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Without You Animal Rescue

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OUR STORY :: WE are currently UNABLE to accept new pets due to being filled to capacity, WE WILL NOT become animal hoarders , taking on more than we can care for. Remember in addition to the pets you see listed online, we have personal pets that we have had for quite some time, as well as other animals of our own that take up much time, including horses, goats, chickens, ducks, cats, and guineafowl. We do all that we can financially and time wise, so the number of pets we can offer temporary homes and sanctuary IS limited.. until I win the lottery! HA! We are a home and foster based shelter in Boone County West Virginia. We've been working to save the lives of a few homeless dogs and cats since July of 2004. Boone County has an EPIDEMIC problem with homeless animals. Everywhere you look are homeless animals. It's very common here to find strays on the roadside left for coyotes to eat, the weather to kill, starvation, or maybe if they were lucky, some coal miner on his way to work to catch one for his kids ( I'm sure thats what the dumper hopes will happen), that is if they aren't so scared they run from him! Everyone I speak with knows of another place where animals are dumped. OR THEY have an animal they would like me to take. Our county pound is a clean, well maintained shelter, but is not No Kill, and the kill rate in the ninety -ish percent area. Most are euthanized. Our pound doesn't even accept cats. Many dogs are euthanized at this dog pound usually on an every other week schedule, or when they reach 25 dogs.

We need help in any way you can assist us. Email

Adoption Requirements

We are rescue friendly and will place animals in other reputable rescues. We will do adoptions to homes locally, an application must be filled out, home visit is required , references will be checked, adoption fees apply ( without them, we can't continue saving lives and paying for veterinary care The cost of adoption is the exact cost is was to get the pet healthy and ready to go to a new home, receipts will be shown to you! ), ALL ANIMALS OF AGE ARE SPAYED / NEUTERED BEFORE ADOPTION, unless too young and then you are required to do so. We will maintain contact with you throughout your pets life!! If you have any other questions about our rescue email us!!

Can't keep your dog or cat anymore??

If you want to surrender a dog or cat to us, we have to tell you ahead of time that we probably don't have room here, WE NEED FOSTER HOMES, but go ahead and email us, and maybe we can find some help for your pet!! We apologize that we can't take everyone's pets in, but with the pet overpopulation problem in WV at epidemic proportions enough pets find us to keep us overfilled most of the time! We will make every attempt to help you out!


We do not have a regular shelter, our pets are kept in our home . We desperately need volunteers to foster pets, etc. If you are interested in a helping homeless pets in our area, please email us. We also have a wish list of new or used items that would help us out.


  • food, treats,etc.
  • Dog Kennels, houses, cages, carriers, pet porters, etc.
  • Dog beds, collars, leashes
  • Dog food & cat food
  • Cat Litter
  • Pet Shampoos
  • Donations to help pay medical bills
  • Businesses that will allow us to place collection jars or flyers
  • Anything Else You Think Might Help a Homeless Pet !

Without You Animal Rescue
Clothier , WV 25047
Email us

Special Thanks To

All of my family members who have helped in many ways.

Mark Music DVM and his staff for all that they do!!

Everyone who gives us advice, rescues who take our pets in, and those who help drive them to new forever homes!!

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