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Who We Are

We are a Referral Agency, we help pets find new homes. When people cannot keep their pets, we list them here and try to find them a new home. Sometimes we can help with transport, or to arrange transport to a new home. We do not rescue pets, we help their owners find new homes for them. Sometimes we list Pets for other rescues. FOR INFORMATION ON ANY PET - read their page - contact info will be on their page! On rare occasions, someone will foster a pet for us. We do not have a steady supply of foster homes, so do not contact us saying "It has to go NOW or the neighbor (husband/boyfriend/landlord) will shoot it OR it has to go to the pound." Every Rescue hears that a dozen times a week. We are here to HELP YOU find your pet a new home. We will give you all resources we can, but we can not run to your house and pick up any animals as soon as you call. Sorry, but there are not enough foster homes to go around.

Finding a New Home for Your Pet

So, you need to re-home your pet. You will need to get together some information:

Pet's Name and Breed and colors - Pet's Age - If pet has been altered (spayed or neutered, yes or no)

Vet Name who last saw Pet. - How is your Pet with little kids? other dogs? in a car? with cats?

Get a good picture of your Pet. {if you cannot, let us know, we will try to}

A CONTACT phone number or email for YOU or the owner of the pet.

Send all this to Donna at . I know this is alot of questions, but each one will make it easier to find your Pet a New Home.

PLEASE REMEMBER - we are not a rescue, shelter or babysitting service - we are here to help YOU find your pet a new home. We will help anyway we can, but YOU will be the one to pick out the new home for your pet.

Some good questions to ask: Do you have other pets? Dogs? Cats? small children (toddlers and BIG dogs don't mix well, some dogs and CATS do not mix well). Do you have a vet? Try to find a good loving home for your pet, you owe it to them for the love they have given you.

IF YOU ARE PLACING PUPPIES your dog had by mistake.... tell us, we can help you get low cost Spays and neuters.

THANK YOU for taking the time to find your pet a new loving home! Thank you for caring about them!

Adopting a Friend

You will need to respond to the contact information ON A PET'S PAGE to see about adoption, we only list pets, we do not house them.


We get asked that question so many times, and the answers are easy:

Some folks foster Pets for us. If you can foster a pet - Email us for more information.

Some folks make donations - there are all kinds of things we need to help our referrals or fosters, and help even more deserving Pets find new homes:

Here is a partial "WISH LIST" (remember all donations are tax deductible, just ask)

collapsible wire crates, and/or plastic airline type crates

food, canned and dry food, treats, chew bones, even raw foods

bowl, buckets for water, or buckets with lids to store food in. Do you work in a restaurant? We can use those big buckets with lids, or gallon jars with lids!

outside dog kennels or chain link fencing, and outside DOG HOUSES

Food, treats, toys, stuffed animals, balls

frontline, heartguard, broad spectrum wormers (can be from Tractor supply, Southern States, any vet or online company like Revival Animal Care

straw, hay, wood shavings, old blankets or towels (clean please), etc for bedding

Any of the above not used by us in our foster homes will go to another local rescue to house/help other pets in Central WV! WE DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY OR CASH DONATIONS OF ANY KIND - our services are free.

The following will help with any pet who needs food, shelter or transport to a new home: - gift cards - to Lowes, Tractor Supply, Wal-Mart, Southern States, Gas Cards, or phone cards.

Every item you donate, no matter how small, will ALL go directly to helping Pets in Need, to help them find a new home.

ANY not used BY US will be sent on, to another Rescue or Humane Society in Central WV to help more animals. Our services, listing Pets in Need and helping arrange transport to a new home - ARE FREE.

Pets in Need of a New Home in West Virginia
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