CASA is a foster based, all volunteer rescue organization that responded to an urgent need in 1999 to provide humane care to stray and surrendered animals in the Crawford County area. We have adoption events periodically at several places such as PetSmart, Petco (Onalaska), Treasures on Main (Westby) and Tractor Supply (Prairie du Chien) so that you can come and meet a selection of our dogs and cats. Keep an eye out for adoption events that are advertised on our web site, here on the petfinder home page and in the La Crosse Tribune! Otherwise go on-line and view all our available cats and dogs and then call us or email us with questions or to arrange a time to meet.

Fostering a pet in our rescue can be a very rewarding experience. CASA provides all vet work and food while you foster a dog or cat for us. CASA asks year-round for foster help, as you likely know by now, but transporting and handling would be hugely helpful, too. Without an actual facility, our current handful of foster homes are usually a bit overwhelmed and because we don't want to put down animals just because they're homeless, we really need some help. We'll provide the food (and litter for cats) if that's a hardship for you. If you're interested in hearing more, let us know and we'll send out a foster application form (which can also be found at explaining our program. Thanks again and we REALLY hope to hear from you.

CASA often receives calls about entire litters of homeless kittens from homeless moms. These animals are in various stages of socialization -- some stray moms are scratching at strangers' doors and windows to get inside; others run away when approached so we'd have to use live traps to "capture" them so they can be spayed and vaccinated and hopefully, adopted out. If you're able to adopt or foster some of these little souls, please contact us. This is, of course, yet another call here for spaying and neutering your own animals and supporting local spay-neuter programs in your own communities. So many folks seem to think that cats are fine on their own -- which sometimes isn't accurate (talk to us about tragedies we've heard about) -- but fail to sterilize their animals. Have we mentioned lately? One intact (unneutered) male and one intact (unspayed) female, and their intact offspring, can over just SEVEN years produce 420,000 cats!!! CASA is offering this upcoming spring season -- and ever after -- the following money-saving tip: Make a one-time investment in YOUR OWN ANIMALS' SPAYS AND NEUTERS. (If you are already among the "converted," please forgive this lengthy proselytizing and encourage your friends and relatives to invest in these surgeries for their animals for the following reasons, among many more): In addition to sparing you the expense and hassle of supporting puppies and kittens until they are old enough for those individuals who didn't want to spend the money on surgeries in the first place, to embark (pardon the pun) upon the sometimes costly and time-consuming process of finding homes for these often-accidental and ever-hungry-and-messy little beings, the surgeries will spare your dog(s) and/or cat(s) a number of reproductive-hormone-related health problems (not to mention many more hundreds of offspring) in the future, the treatment of which also costs money. So here is CASA's free financial tip of the month/year/...: SAVE MONEY and SPAY & NEUTER YOUR DOGS & CATS. You can put that in the bank and CASA, other animals shelters, your neighbors and your community will thank you. .


CASA, a foster program caring for dumped, stray and surrendered animals, serves also as a lost-and-found clearinghouse. We are also concerned about the pet overpopulation problem and are dedicated to spaying and neutering our fostered animals before they go to the new homes.

Who We Are

We are a group of people who care very much what happens to homeless companion animals. Because there had been no provision made locally for stray animals, we serve as the animal shelter in our area. We respond to as many calls as our limited number of foster volunteers can manage. We are always looking for more foster volunteers willing to temporarily share their homes and their love with animals needing a hand.

Adopting a friend

We have an adoption application (requesting two non-family references we can check) and an adoption agreement stating, among other things, that if for any reason this animal does not work out in your home, you return her/him to us. We've recently found a local veterinarian who has kindly learned to do early spays and neuters. We asked her to do this for us because we learned from the UW Veterinary Teaching Hospital that very young animals have less vascularization, hence experience less bleeding, than adults do. The surgeries, then, are less time-consuming and the animals heal faster: a win-win situation. The adoption amount for DOGS is $195 to cover vet costs (including the new charge for a pre-adoption exam/form the state now mandates) for spays and neuters, vaccinations, heart-worm testing and de-worming. CAT adoption fees are $60 for males and $85 for females -- since spays cost us more than do neuters -- for altering, vaccinating and de-worming.

Come Visit Us!

CASA is a foster home group and has no facility at this time to visit. If you call or e-mail the number or address below, someone will get back to you and can make arrangements to see whichever pet you wish to visit!
CASA (Crawford Area Shelters for Animals), Inc.
PO Box 338
Ferryville, WI 54628
Phone: (608) 648-2461

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