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For a complete list of all our adoptable pets, please visit

www.dunncountyhumanesociety.org because our website is updated more regularly then Petfinder.

Who We Are

Inspected & Licensed by WI DATCP. Dog Seller & Dog Facility Operator License #267328-DS

The Dunn County Humane Society

The Dunn County Humane Society was formed in response to an act of cruelty which resulted in the death of Flash, a four-year-old Basset Hound. It is committed to the prevention of animal suffering in his memory. The Society was chartered in December 1993 by the State of Wisconsin as a nonprofit organization.

Mission Statement

The Dunn County Humane Society (DCHS) is dedicated to improving the lives of companion animals in our community and finding permanent and loving adoptive homes for the animals in our care. We are an organization that does not euthanize to make space for incoming animals at our shelter.  All incoming animals are evaluated, medically treated and rehabilitated when possible. DCHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on the good will and generosity of individuals and corporations.

Our Goals

  • To educate the public about animal needs and responsible ownership
  • To operate an animal shelter and find loving homes for animals in need
  • To conduct fundraising activities to provide for the care of the animals
  • To increase the number of active members and volunteers!
  • To promote spay/neuter programs 



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Dunn County Humane Society

Phone: (715) 232-9790

Fax:     (715) 232-9795

Come Visit Us!  

Hours for adoptions and viewing:

Monday Closed

Tuesday 1pm to 7pm

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 1pm to 7pm

Friday 1pm to 7pm

Saturday 1pm to 7pm

Sunday 1pm to 7pm


Dunn County Humane Society

302 Brickyard Road

Menomonie, WI 54751

Phone: (715) 232-9790

Fax: (715) 232-9795


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