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And to inquire about any pet you see on this site, email us at
Some pets are in foster, some are at the shelter - just email us for that info.


Click here>>>>      Animal Friends Adoption Application     <<<<< for a link to our adoption application. Completing the application is the first step in the adoption process. We'll check vet references and do a home visit for all dog adoptions.

About the pets listed here....

The animals shown on this web site are either in our foster care, at our shelter or are being featured and promoted for adoption from our local Canine Adoption Center. Please email us if you have a question about a pet featured on this site.

News and Events

The Shelter is open!!!

Our shelter is open for adoptions and volunteering every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12pm-4pm. It is located out the Grafton Road. From the Hornbeck Road Walmart / St. Francis DeSalles Church intersection, it is EXACTLY 6.5 miles to Brewer Road, on the left. On the corner where you make the left, is a little bar/hotspot called "Tumbleweeds". It is the same road as Paradise Lake GOLF Course, but stay staight on Brewer for exactly .6 of a mile. We sit on the right and have a big, bright red mailbox before the driveway. It is a yellow house and a grey house, side by side.

A word about our rescue policy...

We remain committed to supporting local shelters by pulling our rescues from there. We also take in injured or special needs pets from local veterinarians. We do not accept owner give-ups from the general public - except in Hospice or similar extreme situations to be considered on a case by case basis.

Obviously, the shelter does not accept drop offs. All drop offs will lead to immediate placement to animal control. We remain concerned about the safety of the pets.

Please don't dump your pet family member. If your pet is left roaming they will succumb to being hit by a car, other wild animals, the weather - not to mention the tortorous stress they will feel from being abandonded. At least take them to the Mon County Canine Adoption Center (if you're a Mon County resident) if you cannot keep them or find them another suitable home.

We believe in and are committed to urging the public to accept responsiblity for their pets which includes having the pets spayed/neutered, providing consistent and as necessary veterinary care, the additional necessities of food, water and shelter, as well as a loving home. So we work with the public to ensure the on-going care of their pet family members. We will also work with the general public to rehome their pets if they've exhausted all options. These pets must be fully vetted (altered) and the owners must continue to foster them until we can get them rehomed.

We work with local shelters to save these homeless pets as they are first in danger of being euthanized due to overpopulation.

Our shelter is open for adoptions and volunteering starting in December, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11am-4pm. All adoptions are screened, as are the on-line inquiries we receive.

Volunteer opportunities...

We have many volunteer opportunities. We have meetings too to discuss fundraising, the shelter, the thrift shoppe as well as other volunteer opportunities. Contact us for more information as noted below: (304) 290-4738 (4PET).

Cynthis for inquiries on our animal care of any kind, anything to do with the shelter, educational or publicity inquiries.

Carol for inquiries on fundraising and other business inquiries.

Valeri is the treasurer for financial inquiries.

For inquiries on donations, Luckys' Attic thrift shoppe, and volunteer opportunities, please contact Kathy.

Other items not covered you can call (304)-290-4738 (4PET).

Don't forget the Animal Friends Thrift Shoppe

Our Thrift Shoppe in the Mountaineer Mall is doing wonderfully and we're so thankful to all of you for supporting our efforts to help the animals! We ask that you remember us and the animals whenever you have household items you'd like to donate. We will be glad to pick up large items or large loads if you need help. Call 290-0161. We welcome volunteers for work in the shop or helpers. We have trucks, we just need muscles! Don't forget we accept your donations of housewares, comforters, curtains, candles, nic nacs, small furniture, kitchen wares, etc. No clothing please! Drop us an email and we'll arrange to help get your donations if it's needed. Contact Kathy by calling 304-290-0161. We are located in the Mountaineer Mall, and our hours are 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday.

We also love donations of old towels and rags as we can use them in our shelter for pet bedding and clean- up.

Pet Adoption Days!

Now that we have a shelter, we invite you to visit the shelter to apply for adopting a pet there. Give Cynthis a call for the latest schedule for any other adoption events on 304-290-4PET. Or you can email us on about any pets listed here. Shelter directions and hours are listed above.

Who We Are

The Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia (AFNCWV) is a non-profit organization that focuses on animals in need. We believe that our society must become less tolerant of the mass killings of our best friends and family members. We are dedicated to the improvement of the health and well-being of companion animals.

Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia (AFNCWV) is active in a hands-on manner with rescuing cats, kittens, dogs and puppies within Mon County. We work closely with the Mon Canine Adoption Center for rescue and promotion of the animals available for adoption.

We visit local schools and speak on humane treatment of our companion animals, the responsibilities of pet ownership, and other humane awareness issues.

We always need volunteers to help us in almost every area of humane activities - including fostering animals for a couple of days, working adoption events, and fund raisers. If you're interested in contributing whatever you have to offer to a rewarding charity, please send us an email.

And Remember.... SPAY IS THE ONLY WAY.... Please spay and neuter

Adopting a friend

Click here>>>>      Animal Friends Adoption Application     <<<<< for a link to our adoption application. Completing the application is the first step in the adoption process. We'll check vet references and do a home visit for all dog adoptions.

We encourage you to contact us via the email address listed on the pet biography pages to inquire about the animals as some are in foster care and others are at the local Canine Adoption Center (CAC).
Adoptions from the CAC located in Westover has instituted the wonderful (and lawfully required) activity of adopting out only spayed/neutered pets. We're really looking forward to seeing the overpopulation problem being embraced by our politicians and the shelter. Kudos to you!
The cost to adopt a dog or cat at the Mon CAC is $85. Payment is required in cash. This cost includes the spay/neuter of the pet, DHLPP and Rabies vaccines. Now when you adopt your pet, you'll know you're not only saving a life but also helping stem the overpopulation problem! Thanks Mon CAC!

Adoption of the companion animals in the care of the AFNCWV will require an adoption screening process which includes completing an application, a home visit, and reference checks. Please email us to request an adoption application.

Visit the CAC!

The local animal control facility for Mon County is located on River Road in Westover. Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-4:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday 10am-6pm. You can also visit their web site for some of the pets they have up for adoption:

If you have an animal emergency in Monongalia County, please call 911.

Again, email to see if the dog you're interested in is in the CAC or in our foster care and would therefore need an appointment to be seen.

Also all inquiries about animals on this site must be done through the email address listed with the animal or through

Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia
252 Brewer Road
Morgantown, WV 26508

You can also visit our web site for a list of upcoming events and other info at:

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