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Our Adoption Fees

Our Adoption Fee is $60 for one bunny, $100 for a Bonded Pair, or $120 for a Bonded Trio. This covers a small portion of services we provide for your new family member! The adoption fee includes:

Veterinarian Check-up

Spay/Neuter Procedure

Litter Box Training

Socialization with adults, children, dogs, cats, and many other animals!

General cost of care while at the sanctuary

We also offer cage/supply packages for $100-$125 which include:

Appropriate Sized Cage (Standard 40" Cages are included in the $100, Extra Large Cages (47 LONG!) are $125)

Litter Box and Litter

Food Bowl and Food


Water Bottle or Dish

Treats and Toys

Cage Pad(s)

Anything else we used for your bunny!

You can also purchase just the supplies from us for $30 which includes everything mentioned above except the cage!

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K&R Small Animal Sanctuary

Email: kr_small_animal_sanctuary@yahoo.com

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