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Cozy's Refuge


Who We Are

I am a local resident that has always wondered why are there so many dogs beside the roadways around my area, so i've decided to try to do something about it, instead of wondering why someone else doesn't. I have been working hard for several years and have found many homeless dogs,a forever home. I have a great love for animals and find helping them is rewarding, yet hard and expensive. I do this by myself ,at my own expense . There are many homeless animals in our area.

Adopting a friend

Yes there is adoption fees to adopt an animal. Due to person calling late nights and on sundays i am only accepting emails to inquire about animals. When you decide to adopt please think about the future and consider if this is for the life of the animal. Your new friend should be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 months, if adopted as a pup. If it is old enough it will be altered prior to adoption.If you live in this area you can go to Ky. either louisa or pikeville ,or paintsville and you'll find the prices about half the amount charged in WV. not only on spay and neuter but all vetting. Please pass this info along to you friends..I do charge a adoption fee for animals and more for the smaller ones that everyone wants.This is to help pay for the care of the larger breeds no one wants.. I do adopt out of state ,but the person must be willing to drive here for there new family addition. I don't meet half way . I don't ship animals. All animals adopted though me will be spayed or neutered,either by my local vet in KY.if its 6 months or by the person adopting if its younger than six months.

Come Visit Us!

If you would like to meet one of the animals posted on this petfinder site just email kathydcat@hotmail.com and arrangements will be made .. Any items of donation is welcome bedding, straw, food ,dog houses,kennels anything a dog can use including cost for vet care. Don't forget to spay or neuter your pet, and remember KY is much cheaper to vet your animals than WV.and since we live on the border we are lucky to have that choice. Also there is a spay,neuter clinic near huntington mall, called Help for animals ASPCA Pet Food Recall Center
Cozy's Refuge

Phone: Emails only due to persons calling late at night and on sundays

Email: kathydcat@hotmail.com
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