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The Huntington-Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter has committed to a new Feral Cat Protection Program, which means that they will stop impounding feral cats—who are almost always killed in shelters—and instead support Trap-Neuter-Return and only accept healthy feral cats to divert them to TNR or Shelter-Neuter-Return programs. This policy is based on the fact that although feral cats, also called community cats, are the same species as pet cats, they live outdoors and are not socialized to people. It recognizes that they live full, healthy lives outdoors—and that almost no community cats who enter shelters have positive outcomes, because they are not adoptable. When shelters stop the cycle of impounding and killing healthy feral cats, cats are protected and resources are redirected to lifesaving programs. Friends of the Shelter is their lead in this new policy and is a local non-profit group. Last year Friends of the Shelter thru volunteers and donations built the new sixty foot "Barn" giving additional room to house more dogs. Keeping them alive longer means giving them more time to get adopted.

This year Friends of the Shelter is going to focus on reducing cat over population in the Huntington area thru Trap-Neuter-Return and Shelter-Neuter-Return. It is important to return the cats from where they came in order to avoid a vacuum effect. Cats that are neutered live improved lives, gain weight and cease mating behaviors. They make less noise, fight less and stop spraying.

Friends of the shelter will need community help to make this program work. If you have a cat colony or feral cats in your area and would like to see a favorable outcome for those cats, or if you would like to get involved in reducing cat over population in a humane way contact Friends of the Shelter. They will need volunteers, foster homes, and donors. If you can help please contact Friends of the Shelter at 304-634-5202 or send a donation to Spay and Neuter Fund at P.O. Box 1991 Huntington, WV 25720 or call H-C-W Animal Shelter 304-696-5551

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