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Thank you for your interest in Friends for Life, Inc in Lewisburg, WV! FFL is a no-kill, non-profit sanctuary for dogs and cats near Lewisburg (Greenbrier County) in southeastern West Virginia. FFL has been accepting abandoned and no-longer-wanted dogs and cats since 1996. We incorporated as Friends for Life in January 2000 and received non-profit, tax-exempt status (501c3) from the IRS in November 2007, which means we're able to provide a tax receipt for any amount donated, or for items donated. Friends for Life, Inc. is not affiliated with any other organization or shelter, or any other Friends for Life organization. FFL receives NO local, state, or federal funding and relies completely on contributions from individuals. We are a care-for-life, or no-kill, sanctuary; there is no time limit for any animal. Each animal that we accept is wormed, vaccinated, and neutered/spayed if unaltered. In addition, any needed veterinary care, including exams, tests, treatments, medications and/or surgery, is provided during the time the animal is with us. We are completely committed to each animal here for its entire lifetime, if it is not adopted, and many have been here their whole lives.

Currently, FFL cares for twenty-two dogs, mostly seniors from twelve to seventeen years of age, and one cat- Mindy, who's now over thirteen years of age with chronic health issues, plus she is almost deaf. Our youngest dogs- Maxx, Rascal, Parker, Stu, and Oscar- are between four and eight years of age. PLEASE NOTE: While all of the animals pictured are listed as Adoptable, and a few of our seniors may be able to adjust to a new environment, some are available for sponsorship only, due to their age and/or health issues. Please read the bio to make sure the animal is available for adoption.

Please, if you have pets outside in the terrible heat that we've had lately, bring them inside if it's cooler and if it's possible for you to. If not, make sure they have shade (the inside of a dog house is NOT "shade"!), preferably from a tree(s) or at least a tarp that allows air to pass through. A cheap shade trick is a flat sheet (you can get them at any thrift store for a buck or two). Tie or attach one or two above your dog's house or cover the kennel. Sheets are better than plastic tarps because they allow the air to circulate and not build up underneath, AND they're cheaper, AND they smell good after they've been rained on! They usually last the entire summer. Sheets would work well for other animals too. In addition, MAKE SURE YOUR ANIMALS HAVE PLENTY OF COOL WATER. Water that sits in the sun heats, of course, and does not cool the animal. If you can provide a fan to move the air (yes, outside!), that's good too.
NEVER, never take your dog (or other animal) with you to town, etc. and leave them in the car unless you have someone in the car with the animal and the AC is running! Even with all windows completely down, the car will become too hot for the dog in a matter of minutes. Dogs can only cool themselves through panting. As the temperature builds (and a dog's or cat's normal temperature is already 101 to 102!), the dog can't pant fast enough to cool itself. Love your pet(s) enough to leave them at home when you go out. They don't have to be with you every minute, even though you think they do. If you see a dog or other animal in a car and it appears to be in distress, call 911 immediately. In some states, it's even ok to break a window to get the animal out, which you may have to do regardless, if it's going to be 5 minutes or more before the ACO or police get there. Get the animal to a cool place (your car with the AC on, even!) and to a vet ASAP. Heat stroke often causes internal damage and the animal can die days later, even after it seems to be ok.

WHAT DOES IT COST TO CARE FOR 22 MOSTLY-SENIOR DOGS (and one senior cat)? Keep reading!
FFL has no overhead except for the electric bill. There are NO paid employees. Every cent donated or fundraised goes for the care of the animals.
Veterinary care is our biggest expense, followed by food and supplements. Listed below are veterinary care charges (after a generous discount from our veterinary hospital), plus food and any other expenses, just from the past three months: September< August, and July (September and August are in detail). If anybody has questions or wants details of other months, email FFL president Donna Hinkle at
01-- Harvey: 30 Enalapril (blood pressure med for 1 month), $10.63
01-- Payment to Walmart for 2 tubes of Genteal severe dry eye gel for Harvey, $20.50
02-- Missy: 20 Rimadyl (pain med for 40 days), $27.33
06-- Payment to Mon Power for kennel electric bill, $40.71 (the electric bill is MUCH higher in the cold months)
08-- Harvey: Recheck, urinalysis, in-house blood chemistry, chest X-ray (2 views), $233.09
08-- Snoopy: Acupuncture (to hopefully improve function of right rear leg after neurological problem), Mometamax drops for ear infection, $78.93
08-- Stu: Eyedrops for Glaucoma, left eye, $21.46
09-- Payment to Walmart for Pedigree canned dog food, Friskies canned cat food, pee pads (for Nemo), $110.50
10--Missy: Exam, CBC & in-house blood chemistry (to check kidney function), Ciprofloxacin eye drops, 6 cans Hills I/D (easy-to-digest food for digestive problems), $123.48
10-- Harvey: Exam (no charge), sub-q fluids, injection for upset stomach, 90 Tramadol (pain med, 1 month), $66.45
10-- Fanny: CBC, urinlaysis, exam, $103.80
13-- Fred: Urinalysis, $31.40
14-- Nemo, 50 tramadol (pain med), $24.54
14-- Harvey: 12 cans Purina EN (for digestion), $20.44
15-- Payment to Tractor Supply for one 35# bag of 4-Health Mature Dog food, $31.99
20-- Missy: Recheck, Corneal Stain, Tonopen exam (eye pressure check for glaucoma), $79.49
20-- Snoopy: 2nd acupuncture, Vit B12 injection, $40.47
22-- Nemo: 4th acupuncture treatment (arthritis, lung function), Vit B12 injection, $40.47
22-- Payment to Walmart for pee pads, Pedigree canned dog food, $28.20
23-- Peanut: Liquid tramadol (pain med), $6.08
26-- Snoopy: 3rd acupuncture treatment, Vit B12 injection, $40.39
Total veterinary and other expenses for September: $1180.33
01--Fanny: Spay, dental, $199.67
01-- Tom: Neuter, Pre-surgical blood chemistry, Rimadyl chewable, $109.20
02-- Payment to CVS pharmacy for 2 bottles of Milk Thistle (for Ruff, Tanner, and Raisin), $27.79
02--Ruff: Vetoryl, 30 day supply (for Cushing's Disease), $38.37
02--Nemo: 60 Prednisone, $21.74
02-- Jasmine: Acupuncture, Vit B12 injection, Calm Capsules, $89.89
02-- Harvey: 30 Enalapril, $10.63
03-- Jasmine: X-ray chest, 2 views, diazepam to calm, $143.29
05-- Jasmine: bloodwork (to check kidney function), euthanasia (kidneys failing, other health issues, please see Memorials, below), $116.17
09-- Fanny: exam (after escaping, being gone all night, and getting minor injuries from being attacked by something, just 8 days after her spay), $36.20
09-- Nemo: Exam, 1st acupuncture treatment, $68.70
09-- Dixie Dew: Exam, CBC & blood chemistry, fecal test, urinalysis, $153.52
10-- Payment to Mon Power for kennel electric bill, $77.89
12-- Payment to Walmart for pee pads and Friskies canned cat food, $36.60
17-- Payment to for ten 30# bags of Taste of the Wild dog food, $439.90
17-- Dixie Dew: Exam (no charge), X-ray, ultrasound (found tumors), CPL Snap test (for pancreatitis), $273.13
17-- Missy: Exam, prednisone, $40.98
17-- Peanut: Exam, $36.20
19-- Dixie Dew: Euthanasia, $33.73 (please see Memorials, below)
22-- Harvey: 90 Furosimide (Lasix), 90 tramadol (for pain), $70.59
22-- Nemo: 50 tramadol, $24.54
22-- Tanner: 50 Rimadyl, $70.36
23-- Payment to Tractor Supply for two 35# bags of 4-Health Mature dog food, 40 cans of 4-Health senior formula dog food, $113.58
23-- Tanner: Exam, bloodwork, urinalysis, $120.38
24-- Payment to Tractor Supply for one 31gal. metal garbage can (for dog food), $24.99
25-- Payment to Walmart for pee pads, Pedigree canned dog food, $61.31
26-- Leo: Euthanasia (please see Memorials, below), $33.73
30-- Payment to Postmaster for stamps for thank-you notes, card for donor, $7.23
Total veterinary and other expenses for August: $2622.31
Total veterinary expenses for July: $1309.07
Payments made to Kroger, Walmart,, Tractor Supply, Amazon for Harvey's eye gel, Pedigree canned dog food, Friskies canned cat food, pee pads, paper towels for kennel, 4-Health Mature dog food, Cosequin, Prozyme digestive enzyme powder for cats Leo and Mindy for diarrhea, supplies for shoe drive (33-gal bags and rubber bands): $1201.87 (This total is higher than usual because of having to order the Cosequin and Prozyme. I have started the rest of the kennel dogs on Cosequin, however, (October 2nd), so instead of 4 dogs on Cosequin, there are now 11 on it because of the time spent on a concrete floor- not good for joints!)
05--Payment to Mon Power for kennel electric bill, $78.33
27-- Payment to Enterprise for cargo van rental to pick up donated shoes for shoe drive, $191.02
30-- Payment to Mountain View Pet Crematory for Kita, CinCin, Melissa, Mama Dog, Sahara, Tucker, $306.34
Total July expenses: $3086.63 (This total is higher than usual because of the van rental and the cremations.)
FFL is 501c3 tax-exempt and can provide a tax receipt for any amount contributed.
If you'd like to contribute or become a faithful sponsor (see below for information about our Sponsor Program), we have a Donate button below for your convenience, or donations may be mailed to
Friends for Life, Inc. at our NEW 911 CHANGE OF ADDRESS: 1754 Bunger's Mill Road, Lewisburg, WV 24901. We need more sponsors to help care for our aging companions. Thank you very, very much for your help!

SPONSOR! See below for info about our Sponsor Program
Donate a Medium or Large Washable Orthopedic Bed Many of the dogs have some degree of arthritis and would rest easier with the support of an orthopedic bed.
Donate a Heated Bed for a Kennel Dog There are now 11 dogs in the kennel. While we do have electric heaters that keep the temperature around 50 on cold days, Maxx, Parker, and Splint (Taddie) are shorthaired dogs and would be warmer with a heated bed. Truth to tell, they would ALL appreciate the warmth, since those who aren't shorthaired are seniors! But 2 large (Splint and Parker) and 1 medium (Maxx) would be a great start.
Donate a Fleece Pad We're always in need of medium and large double-sided fleece pads from Kuranda. If you go to the Kuranda link below, you'll find Friends for Life's Kuranda Wish List and you can donate a fleece pad at a reduced price. They wash well and don't shrink, and are tough but NOT totally chew-proof, which is why we generally need a few! (Luckily we don't have many chewers so most last a long time!) These pads have elastic at each corner, which keeps the pad on the bed. Thank you to Ina Hess from Illinois for her generous donation of 6 medium and 2 large fleece pads in August!
Donate a Gift Card to WalMart or Tractor Supply for canned and dry food.
Make a Donation for Veterinary Care. If you read our monthly expenses list above, you know that our average monthly cost for veterinary care now is around $1000!
Make a Donation (monetary, fleece pad, gift card) in Memory or in Honor of a beloved companion, or that relative or friend who has everything.
All donations are tax-deductible.
Donate Used Towels Towels are always needed!

Depending on the number of animals needing veterinary care (as shown above), FFL needs $1200 to $2500 per month at this point, both for vet care and food. Individual sponsorship is $25 per month, or more if the individual chooses; business sponsorships are $50 per month. (FFL has no business sponsors; would yours like to be the first?) There is no form to sign, simply let us know by email or a note with your check that you are becoming a sponsor. Sponsor contributions may be paid monthly, quarterly, every six months, etc.- whatever is easiest for the sponsor. Please remember, though, that once you start sending regular donations, WE DEPEND ON YOUR SPONSORSHIP. If you can no longer be a sponsor, please be kind and let us know. An individual or business may also make a one-time contribution of any amount at any time. A person may also sponsor more expensive procedures for a particular animal, such as a blood workup (to check liver, kidney, and thyroid function), dental, x-rays, ultrasound, laser treatments, surgery, medication, supplements, or special food. (One lady from PA paid for a lot of dentals and bloodwork during a 2-year period!) All donations are tax-deductible and FFL will send a tax receipt to the individual or business if requested.

CORN IS THE NUMBER ONE GMO FOOD produced now, with SOY coming in second. Corn is in so much of the pet foods, even some of the expensive ones, so read those labels! We don't want to feed any corn or soy as long as we can help it. And watch out for ADDED COLOR, another baddie! These dyes, especially the FD&C red, can cause hyperactivity and allergies (itching, hair loss) in dogs, and urinary blockage in male cats. Corn and wheat are two big culprits for itchy skin, chronic ear infections, and bloating and gas. If your dog licks its paws a lot, that's usually the first sign of a food allergy. Chronic scratching can lead to a secondary bacterial infection (that stinky "doggy" smell is NOT normal!) that requires treatment from your vet. Chronic ear infections and stinky ears can also be signs that you need to change your pet's food. One of FFL's vet's has said that it isn't the grain that the animal is allergic to, it's the protein source. However, corn and wheat can be the protein source(s) in cheap pet food, so try to "step up" to better-quality food. If your dog has chronic skin problems, hyperactivity, or your male/neutered male cat has chronic urinary problems, see your vet and do what your vet recommends in the way of medications, but also please try weaning over to a brand that has NO corn, NO wheat, and NO soy (such as Diamond Adult Natural dry food or 4Health dry foods), or try grain-free. Wean slowly and be patient. It may take a month or two to clear the system and see improvement, but you may be surprised at the results. You may not have to use steroids and antibiotics again.

(We do not need Kuranda beds, thanks to a very generous donation in 2011 from the Bissell Foundation- see below.) FFL is in need of double-sided fleece pads from Kuranda (see the Kuranda link below). These are great because they have the loops on the corners that fit over the legs of the Kuranda beds and hold the pad on. If you click on the link it will take you to our Kuranda site and show you our Wish List. The pads we need are medium and large, and they're $25.95 to $27.95, respectively. If you donate a pad for FFL, it will be shipped directly to us, and we'll receive an email with your name and address that you've donated an item. If requested, we're happy to send a tax receipt.

In December 2011 we received an overwhelming donation of 20 Kuranda beds- one for each dog in our kennel building, plus an 8-tier bed for the cats- from The Bissell Foundation, plus a soft, cozy fleece pad for each bed! The foundation also donated several dozen interactive toys for dogs and cats, plus treats to fill them with. The dogs and cats love the beds, and the toys keep them busy! Parker, a large shorthaired brindle mix (see him on our list of available pets) is never without one of the barbells hanging from his mouth. He's hilarious!! And Maxx, a brindle Pit Bull, uses his Kuranda bed as a trampoline at meal time. That's a lotta bouncing twice a day, every day! Those beds are tough! Thank you, thank you, Bissell Foundation!
NOTE: BISSELL has ongoing programs that benefit shelter animals, so BUY BISSELL PRODUCTS for your home!

Friends for Life MEMORIALS...
"I know there can no Heaven be if my pets aren't there to welcome me..." (Anonymous)
We sadly said goodbye to the following companions who have left us and taken a little bit of our hearts with them:
Jewel, Golden Retriever mix spayed female, 13 years, on January 5th. I miss your paw on my arm.
Candy, Chow mix spayed female, 15 years, on January 18th. Such a gentle girl.
Tigger Two, orange striped neutered male Domestic Shorthair cat, 8 years, on April 27th. You allowed us to live in the same house, but we couldn't touch you.
Boose-Boose, orange striped with white neutered male Domestic Shorthair cat, 8 years, on June 12th. We'll never forget finding your gauze "boots" here and there as you'd get them off!
Punkin, Jack Russel/Beagle mix spayed female, 15 years plus, on July 23rd. Former shotgun rider and "go to town" companion.
Brownie, Dachsie/Chihuahua mix spayed female, 14 years, on July 25th. You either loved or hated squirrels- we were never sure!
Marley, Aussie/Hound mix neutered male, 14 years, on August 8th. What an intelligent dog, and such a wonderful temperament!
Big Mac, the Halloween Cat, black male Domestic Shorthair, neutered male, 8 years plus, on August 8th. We'll never know what happened before you were rescued. You were scary to look at and liked to pretend you were a tiger....
Sara Beth, Black Lab mix spayed female, 16 years plus, on August 22nd. Such a gentle, gentle girl.
Eightball, Corgi mix spayed female, 12 years plus, on September 10th. You must've been overwhelmed being around so many other animals after your caregiver passed on, but you made a place for yourself and accepted your new life.
Sam(antha), Schnauzer mix spayed female, 14 years, on September 29th. We tried so hard to find out what was wrong, poor girl. The pictures of you as a puppy still make us laugh!
Sandy Sue, spayed female mix, 11 years, on November 3rd. So very sweet. We'll never know how you got that endearing "head tilt"!
Freckles, Walker hound spayed female mix, almost 15 years, on December 30th. You were the first to have been here from a puppy to a cranky "old lady"!

Keiffer, yellow Lab mix neutered male, 15 years plus, on January 5th. You had a rough start, but had a good life at FFL.
Jake, Spaniel/hound mix neutered male, 15 years, on January 25th. Gentle boy, and such a trooper.
Too Big, Chihuahua mix neutered male, 16 years, on February 4th. You had the cutest underbite!
Smokey, black Domestic Shorthair neutered male cat, 8 years, on April 10th. So sweet, but plagued with health problems.
Ebony, black Domestic Shorthair spayed female cat, 10 years, on June 1st. Our smallest cat ever. Another "tiger-pretender" but the easiest cat to treat.
Tux, Lab/Chow mix neutered male, 12 years, on July 2nd. Those black points on that beautiful honey-gold face were so pretty.
Maizie, Domestic Longhair Tortie spayed female cat, 9 years, on July 15th. Very gentle, and such unusual green eyes!
MowMow, black Domestic Shorthair neutered male cat, 10 years, on July 16th. A beautiful, sweet boy.
Rugby, our biggest boy, a neutered male Lab/Something Big mix, 8 1/2 years, on July 20th. What you went through before you were brought to FFL.... You were so good with puppies!
Sonja, a.k.a. "Sonie", Chow mix spayed female, 9-10 yrs, September 20th. What a sweet, gentle girl; you got along with everybody.
Buddy Bluetick, purebred neutered male Bluetick hound, appr. 10-12 years, September 23rd. We found you curled up in a roadside garbage dump and afraid of men, but you learned that not all humans are bad. A character-- typical hound disposition!
Dolly, Chow/Shepherd mix sp female, 12 years, October 13th. You had the softest, most unusually-marked black and silver coat!
Sasha, black and tan spayed female Beagle mix, 17 years old, November 17th. You were still a young dog at dinner time!
Loki, our oldest black cat, neutered male almost 17 yrs. and with us since 1994, December 3rd. Such a sweet, gentle boy! Solid black except for a tiny white tip at the end of your tail.
Peach (who'd also been with us since a puppy in 1994, like Freckles) spayed female cream and "peach" Beagle mix, December 31st. One of the gentlest dogs we've ever had at FFL.

Siam, black and white Domestic Shorthair neutered male cat, 9 years old, January 5th. The prettiest black and white cat; your markings were practically symmetrical, and that solid black tail-- gorgeous!
Tex, orange Domestic Shorthair neutered male cat, 9 1/2 yrs. old, March 12th. A "Garfield" face- but not quite as round- and a sweetheart.
Violet, white with black Domestic Shorthair spayed female cat, 9 yrs. old, on March 25th. So shy, just like the flower you were named after.
Tipsy, Domestic Shorthair spayed female cat, mostly white with a few black patches (named after the "Tipsy" in The Cat Who books), @ 20 years old, March 25th. You used to lie on the takeout ledge at Krazy Kats restaurant before FFL was asked to take you!
Quixote, Malamute mix with 3 legs, 13-year-old neutered male, March 31st. Abandoned as a young dog, but wearing a collar with the owner's name and phone number.... Such a gentle, beautiful boy!
Crystal, gray and white 8 1/2-year-old Domestic Shorthair spayed female cat, April 6th. So sweet. You knew it was time to quit.
Bart, 10 lb. longhaired neutered male mix, 17 yrs. plus, June 8th. You spent the last 11 years as a paraplegic but kept your spunk and bright eyes.
Precious, a.k.a. Presh/Little Pair'p, 13 years plus spayed female Min Pin mix, June 22, very suddenly. Only ten pounds, but you sure let the world know you were here!
Paddy, a.k.a. Padre, 13 1/2 year old neutered male Beagle mix brought to FFL on St. Patrick's Day over 13 years ago, August 7th, also suddenly. Our Nurse Dog; tended to wounds, ears, eyes- you gave the other dogs extra TLC.
Tiffany, aka "Tiffy", 10 year old spayed female orange striped Domestic Shorthair cat (Smokey and Siam's littermate), August 10th. Sweet face, sweet "purrsonality"!
Balto, 13-year-old Old English Sheepdog spayed female mix, September 13th. Wonder if you remembered stealing the neighbors' Christmas lights when you were a pup?
Hunter, 9 year old black neutered male Domestic Longhair cat, September 21st. You would've been the county shelter's first admission 9 years ago!
Megs, 14-year-old spayed female Border Collie, September 30th. Focused! You were still ready to work, old girl.
Simba, 13-year-old Bluetick neutered male, October 31st. You were the "laid-backest", gentlest hound, who loved to ride "shotgun" and enjoyed stealing off the counter!

Cheyenne, 13-year-old Border Collie/Spaniel mix spayed female, January 19th. You brought a lot of smiles to the nursing home residents in your younger days. We're grateful we had you longer than we should have after you got sick.
Bocephus, 6 1/2 year old German Shepherd mix, neutered male, very suddenly, March 7th. You were a "talker", and always sat down and looked up expectantly for your petting. You left us way too early.
Black-Eyed Susie, 16-year-old Beagle mix sp female, May 13th. You had so many problems, but it was still so hard to let you go, sweet girl.
Kayla, 9-year-old black and white spayed female Domestic Shorthair cat, May 16th. Another very sweet little soul, with such pretty green eyes!
Prince, 15 year old German Shepherd/Chow mix neutered male, June 13th. Such a beauty in your prime. You're well now, big fella!
Patches, 17-year-old spayed female Domestic Shorthair calico cat, June 18th. Your personality matched your impish-looking face, but you loved attention when you reached your Golden Years. Lord help us all when you had to be given oral meds, though- and bless the company who developed the one-time Convenia shot!
Babs, 10-year-old spayed female Domestic Shorthair black cat, July 11. You refused to conform and stayed feral. You're free at last!
Figaro, 14-year-old Domestic Shorthair, black & white neutered male, August 31st. FFL's self-appointed "test cat". You definitely ruled! I still look for you sitting on the window ledge....
Corey, white Collie/Shepherd/Hound neutered male, 13 years, September 7th. Such a gentle dog; happy despite your long-term health problems. Your corner is an empty one now.
Courtney, 9 year-old Domestic Shorthair, black and white spayed female, September 9th. One of our smallest cats, very shy, and much more ill than what you let on.
Rissie, 13-year-old spayed female Domestic Shorthaired Tortie, November 9th. Another pretty pair of green eyes! You were such a "talker", still purring till the last heartbeat. It's so quiet without you.

Mr. Moofe (a.k.a. Moses), black Collie/Newfie mix neutered male, 14 yrs., January 16th. Age took your dignity, but you were a trooper, old boy; gentle to the end. It was the last kindest thing we could do for you.
Linus, Domestic Shorthair cat, neutered male, gray and white, 11 yrs., January 25th. Arrived when you were a week old. So very sweet! You curled up in my arms and left so peacefully. There was even a tear on the vet's cheek.
Chip, red with black neutered male Chow/Border Collie mix, 15 yrs. old, April. One of the best dogs ever at FFL, but you were so tired. You've left a big hole here.
Little Fair Daisy, sable (in your younger days) Beagle mix, spayed female, almost 17 years old, May 15th. You've been such a character, Li'l Daze- it will seem too quiet for awhile...
Hooberschnauzz (Hoober), black and cream spayed femaleTerrier/Whippet mix, 16.5 years old, May 22nd. You and two littermates arrived in a small box crisscrossed with electrical tape a few days before Christmas 1995. Such a long life! You were always very aloof and chose to not get too involved. It was time to go on to where you can run and play again.
Emily Anne, solid black spayed female Labrador Retriever mix, 14 years, June 2nd. You spent the first half of your life hiding, but the second half was much better, Baby Girl. You're the last of The Big Five.
Sweetie, black spayed female Chow mix, 11 yrs. plus, August 26th. You weren't feeling very well, but you still had enough oomph to make "the little monsters" move!
Gumpy, "tootsie roll"-colored spayed female Dobie mix, 15 years, August 27th. Always the alpha girl and ready to stand up to ANY dog, but you loved your four little "proxy granddogs". They will miss cuddling with you for naps and at night.

Alf, black neutered male SharPei mix, 17-18 years old, January 8th. You lived a very long life, old boy- maybe it was all those Three Musketeers bars you got from your family before you arrived at FFL?
Juliet, spayed female Boxer/hound mix, 15 yrs., January 13th, very suddenly. Such a pretty face- and beautiful eyes, like you had eyeliner all around them!
Brownie, tri-color Beagle/Hound neutered male mix, 14 years old, January 24th, suddenly. The vet did all she could, but it must have been your Time to go on. You always let us know when it was feeding time, and weren't quiet till you got your bowl!
Holly, spayed female Chow/American Eskimo mix, 14 years, February 15th. You loved attention and were so pretty with those warm brown eyes (you got those from your mother, Emma) in that creamy face.
Regal, neutered male Boxer/Hound mix, 15 years, March 7th. You blossomed into a beautiful dog from the purposely-starved-to-hunt 6-month-old pup you were when you first arrived at FFL so many years ago.
Alison, spayed female cat, gray striped Domestic Shorthair, 13-14 yrs., March 21st. Such a sweet girl, very quiet.
Beanie, neutered male Spaniel mix, 16 years, April 19th. What a good, good dog you've been! Two major surgeries a year apart to remove that blasted tumor and it returned again. At least we got another year with you, sweet boy.
Kasey, sp.fem. Terrier mix, 17 1/2 years, May 25th. Such a long and happy life! You were always an "in your face" dog and loved attention. You passed almost a year to the day when your littermate, Hoober, left us.
William, neutered male orange striped domestic shorthaired cat, 14 years, June 8th. So very laid back! You've fought the good fight for three years now against something, and everything just seemed to quit at once. You were kneading to the last second, sweet boy.
Lucky, black Lab/Basset mix neutered male, 14 yrs plus, July16th. You went in for a routine dental and they found oral cancer. There was nothing that could be done. You started out such a stinker but ended up a good dog!
Emma, solid white American Eskimo spayed female, 16 yrs., August 5th. Happy and active, with the warmest brown eyes! I remember picking you and your four fuzzy little puppies up when you were maybe two years old or less.
Abby (a.k.a. Little Crab, Yabbers), Chihuahua/Boston Terrier spayed female mix, 18yrs, September 10th. We'd had you the longest, Little Crab. You kept us laughing with your unusual noises- and so affectionate!

P.Nut Cat, Domestic Shorthair neutered male, gray and white, 13 yrs., January 8th. You were Linus's littermate and also arrived when you were a week old. Your favorite place was on my left shoulder, even in the summer when I had on a lot less padding to absorb your "landing"! Ouch! :)
Roamie, red Boxer/Hound spayed female mix, 16 yrs, January 29th. You were very shy from Day One when you arrived at FFL at about 6 months of age and at least 30% underweight. You never liked being touched but otherwise appeared very happy. You were never "in anybody's face" but you've left a big hole in the kitchen, baby girl.
Wiggles, neutered male Beagle/Feist mix, 16 yrs, February 8th. You weren't the biggest, but you knew how to throw your weight around and rule the bigger dogs!
Bobbie, 11 yr old spayed female, tailless black and white Domestic Shorthair, April 12th. What a time we had getting that left eye straightened up! But you're completely well now, sweet girl, all over.
Scooby, just turned 10 years old, neutered male yellow Lab mix, July 9th. What a water dog! You were hilarious when you dunked your head and made "blubbing" sounds till you came back up for air!
Cassie, 14-yr-old tri-color Heeler/Beagle mix, spayed female, September 22nd. You were a couch potato, and loved resting your chin on a knee or shoulder. Enjoy those new, strong ankles, baby girl!
SheShe, 13-yr-old spayed female Aussie mix, a beautiful solid light sable color, on October 4th. So bashful and so patient!
Shiloh, a large black and white hound/border collie mix, 16 yrs, on October 6th. You were a SHARP dog! You'd have made a wonderful family pet and herd dog.
Mork, a.k.a. Morkie, 11-year-old neutered male dark gray and white Domestic Longhair cat, December 10th. The largest of Kayla's litter. You were our "Frieda cat" (from Charlie Brown), a draper across an arm or a shoulder, and such a gentle personality. You left us too soon, too fast.
Houdini a.k.a. 'Dini, 17 yrs, OE Sheepdog mix, spayed female, December 27th. Always a "dog dog", never comfortable with people, even after all these years. You're now romping with your 7 littermates; no arthritis, no cancer!
Thumb (Thumbelina), 11 1/2-year-old spayed female black and white Domestic Shorthair cat, December 31st. The smallest of Kayla's litter. Luke wrote a 4-page eulogy for you that brought tears to my eyes. No more sub-q fluids- you're well now, sweet girl!

Lucy (the Lionhearted), a.k.a. Woozy-Doober, 14-year-old spayed female white and tabby Domestic Shorthair cat, January 17th. Linus and P.Nut Cat's littermate; the smallest but the fiercest! You earned your nickname!
Delilah, 14-year-old spayed female white and red Hound mix, January 18th. What a chewer! You're the only dog at FFL who's ever eaten a Kuranda bed- except the frame!
Cooper, 16-year-old neutered male, black Poodley mix, January 25th. You made us laugh when you were younger and loved shredding newspaper and paper towels. You'd disappear for a few minutes then run into the room, barking, and turn a couple of tight circles- and you always had a piece of paper towel or newspaper hanging from your lip. We knew what you'd been up to!
Tracy, 15 1/2-year-old spayed female Terrier/Beagle/??, January 28th. You were the oddest little dog we've had so far. You were hilarious when you used to fight with your feet!
Amy, 14-year-old spayed female Husky/Beagle mix, March 9th. Your "voice" gave away the Husky in you- wailing instead of barking (and you could make a lot of noise!). You loved play-bowing and growling like you'd eat everybody up, but that was just your "play mode".
Pablo, almost-11year old neutered male Yellow Lab/German Shepherd mix, June 22nd. You were a real Velcro fella- just wanted to stay by someone's side, give love and receive a little in return.
Cubby, 12-year-old tailless, neutered male black with white Domestic Shorthair cat, June 22nd. Our "chirpee cat". So many happy little chirps! And that only-one-side bit of white mustache was adorable!
CharChar, 14 yrs, spayed female, solid black mostly-Chow mix, August 14th- the gentlest of the gentle. The Sycamore will always be "CharChar's Pee Tree" because you always went behind it to "go". Tears now but chuckles will come later.
Melissa, 13-year-old black and white Domestic Shorthair spayed female cat, August 24th. You were feral for years until we had to let your buddy Babs go on 7/11/11. It seemed like the very next day that you decided to let us be part of your life. It took me awhile to get the message in the end, but I finally understood you were ready to go. Your sunning spot in the window is empty now, but I know you're happy.
Kita Sue, 15-year-old spayed female German Shepherd mix, September 14th. You were one of the hardest to let go. We had to trap you all those years ago because you were feral. It took a long time for you to trust, but you did. You especially liked the cats, who slept with you, and you even enjoyed playing with the "little monster dogs". You were quiet and stoic, and you've left a very "loud" hole here.

CinCin (Cinnamon Bear), 14-year-old spayed female mahogany Chow/Newfoundland mix, February 24th. One of our largest and gentlest dogs. Blind since you came to FFL at 14 weeks old, but got around well. Easy-going until a collar or leash was put on... Then you would lie down on your side and refuse to get up. We had to carry you to the car, into the vet's, etc. Take the collar off and voila!- you could walk again! Such a stinker! Your passing was too sudden, baby girl, and your bed is very empty.
Mama Dog, 17 years+, longhaired black spayed female mix, June 2nd. It's true that black dogs are the last choice of adopters. Sad, because you were the gentlest of the gentle- and you were loved here.
Sahara, 16 years, black and tan spayed female mix, June 2nd. You were Mama Dog's "puppy". You were such a pretty girl, but feral to your last day. There were so many health problems between the two of you. It was time to cross the Bridge together. Your puppy (and Mama's grandpuppy), She-She, was 13 when she passed in October of 2014. Now all three generations are together.
Tucker, 15 years, neutered male Beagle/Hound mix, July 30th. You're the only dog with the courage to stand up to Snoopy when he was being a pill and picking on the others. You ended up sitting because of weak back legs, but you could still show a lot of teeth and put Snoopy in his place! I wonder how the pecking order will change without you? The hole you leave is a large one, ol' Tuck-Tuck!
Jasmine, 15 year old spayed female red Chow mix, August 6th. What a beautiful girl you were! And those 3 gorgeous little pups you had at the animal shelter in 2002- Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. You were a good mother but also trusting with all of us, too. You and Tucker were buddies for years. You left us just 6 days after we lost him.
Dixie, 15-year-old spayed female mix, August 19th. Most likely a Collie mix because of her "needle nose", but that curled tail stumped us. You were so alert and bright and active! Maxx was a good match for you because you were also crabby but he ignored that. He's looking for you, baby girl.
Leo, 14-year-old neutered male "tuxedo" cat, August 26th. My "micro-cougar", such a face! You didn't let me go anywhere inside without you.

You are all missed!

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