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Who We Are

greyhoundsGreyhound Pets of America (GPA) is a nationwide non-profit, volunteer-supported organization dedicated to the placement of ex-racing Greyhounds in ideal home situations.

For more information, please visit our website at www.gpawisconsin.org.

GPA Wisconsin operates under Wisconsin Dog Seller and Dog Facility Operator license number 400288.

Adopting a friend

greyhoundsGPA Wisconsin's volunteers work closely with each prospective Greyhound owner, matching them with a dog whose personality is most ideally suited to its new home situation to ensure a lasting, rewarding relationship. For more information, please visit our website at www.gpawisconsin.org. We will work with you in selecting a greyhound that fits your family situation. Adopting from GPA-Wisconsin starts by filling out an application which can be downloaded from our website and mailing it to one of our adoption coordinators. We will check your references, conduct a phone interview, and follow-up with a home visit. We also ask that you read one of a couple greyhound specific publications.

Notice to potential adopters outside of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois: We regret to tell you that we very rarely perform out-of-state adoptions. Our adoption procedure heavily relies upon home visitation in addition to a written application. In addition, we strongly prefer to place our Greyhounds locally, so that our group can act as a resource for any follow-up issues or concerns the adoptive family might have. Please understand we are not deliberately trying to thwart your efforts to adopt a Greyhound. BUT... we feel that your adoption success can be best achieved by working with an adoption group closer to your locale. This provides you with an adoption support system that's close by for both you and the Greyhound. To find a Greyhound closer to your family, we suggest narrowing your search here on Petfinder. Also, for a list of Greyhound Adoption groups that may be closer to you, we recommend The Greyhound Project's web site listing. Thanks for your understanding.

Come Visit Us!

greyhounds We rely on foster homes, greyhound breeders and trainers to take care of greyhounds waiting for homes. As such, we don't have a full time facility. However, we have Meet and Greets monthly in several locations. Please see our 'Events' section of our main website, www.gpawisconsin.org for locations and dates.

Greyhound Pets of America - Wisconsin
PO Box 2115
Madison, WI 53701
Phone: 414-299-9473

Email: webmaster@gpawisconsin.org
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