Tucker County Animal Shelter

Tucker County Animal Shelter

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Rescue Organizations

We are VERY Rescue friendly! We urgently need the help of animal rescues; unfortunately, due to our limited funding, we ask that any veterinary care required before transport be paid by the rescue (an exception is if an animal has been sponsored).

Payments may be made to the Tucker County Animal Shelter, or directly to one of our veterinarians:

All Creatures Great and Small
Dr. Eileen Lammie
c/o Tucker County Shelter Account
801 N. Randolph Ave.
Elkins, WV 26241

Credit card calls: 304-637-2400

Appalachian Animal Hospital
Dr. Tanya White
c/o Tucker County Shelter Account
1627 Harrison Ave.
Elkins, WV 26241

Credit card calls: 304-636-8760
Fax: 304-636-8763


Cash Donations

All donations are tax-deductible!

The Animal Shelter is always in need of donations from the public, either cash or in the form of gift certificates. Donations go directly to help the shelter dogs and cats and cover veterinary expenses and shelter operations.

Animal Control and the Animal Shelter are funded through fines, dog licenses, adoption fees, and donations. Unlike private shelters that have limitations on the number of pets they accept, we accept all animals at the Tucker County Animal Shelter. None are turned away.

Donations of Items

We are in need of many supplies, so if you're not sure whether we could use an item you have - just ask! Please email Cathy Parsons or call (304) 614-5950 or (304) 478-6232, to find out if your item could be used to help the shelter animals.

Always needed: Blankets and towels, food and water bowls, leashes and collars, cat litter, dog and cat beds, dog and cat toys, dog and cat crates, bleach and Lysol.

Urgently needed: Building supplies, kennel decks, fencing, and many other things to get our new shelter in operation!!

Sponsor a Shelter Animal!

Are you unable to adopt a dog or cat at this time, but your heart still goes out to the animals at the shelter? You can sponsor a shelter animal, which will help to save a life. Most of the dogs and cats who end up at the shelter have never been taken to a vet.

We spay or neuter, vaccinate and worm all of the dogs and cats who come into the shelter. Many of the dogs and cats have additional medical needs due to neglect, and the vet bills add up quickly.

The cost to sponsor a dog or cat is $100 and covers the costs to get the animal ready for adoption. A healthy, altered animal is much more likely to be adopted or pulled by a rescue organization.

All sponsor donations are fully tax-deductible, whether the donation is directly sent to the Shelter (Brooklyn Heights) or one of our veterinarians! You can also email Cathy Parsons for more information.

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Come Visit Us at the Tucker County Animal Shelter!

The Tucker County Animal Shelter is located on Fork Mountain near Parsons, WV.

Please call the shelter for directions:

586 Brooklyn Heights
Parsons, WV 26287

Phone: (304) 614-5950

Email: Cathy Parsons

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Tucker County Animal Control

Call Travis Lantz, Tucker County Animal Control Officer, if you have:

1) witnessed cruelty or neglect toward a dog or cat, or

2) if you have lost or found a dog or cat.

Travis will do his best to respond to your call in a timely manner.

215 First Street
Parsons, WV 26287

Phone: (304) 614-5951

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