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You may have noticed that things were a little quiet around here for a while. Well, that's changing rather quickly. Although we have some great foster homes, we are looking for more loving people who are willing to care for a pair of pigs or more for the time it takes to find them to find a permanent home. We are always in need of monetary donations to bolster our vet funds. At this time, the foster parents have been generously using their own money to feed their charges and cover medical bills, because often these delicate little critters come to us in very bad shape. The more money that is donated to this cause, the more guinea pigs we can afford to take in.

The Rescue is Changing!

Because of the change in residence, we have had to change the rescue as well. I just don't have a full basement for pigs to live in anymore.

But the adoptable pigs aren't going to be left high and dry. We have six wonderful, trustworthy foster homes, that of Serena in Rhinelander, Monica in Waupaca, Nicola in Spring Green, Mary in northern Illinois, Emily and Vinod in Madison,and Charlene in Janesville. All are dedicated and knowledgeable guinea pig caretakers and we all work together to coordinate shelter pick-ups and transportation to potential adopters. We are also looking to recruit more foster parents, so if you'd like to provide food and board for a needy guinea pig or two, please contact me!

We are also looking for foster homes who can take in "sanctuary" pigs so they have a home to the end of their lives. These are pigs who have chronic medical problems, are elderly, or are unadoptable for some other reason. Their care is costly and I hope our supporters will help us with that.

As always, we are not here to take in guinea pigs from people whose kids are bored with them or some other lame reason--I'll give you ideas for placement, but don't expect me to take on your responsibility.

Our main need is help with veterinary expenses. Each foster home uses a different cavy-savvy vet for their charges. If you would like to contribute, you can use our Paypal link, or if you'd rather send it directly to the clinic on our behalf, contact me for our foster parents' vets and their addresses.

I have lost count of how many guinea pigs and other animals have been placed since 2000, but it's well over 500. We don't euthanize for space; even the bratty ones get to stay either until they are adopted or the natural end of their life.

Sign the Petition

Click here to sign a petition asking PetsMart to stop selling live animals. This petition will be up indefinitely.

Who We Are

We are a group of private homes that take in guinea pigs from shelters who are not able to house them or who are planning to euthanize them. We try to limit the number we accomodate so they all receive the best of care and socialization. Guinea pigs are provided with good food, hay, fresh water, spacious and clean cages, fresh veggies, vet care, and love, so that they will be ready to go to a new home. Guinea pigs who are senior citizens or who have medical problems that make them unadoptable are able to live their natural life out here as long as they are not suffering.

Adopting a friend

Since we are a group of private homes/shelters for guinea pigs, the procedure is not like a pet store where you plunk down $27.99 and walk away with a new pet. Care is taken to make sure that the right home is matched up with the right animal.

There are already too many unwanted guinea pigs in the world. I will not adopt to anyone who is planning on breeding guinea pigs. Please don't fill out the application and try to fool me. I got a brand-new BS detector for Christmas.

The adoption fee is $25 for one guinea pig and $35 for two. All guinea pigs have had a thorough examination, vet care if needed, and have been treated for parasites. The adoption fee includes a Cavy Health Record Book, which is also available for purchase from GuineaLynx. I do not own GuineaLynx nor do I receive any money from the sale of Cavy Health Record Books.

Adopters must have or plan on a suitable (read: spacious) cage for their new pet. My concept of "spacious" and yours may differ! This is non-negotiable. See Cavy Cages for ideas on easy cages you can make yourself!

Come Visit Us!

Before you apply to adopt from us, please read this page for excellent guidelines on how our rescue pigs expect to be treated: Healthy Cavy. Please read this even if you already have a guinea pig or have had them in the past. Information on proper pet care changes all the time as new discoveries are made. If you don't read it, I'll tell you everything in it anyway. Might as well spare yourself and just read it on your own. Guinealynx is the best source of care and medical information on guinea pigs on the web. Once you have done your homework, please contact me for the link to our adoption form and fill it out! (Sorry, spambots found our old application so we have to give it out through email.)

Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue

Lake Delton, WI 53940
Questions? Please email rather than phone.

Email: WICavy@gmail.com
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Sorry, spambots found our application, so you will have to email us for the link.

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