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Gracie is an 11 month old Boxer who is such an incredible dog that we are officially making her an honerary American Eskimo! (Grin). This is the dog of a lifetime, an absolute sweetheart! Please read her bio for more information on Gracie. Our latest reunion photo...


Pierce found a wonderful home!

Who We Are

Wisconsin American Eskimo Rescue was started in March '99 in response to an urgent need to find homes for forty American Eskimo Dogs being removed from a small house by Animal Control officers. All dogs were successfully placed and we have been rescuing and placing Eskies ever since. To date we have placed over 150 dogs. The rescue is overseen by an accomplished dog trainer and behaviorist who owns and operates Blue Dog Training and Behavior in Madison, WI. All dogs brought into the rescue are thoroughly screened for health and temperament as well as reaction to adults, children, cats and dogs.

Adopting a friend

To adopt a dog from W.A.E.R., the following is required:

Come Visit Us!

W.A.E.R. is located in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Please call for directions.
Wisconsin American Eskimo Rescue
P.O. Box 14558
Madison WI 53714
Phone: 608-217-2962
Email: k9shrink@mac.com

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