33. Usually this process takes about 1 hour and you can pick up the pet within a few days from your veterinarian after he / she is altered. The Application is on our City of Gillette web page. If you are looking at adopting a cat you can bring your own cat carrier that will reduce the cost. Also to help the process if you have other animals please bring proof of their rabies vaccinations. (paperwork from the vet)

Read This Prior to Adopting any Pet

Having a pet takes a lot of commitment. The average life expectancy for a dog or a cat is 10 to 18 years. This means that you and your family need to be in a position to make a lengthy, permanant commitment. Also, having a pet means added responsibility of vet care, pet training, and a variety of things necessary for a healthy, happy pet. Having a pet also means being responsible for the actions of your pet.

Come Visit Us!

The Animal Shelter is located on West Warlow Drive. We are west of the Bicentennial ball parks. The shelter is open from 1-6pm Mon.-Fri and Sat. from 11-3pm. CLOSED SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS. If you have a specific questions about an animal, please call or e-mail actl@gillettewy.gov.

City/County Animal Shelter

950 W. Warlow Drive

Gillette, WY 82716
Web: www.gillettewy.gov

Phone: 307-686-5249

Fax: 307-685-8880

Email: actl@gillettewy.gov
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