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All dogs adopted from Almost Heaven are spayed or neutered. All dogs are current on vaccinations, have had fecal and heartworm, lymes, and ehrlichia test and are on heartworm preventative. We request a minimum donation at the time of adoption to help offset our expenses, which currently average in excess of $300 for each dog we rescue.  Our adoption fees range between $200-$400, depending on the dogs age and breed.  As we frequently do not actually know a dogs ancestry or age, we make our best estimate of both, usually with the help of our veterinarian. 


Due to some very unfortunate circumstances in the past – we will no longer routinely adopt to families with children under age 8 years – or those families with regular visitors to their home under 6 years of age.  We may make a special exception to this policy for an experienced, responsible adopter or adopting family.   

If your application is approved, we expect that you are coming out in anticipation of adopting a dog.  Please be prepared to adopt when you come out to visit.   We understand you want to meet the dogs and that you may not find THE dog you are looking for here, but please don’t come out if you really don’t want to adopt until sometime in the future, or are “shopping” for just the right breed, etc.  We just cannot hold the dog for you and it takes time away from other adopters who may be ready to adopt that day.  And, depending on our time available – you may not be invited back a second time.



Who We Are

Thank you for inquiring about our Dogs available for adoption. Almost Heaven is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) (non-profit) organization, active on the East Coast of the U.S.  Our goal is to find “forever homes” for orphaned Dogs of all breeds, genders, and ages.  We specialize in rehoming Senior and Special Needs Dogs.  We also provide hospice and sanctuary for those who enter our program and do not find their forever home.  Though it is our goal to help as many dogs as absolutely possible, we remain true to our roots, and no purebred Golden Retriever is ever turned away from our program.

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