Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter

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Our mission is to provide a shelter where unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats can be humanely housed until adopted to qualified homes. We serve Sheridan County, which is mostly rural. We accept and care for stray dogs and cats. If their owners do not claim them after five days, we assume ownership and put them up for adoption. We accept owner surrenders for whatever reason. All animals are spayed or neutered before being made available for adoption.

If we have room, we also accept animals from Johnson County, WY and Big Horn County, MT, which contains the Crow & Cheyenne Indian Reservations, a large poverty area. We cooperate with breed rescue groups in our region.

We also care for animals whose owners are evacuated for natural disasters, reside temporarily in the local Homeless Shelter or who are placed in secret housing by the Advocacy Center to protect them from abusive spouses.

In addition, we work to educate the general public on responsible animal ownership and care. We also sponsor a yearly Rabies Clinic in cooperation with local vets.

We have room for individual accommodations for 38 dogs and 98 cats, but have had up to 65 dogs and 165 cats at one time. The new shelter can accommodate roughly 3 times the animals that the old shelter could handle (18 dogs & 48 cats). The old shelter didn’t have facilities to separate animals but the new one has accommodations for new arrivals, for those ready for adoption and for sick or injured animals. The new shelter also has individual outdoor runs with inside loafing areas.

Brief History of the Shelter: The first attempt at caring for homeless animals in Sheridan was the “Lion’s Den", a tiny enclosure in Kendrick City Park. In 1969 a group of people who were concerned about the treatment of these animals organized the first shelter, which was housed in a small space in Dr. Robert Connell’s Veterinary Clinic. In 1971 the Dog & Cat Shelter was incorporated as a voluntary, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation with a Board of Directors consisting of citizens from the community. The Board handled policies, procedures and general operations. In 1977 a small shelter on Fort Road, land donated by the City of Sheridan, was established. Eventually, the Dog and Cat Shelter outgrew this facility, which had no room for expansion. A campaign to raise funds to build a new shelter began in June, 2002. The land for the new facility was donated by the City of Sheridan. Ground was broken at 84 East Ridge Road on August 7, 2001. On August 5, 2002 our new, much larger, million-dollar shelter was opened. The Board of Directors raised the funds necessary to complete the 7200 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in one year, with three donors giving 80% of the cost, and the loan was paid off in May, 2003. After paying for the building, the board gave the building to the City. Shelter operations are the responsibility of the Dog & Cat Shelter, and we have a contract with the city to accept all strays brought in by Animal Control and to sell and keep track of city dog licenses. The cities of Sheridan, Dayton and Ranchester, and Sheridan County contribute approximately 20% of our operating funds; the remainder of our $400,000 budget is funded by private donations, grants and special funds.

In a long-term effort to reduce the numbers of pets needing to come to the Shelter, we provide spay/neuter certificates to people who cannot otherwise afford to sterilize their pets. They pay us what they can afford, take the certificate to a participating veterinarian, and we are billed for the surgery. We have great support from area veterinarians. Originally dependent on grants, for the last three years the spay/neuter assistance fund has been funded totally by local donations.

We are now sending our monthly newsletter and important dates and press releases by e-mail. If you would like to receive them, please e-mail us at and we’ll add you to our electronic mailing list.

“Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound” Let our dogs help you get fit! Thanks to Mayor Dave Kinskey and other great folks at the City--Nic Bateson, Pete Husman and Charles Martineau and crews--the Shelter has some new features - three large exercise areas as well as a half-mile paved walking path. Volunteers can take our dogs for a walk around the path or let them blow off steam and retrieve toys in the three 160’ long pens. We are especially inviting any companies with fitness plans to invite their staff to walk our dogs. The Shelter dogs will benefit both physically and mentally, so that they are more content to stay here until we can find them homes. They’ll also be more easily adopted because they aren’t so stir-crazy and wild when they come out of the kennel to meet potential adopters.

We have a volunteer who would really like to encourage people to adopt Shelter dogs to use as Therapy dogs, a volunteer activity where people take their dogs to visit people in institutions or to participate in remedial reading programs for children. Therapy Dogs must first pass a basic obedience/control screening to ensure that they will be safe to visit fragile people in nursing homes and other facilities. Potential Therapy Dogs must be social and gentle. They must enjoy meeting strangers, walk on a loose lead, sit quietly while being petted, and be comfortable in institutions where they will encounter slick, shiny floors and strange noises and smells. We will be especially looking for Shelter dogs that display these characteristics and do well in manners training. They will be identified as potential Therapy Dogs. If one is adopted by someone interested in becoming a registered therapy Dog team, the dog and new owner will be screened after they’ve had a chance to bond. Having Cel, the Shelter Director, as a tester/observer for Therapy Dogs Inc will make this an easy process for interested teams!

Upcoming Events:

Our volunteer program is going strong, but we still are in need of more dog lovers and cat fanciers to come up and spend some one-on-one time with our animals. In addition, we are always looking for individuals or families to serve as foster homes for our dogs and cats. Our volunteer classes are the second Saturday of each month starting at 2 p.m. Contact the Shelter to sign up or if you have any questions (307)674-7694.

We are also the state sponsor for the Spay USA Program. Please visit our website at to click on a map of the state and locate low-cost spay/neuter opportunities around the state.
For more information about what is happening at the Shelter, check our website frequently:

Directions to the Shelter: Turn East on 5th Street from I-90. Go past the Rock Stop gas station and Tourist Information Center to the top of the hill. Just past the Wingate Inn Motel, turn right on East Ridge Road (Hwy 139). Go 3/4 mile, the Shelter is on the right, straight across from the Landfill.
Sheridan Dog & Cat Shelter Inc.
84 East Ridge Road

Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone: 307-674-7694


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