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SOS is always in need of families willing to adopt senior Dalmatians. It doesn't take much to make an older dog happy. Just a comfortable dog bed to take lots of naps on. Maybe a nice walk once a day that would be a benefit not only to the dog, but to the human as well. Senior Dalmatians don't deserve to be dumped into a shelter or rescue group, just because their long term families don't want them anymore. We hear so many excuses....."the new carpet doesn't match their hair anymore", "we want to trade the old dog in for a young dog", "we are a busy family and don't have enough time for the dog anymore", "we are moving next week and don't want to take the dog with us"


Located in the Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, we service our local shelters, but do adoptions in the surrounding states. Visit SOS at or call at 414 365 2679.

Who We Are

SOS is an all volunteer, not for profit organization dedicated to the rehoming of homeless, adoptable Dalmatians. SOS's mission is proactive in preventing surrender of Dalmatians by educating owners and Dals by education, training, and behavior modification.

Adopting a friend

All potential adopters fill out an adoption application, have references verified and have a SOS representative visit the home to do introductions of Dal and family members. SOS is not a shelter, but numerous volunteers who provide their home, food, training and love to our Dals.
Save Our Spots Dalmatian Rescue Inc.

Brown Deer, WI 53223
Phone: 414 365 2679

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