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Friends of Noah, WI is a volunteer based, federally approved non-profit (501)(c)(3) organization. We are funded entirely by donations (all donations are tax deductble) and all of the animals listed on this site are currently in foster homes or in our Adoption Center at Mounds pet supply store in Janesville. Our goal is to rescue animals that are stray/abandoned, or need to get placed out of an animal shelter. We bring them back to behavioral and physical health and then adopt them into permanent, loving, forever homes!

What is a Foster Home?

A foster home for animals is just like yours...only with a few more animals in it! Each foster home has its own pets already in their home and has decided to open their hearts even wider by welcoming additional animals who wouldn't have a chance at a good life otherwise. The foster caregiver then gets to a chance to see how the animal does in the home with kids, other animals, strangers, loud environments, quiet environments, etc. Each foster person learns everything they can about the animal, so that we know which permanent home they would feel best in. We pre- screen our foster home families to insure that this rescued animal will get the best of love and care while they are living there. The animal in the foster home will stay there until they are adopted into their final home.

What kind of vet care does the animal get?

The basic vet care includes the following: examination by a vet, deworming, fecal test, neuter or spay, appropriate shots for the age of the animal, rabies vaccination (if age appropriate), heartworm test, microchipping and any medication that the animal might need while its in the foster home. At the time of adoption the foster animal is fully updated on vet care (age appropriate), is a healthy animal, ready to go into his or her new home!

Adopting a friend from Friends of Noah, WI

Friends of Noah, WI does not adopt out animals on a first come, first served basis. Because we speak for the animals, we represent what they need first and foremost. Because we want this to be a permanent adoption, we will place the animal in the home best suited for him/her. Therefore, we will consider all submitted adoption applications to insure that it is the best match between animal and home.

Here's what you need to do.....

1. Write to the contact listed in the bio of the animal you are interested in. That individual will then send you an adoption application for you to fill out and return.

2. We check your personal and vet references.

3. A home visit is scheduled for your family. A home visit is mandatory for all adopters. This will involve a rescue volunteer coming to your home and visiting with you. All family members and pets must be present at the time of the visit.

4. If the decision is to proceed with this adoption, you will be invited to the foster person's home for a visit with the animal, to insure, again, that it is a good match.

5. We will notify you of your adoption status. There will be an adoption fee applied. All fees are based on the medical care required for the animal you are adopting. Often times these fees are below the actual costs incurred by the organization and in no way represent the total costs involved in rescuing animals.

Interested in Volunteering?

The animals need your help! And if you can't foster, there are numerous other ways to help. For example you could do transport, help with fundraising, help with events, contact shelters, conduct home visits, work on the newsletter, work on the website...and on and on and on. What's your favorite thing to do for the animals? Just let us know, and we'll have a place for you!

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