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We currently have a number of wonderful adoptable pets! We have Clay and Conner our shih poodle mixi boys dob -4-10-11, Kendal and Coco our chihuahua/shih tzu mix pups as a number of other lovely puppers

Who We Are

NORTH MOUNTAIN SMALL DOG RESCUE is all breed rescue geared toward small dogs(typically 20# and under). Our objective is to rescue and place small breed dogs in need. Located in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, we are very accessible to the Rte 81 corridor as well as Washington DC and Baltimore.. Working independently, there is no building, fostering in private homes. We rescue from many different shelters--and frequently bring animals into our group who might otherwise lose their lives. So we might have anything--from a puppy to a senior who is considered "unadoptable" by a shelter. We will also often have purebreds or close mixes.

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Adopting a Friend

Adopting a friend NORTH MOUNTAIN SMALL DOG RESCUE If interested in adopting one of fur babies, contact us via phone or email. It is necessary to complete an adoption application. Please note: We no longer adopt outside driving distance(4 hours driving one way) of our primary foster home in Martinsburg, WV. Our dogs must be indoor dogs and must never be tied out lead or run. We do not recommend invisible fence for our small dogs as it does not protect them from intruders.(both human and four legged) Fees normally cover all vaccines, rabies shot and tag, worming, HW check, and spay/neuter if the dog is an adult.
Puppies: $200.00- $450.00(on rare occasions higher). This includes spay/neuter, worming, shots, rabies certificate , health records and in some cases microchip. On rare occasions we may adopt a puppy on a spay/neuter contract, requiring a refundable deposit to be returned upon receipt of vet. document confirming spay/neuter has be completed..
Adult dogs: $200--$450.00 depending on mix or purebred. This estimated veterinary fee includes spay or neuter of the dog, vaccines current, rabies certificate, health exam, bath, flea preventative, worming if needed, and may include grooming. Dogs that come to us from southern shelters will have a heartworm test. On occasion, we will have a very special furbaby whose adoption fee may be higher do to the demand for that breed. Those funds are used to fund vetting for our unadoptable seniors and special needs babies..
Dogs 10 yrs and older: $100--225. We offer a discount for an older dog, since They may need a bit of extra care from you. An old dog is a special kind of joy. Like well broken in shoes they are a good fit because they are usually well behaved, already trained, and will often give years of love and devotion if you give them a yearly dental cleaning, a joint healthy diet, and a warm sweater for winter outings.
If you are ready to start the adoption application, please fill out our online form below!
Home Visit: Once the adoption application is processed, we will arrange to visit you and all family members at a time when everyone is available to talk with our home visit representative.
North Mountain Small Dog Rescue - MidAtlantic

Martinsburg, WV 25405
Phone: 304-261-5726

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Applicant's full name
Dog to adopt Name:
What are you(and your family) looking for in a new pet?
Email Address:
City, State, Zipcode
Applicant's Age:
Home phone
Work Phone:
Have you applied to adopt a pet from another rescue in the last 30 days? Yes
If so with what rescue and is your application still active
Does your job require travel? Yes
If so, how long are you typically gone and who watches your pets
How long will the dog be alone at a time?
IS ANYONE IN YOUR HOME ALLERGIC TO PETS? If so, you must provide a separate written statement from a doctor stating that it is OK for you to have a pet
IF NOT, PLEASE PROVIDE A LETTER FROM YOUR LANDLORD STATING HIS/HER PERMISSION FOR YOU TO HAVE THIS PET. PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER WHERE THEY MAY BE REACHED. I will verify this information. Name of your Landlord_______________________________Phone____________
DO YOU HAVE A FENCED YARD? Please include height of fence and if its connected to your home. If not, how will you exercise your pet? Give details of where pet will be walked.
Do you carry treats on walks in case dog breaks free and runs What would you do if you are walking your dog and a hostile dog approaches? Please explain:
PLEASE LIST THE ALL PETS WHO NOW LIVE IN YOUR HOME. Give their names, breed, ages, sex, and state whether spayed and neutered.
Where do your pets spend most of their time and where do they sleep?
Do you tie your pet outside at anytime?
Will this new pet be allowed to be a house dog?! Note: all our dogs must be live indoors. Where will the new pet sleep?.
If you are not able to groom this pet, are you willing to pay for a grooming at least twice yearly?. Some pets, such as terriers, may need grooming more often. Will you be able to keep nails trimmed or have this done? .
Dogs can live to be very old. Will you care for this dog into its old age, and agree to give it love and attention even if you get another younger dog? .
PLEASE GIVE NAME AND PHONE NUMBER OF YOUR VETERINARIAN. If you don’t have one yet, please be prepared to find one and let us know. Has this vet seen all of the pets you have listed?
Were any of your deceased pets hit by an automobile? Yes
Did any of them run away or become lost or stolen Yes
Please explain the circumstances if yes to any of the above.
Were any of your previous pets euthanized by you? If yes, please explain the circumstances.
Were any of your previous pets returned to the person or agency from which You purchased or adopted them? If yes, please explain the circumstances.>
Are you willing to sign a form stating that, should you no longer be able to keep this pet you adopt from North Mountain Small Dog Rescue, you will return this pet to Cynthia Nichols/Patrice Bostic?
LIST 3 REFERENCES WHO HAVE KNOWN YOU AT LEAST ONE YEAR. ONE OF THESE REFERENCES MUST BE A NEIGHBOR. Please list only one relative. Please include phone numbers NEIGHBOR Name: Address: Phone:
2nd reference: Name: Address: Phone:
3rd reference: Name: Address: Phone: