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I have been up for adoption for 39 days. Dougie is the sweetest nine year old ever. He is well behaved, gentle and loving. His family could no longer care for him and called us. Dougie had to have a dental and lost several teeth but that didnít slow him down in the eating department. Dougie loves everyone and all of his foster fur brothers and sisters. He is happy as long as he can be close to you and hang out wherever you are. He is spry for his age and gets around great. If you have never enjoyed the love of a senior pug you donít know what you are missing. Dougie has lots of love left to give some lucky family. she is and take her home with them. She is anxious to meet her new family and ready to start her new life. h3>

We have been pretty sucessful with our pug transports.We are going to do it again. The Date is set for May 20th. The pugs we will be bringing are now listed. If you are intrested in either adopting of fostering please email me puglvnfool@new.rr.com for more info

our 3rd Almost home Pug Run for Homeward Bound Pug Rescue Pugs is in the planning stages We are working now to make the transportation of pugs from Norman OK to Green Bay, WI a reality. These pugs will be arriving from Homeward Bound Pug Rescue foster homes to their forever homes here in WI. What started out the first time as a small idea of bringing 8 hard to place pugs to WI to find them the great homes they deserve has taken on a life of its own. The pugs arriving at the Green Bay East Petco for adoptions and placement in new foster homes while adoptions are put together for the others. Oklahoma is one of the largest puppy mill states and has been overwhelmed over the last few months with pugs found as strays, owner surrenders and breeders that are no longer profitable. The people of WI have opened their arms and hearts to the pugs arriving on friday the 20th. Families will be waiting in great anticipation for the pug van to arrive. We expect to have between 40 to 50 people either waiting to meet their new family member for the first time or just wanting to see thirty pugs at once. The van is being donated of the Homeward Bound Pug transport is Kyla Holderness, a business owner from Tulsa OK. Myself and another volunteer will load her van with all of these little dogs and drive straight through to Green Bay. The trip should take about 19 hours. Then the real fun begins. There will be squeels of excitment as pugs come out of their crates into holding pens and people will get their first look at their new family member or adoptable pugs. Adoptions that have been pre approved will take place and with a smile and a signiture on the contract families can take the pug they have been thinking about for weeks home with them. Many of the pugs arriving are still looking for their perfect homes so if you are intrested in meeting them and filling out the application we will begin the approval process for you. The pugs will be arriving at about noon friday at Petco in Oak Creek. Petco has generously given us use of their parking lot and will be giving out coupon books to all adoptive familys. Come on out and join in the fun!

Who We Are

Homeward Bound Pug Rescue (HBPR) of Oklahoma and now Wisconsin was officially formed in 2003. Our mission is to place pugs that have been surrendered, abandoned, or abused into loving, caring forever homes. We are an all volunteer, not for profit organization dedicated to pugs. HBPR will take any and all pugs regardless of age, health and/or temperament. We will also take pug mixes on a room available basis. We frequently rescue from kill shelters and do accept owner relinquishments. All pugs are placed in foster care with dedicated volunteers. Evaluation and veterinary care include: shots, spaying/neutering and treatment for any known illnesses. We've had many come through with heartworms, elongated soft palate problems, eye problems etc. Due to the overwhelming expenses, adoption fees starts at $300 to help recover the never-ending vet bills. (Donations are always graciously accepted and greatly appreciated!!!) We also assist many pug ow ners who need to surrender their precious pugs for various reasons. We will gladly send updates on the pug after placement, if requested by the original owner.

Adopting a friend

All applications to adopt a rescue pug are reviewed and evaluated. If you are interested in a particular pug, please let us know. We do not place our pugs on a first come first serve basis. We match pugs with potential adopters depending on their situation, what they are looking for and the personality of the dog. We attempt to make the PERFECT match for both the pug and the new adoptive family! All applicants must be able and willing to pick up the pug they are adopting. There are times we can help with ground transport. New adoptive parents are required to sign an adoption contract stating if for ANY reason the new home does not work out, HBPR will be notified and the pug will be returned to us. HBPR rescues for the life of the pug.

Oklahoma City OK and now in Green Bay WI Email address homewardboundpugs@cox.net in Oklahoma puglvnfool@new.rr.com Wisconsin
Homeward Bound Pug Rescue and Adoption

Green Bay, WI 54301

Email: puglvnfool@new.rr.com
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