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Who We Are

We are a small Animal Shelter located in Roane County, West Virginia. We are not completely county funded and depend on donations and adoption fees for money to feed and care for the animals.

Unfortunately, we are not a no-kill shelter, but we do make every effort to find our animals good homes and reputable rescues. YOU can help, please stop in to see us, you may find your best friend! Also, Please encourage everyone you know to spay and neuter their pets-it is the only way to stop the flow of unwanted animals into shelters across the country.

Where are we located?

We are on Route 14 near Spencer, WV -- 1 hour NE of Charleston WV, 2 hours South of Wheeling WV, 2 hours South of Cambridge OH and 2 1/2 hours SW of Morgantown WV.
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Regular shelter hours are from 10a.m.-2p.m. Monday, through Saturday. Arrangements can be made to meet rescues and out-of-state adopters at the shelter after hours and on weekends.

Our Wish List

Ongoing Needs
Puppy and kitten shots
Kitty litter
Cat, Kitten, Dog and Puppy Food
Supplies: Paper towels, newspaper, bleach, towels
Other Pet supplies: Flea products, Worm medication, 4 to 6 Ft leashes, adjustable collars, Dog treats, Dog and cat shampoo, Scratching post, Dog Toys ( Tennis balls, Stuffed Toys, Squeaky toys, Chew toys, Raw hides, etc.), and Cat toys (FAKE mice, Small balls, Bells, Toys with cat nip, etc.). We are now signed up to accept gift certificates from Drs. Foster& Smith. Please donate to help our pets in need. We have NO pet beds, so this is a current goal for us- we want the dogs in the shelter to be comfortable!!
Donate to this organization through Drs. Foster and Smith
Drs. Foster and Smith: Dog Supplies - Cat Supplies - Dog Beds

Adopting a Friend

All potential adopters must come to the shelter to pick up pets. We require references and mandatory spay or nueter agreement before pets are allowed to leave the shelter. Adoption fee is $60.00 for dogs and $ 50.00 for cats which includes a coupon for a free spay or neuter at a vet in Ripley WV.

RESCUES - We do work with rescues after we have checked them out to make sure they are legitimate and trustworthy. We would love to add your rescue group to our contact list, especially cat and kitten rescues. Please contact the shelter director. We are frequently able meet up with transports going to MD, VA or PA.

Roane County Animal Shelter
2550 Parkersburg Rd
Spencer, WV 25276
Phone: (304)927-2555


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