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Our Adoptable Pet List

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Contributions Needed: Donations are greatly appreciated to help pay for some of our medically in need dogs.  You can donate thru Pay Pal at

Adoption Fees

Puppies under 6 months $350.00
Mixed Breed dogs over 6 months $275.00
Purebred dogs $325.00

Our Mission Statment

Affinity Rescue seeks to rescue, transport, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned pets by providing a network of foster homes and volunteers. Utilizing the experience and guidance of professionals within the animal welfare community, our goal is to promote the affinity between humans and animals which includes reducing overpopulation and abuse of pets.

Why Do We Rescue 

There is a natural bond shared between humans and animals and this “affinity” is at the heart of what we do. The affinity is simple and symbiotic. Stand alone on a busy sidewalk and watch people pass you by as a complete stranger. Hold a dog in your arms and those same folks will approach you as a friend. The dog is an honest, faithful friend who expands the love, courage and spirit of his human companion and all they ask for in return is a warm home, a bit of food and water, the sound of your voice and a caressing hand. A dog’s life is more complete when you are beside him and so is yours.

Affinity Rescue is a volunteer nonprofit (501c3) group. We rescue homeless and abandoned animals from overcrowded shelters and place them into our network of temporary foster homes for evaluation, socialization and plenty of TLC. We also provide spay/neuter, vaccinations and treatments for any medical or behavioral conditions. Only then do we place our dogs onto the Petfinder directory with full disclosures of all the positives and negatives of each animal.

Please explore our site if you are interested in adopting, volunteering or donating and thank you for your interest in rescue dogs and for your generous support.


As an all Volunteer home-based organization, we rely entirely upon donations, volunteers and people who want to provide a loving forever home. If you are interested in Donating to our organization please go to our website


If you are interested in walking dogs or taking a dog to a training class, please contact us at

Foster Families Needed

Fostering will be a wonderful experience for you and your family. We strive to match the right dog with the right family and the foster families play a huge role in this process. We depend on the foster parents to give input on the adoption of their foster dogs. The foster families will review the applications and complete phone interviews with the prospective adopter. This allows the foster parent to get a feel for the family, and since the foster home knows the dog the best they can make the best decision on the placement of that dog.

If you are too busy to have a full-time dog, but miss having a dog, this could be a great way for you to have the best of both worlds. The average time a foster home usually keeps a dog is about 2-3 weeks. We also have other foster parents that can help out if you need to be out of town during a time that you have a dog. So if you can't have a dog full-time, please consider fostering for us. You decide when you have the time to take one of our foster dogs.

To apply to become a foster family please fill out the adoption application at

Affinity Rescue, Inc

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