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We have a Board of Directors Team of 5, An Officer Team of 3 and nearly 40 Volunteers across 4 States. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit

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We want to see as many adoptable HORSES out of dangerous situations and given a chance at a real life with a wonder home. We focus on the very emaciated horse: Those who have lacked the most basic needs of food and water. We do not offer sanctuary to unsound horses or extensive long term training services for those with serious behavioral issues. We seek to place each rescued horse in an adoptive home, living a high quality of life.  The horses carry very reasonable adoption fees to encourage those looking for an equine partner to consider adoption.
We offer an owner safer placement program, gelding and health clinic, emergency feed assistance, new equine owner clinics, animal control and law enforcement training and more to assure that we are answering the "Neglected Horse Issue" from the ground up. 

Professional Equine Care Team:

We work with Equine Medical Center in Ohio and Rood and Riddle in Lexington, Ky

We also work with Dr. Clara Mason, Dr.Kelli Pinkston and Brown Vet Service of Wayne, WV

We use various farriers depending on location, primarily Mark Ballard of Kentucky

Rescue expenses preparing our horses for adoption are much greater than our fees could possibly cover. Donations are needed to assure we continue our efforts to rescue dogs.


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245 Saved and counting! 

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Who We Are

Visit our website to learn more about us: www.wvhorserescue.org

Operating in a very high needs area of Appalachian, Heart of Phoenix believes that there is no place in the Nation with a greater need of equine rescue than here where we work daily. Poverty and a poor economy means the need is overwhelming. The conditions we encounter for neglected horses in West Virginia are extreme. Our team is constantly faced with situations where many might say, "There is No Hope." Yet time and time again, we help horses overcome odds that come very near the miraculous.

We stand as West Virginia’s largest, most effective equine rescue organization, and we also impact some areas of Kentucky and Ohio where neglected horses are underserved. We were founded in West Virginia at a time when no other organization existed to come to the aid of the horses here in need, and we realize how important it is to expand the reach of rescue through out Appalachia.

The horses, ponies and donkeys coming into Heart of Phoenix are not simply kept in less than adequate conditions or at risk of auction, they are typically horrific starvation and abuse cases many would say have no chance of being restored. Their futures are less than bleak.

In this area, there are fates worse than slaughter, unfortunately. These are horses that have long been without a voice, so We implore you to pause, to hear their stories and allow us to come to their rescue with your support. Be part of something amazing!

We know in order to see radical change, we must stay progressive and creative through the expansion of our programs to intended to educate and empower communities, law enforcement and horse owners.

Heart of Phoenix is changing the outlook for horses in the West Virginia, Southern Ohio and Eastern Kentucky area. We thank you for caring enough to consider becoming a partner in this voice.

We have helped save the lives of nearly 300 horses.

A quality standard of rehab and care requires a solid financial budget and many hours of volunteer time. We are committed to sound financial management, so we will not take in more horses than our funding allows. This means that while we are able to help many horses, many others must be turned away. We want to see Heart of Phoenix, one day, able to offer HOPE to every horse in need in the area! We believe this is possible with you on board!

We Freeze Brand and Microchip the horses in HOP to protect them should they fall off our watchful radar after adoption!

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Basic Requirements to Volunteer:


Be willing to learn, be 18 years of Age, Attend an Orientation and Sign a liability waiver and policy agreement 

We are always in need of dedicated volunteers. Some of our most needed areas for volunteer time include:

Professional Photography and Video Services, Staffing an event tableBlog updating, Petfinder listings

Stall upkeepLegal ServicesTrainers / Professiona Level Riders, Fundraising Assistance and grant writing

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