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Low cost spay/neuter options:
Spay Me Clinic: does pick up/ drop off in Janesville and Elkhorn, clinic itself is in Madison. Phone: 608-834-2700
Spay WI: will provide a referral to a clinic near you Phone: 877-510-PETS
For help finding a low-cost clinic, please enter your location below:

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Adopting a friend

Please contact us at if you are interested in adopting any of our wonderful cats and kittens. You can fill out our online application through this link:

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We have green rodent control! We have working cats to rid your barn of rodents! Please fill out this form so we can match you up with the right cats for you.

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Please take a look at our adoptable adults! We have so many to choose from, all different ages, sizes, and personalities!


HELP!!! On September 13th, Community Cat took in 58 cats from a hoarding situation. We were able to transfer the kittens and a few adults to other rescue organizations but still have about 20 cats. Some of these are feral and will be placed into our working cat program. Some are tame but have medical issues. We are working to get everyone healthy and into a new home of their own! We have had very high medical costs as well as the cost of caring for these cats. Your help is much needed and much appreciated. Donations can be sent via the "DONATE" button above, through PayPal to or through regular mail to PO Box 447, Whitewater, WI 53190. Thank you for helping us help them!

December is Home for the Holidays Month! All kitten adoption fees reduced to $50, adults to $25, and seniors have their adoption fees waived entirely! Check out our adoptable cats at the link above..

Who We Are

We are a non-profit cat advocacy group dedicated to ending feline overpopulation in our area. Our purpose is to help owned and unowned cats in our area by facilitating high quality, high volume, low cost spay/neuter services; helping caregivers to find resources to keep and humanely care for their cats; and providing care to cats in need, especially those who may not find help elsewhere. We have a working cat program that places at risk feral cats on farms and other work places as non-toxic rodent control. Community Cat is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services

For detailed information on low cost spay/neuter services, please click on this link.

We can help by lending traps and carriers and educating in trapping and care of cat colonies. We can trap for you for a small additional fee. Check out our online sign up form for more details.

YES!! You CAN trap that cat!!!

If your cat is lost, click here for information on how to find your feline companion: FINDING LOST CATS
Community Cat’s Trapping Instructions
1) Establish a regular feeding schedule or (if trapping immediately) observe when and where they usually show up. Also, pick a feeding location that is out of the elements, if you can. Usually you can pick any time of day you want, but avoid feeding at night because raccoons, opossums, and skunks will also visit at night. HELPFUL BUT OPTIONAL: make the same sound every time you feed, such as calling, “kitty, kitty” or shaking a container of dry cat food. If you feed only dry food, try to have some treat (small amount of canned food, tuna, meat scraps, etc.) to give them that they can only get if they are on time for dinner.
2) Borrow or buy traps. The traps should be raccoon-sized, 32 to 36 inches long.
3) Get an old sheet/ blanket/ or couple of beach towels for EACH trap. Pick whatever kind of cover is appropriate for the weather.
4) Set the traps and tie them open using cable ties so that the trap doors cannot close.. Cover each trap, making sure that the cover will not interfere with the trap door when it closes.
5) Start feeding the cats in the traps. This will get them used to the traps and make the process much easier for you. You can begin by placing the food just in front of the trap, then move it further into the trap each day. You can also put the food in the trap right away and make a trail of food to encourage them to go into the trap. By the second or third day, make sure that all of their food is in a trap, thus forcing them to eat in a trap.
6) Two days before your appointment to get the cats spayed or neutered, STOP FEEDING the cats. This will help to get everyone to show up on your trapping day because they will be hungry. Don’t worry, fasting will not hurt them. If you were not able to do Steps 5 and 6, this step is even more important. TRYING TO TRAP CATS IS A WASTE OF TIME IF THEY ARE NOT HUNGRY.
7) One day before your appointment, set the traps. If you skipped 5 and 6, make sure that the traps are in the same place that they eat OR along the edge of a building near their shelter or regular path. Bait the traps using whatever foods they like best, preferably a variety of things. Best bets are: fishy canned food, tuna, sardines, chicken, lunch meat, Pounce treats. Also put in some dry food because some cats only want that. Don’t use a bowl though. Instead, put food on a paper plate or right on the ground. The bait should make a trail leading them into the trap. Also put the bait on and under the trip plate instead of in a more convenient place for them. You want to make them step on the trip plate as they are trying to get to the food.
8) When a trap goes off, calmly approach and adjust the cover so that it completely covers the trap. At this point many cats will thrash around and try to get out. Being covered calms them so that they won’t hurt themselves. DO NOT OPEN THE TRAP.
9) Move the trap to a safe location for the night – one that is away from wild animals and not too hot or cold or wet. You can put newspapers underneath to catch any waste.
10) Feed each cat by mixing canned food and water and putting it on a foam plate. Then lift the edge of the trap – again YOU ARE NOT GOING TO OPEN THE TRAP – and squish the plate of food against the underside of the trap. (This step is optional because many vets want you to fast the animal for at least 12 hours before surgery. Kittens 5 months or younger should not be fasted, though. Recent research shows that adult cats do best when they are only fasted for a few hours, so we actually recommend feeding all trapped cats until the morning of surgery.)
11) Transport cats in their traps INSIDE your vehicle to your drop off location. Putting them in the bed of a pick-up truck adds to their stress and can cause hypothermia after surgery.
12) When you pick up your cats, keep them confined at seasonal indoor temperatures for 24 to 48 hours. Give them food and water as soon as you can. Make sure they are eating/ drinking and seem alert and well before you release them. Good places to keep them are: basement, shed, garage, or milk house.
Call: 608-201-3241 or EMAIL

Please take a second look at our special needs cats!

Come Visit Us!

We are a completely foster home based rescue. We will happily make arrangements for you to meet the cat of your dreams once we have approved your application.

The Truth About Declawing

Please take a moment to check out the links below for information on declawing your cat. Most people are not aware of what this surgery actually does to our feline friends. If you love your cat, don't declaw.

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Nail Trimming Instructions


More Info On The Importance of Cat Scratching


Our Wish List

Gas Cards for our Transport Volunteers
Live Traps- Raccoon Size- EVEN BROKEN!
Trail Camera
Cat Carriers- All Sizes
Dog kennels-all sizes
Canned Cat Food
Dry Cat Food
Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Dry Food
Scoopable Clumping Non-Scented Cat Litter
Paper Plates 9” and 12"
Paper Towels
Baking Soda
Garbage Bags
Old Clean Blankets
Old Clean Sheets
Old Clean Towels
No-Sew Fleece Blankets (Cat Size!)
Ink Printer Cartridge-Epson #78 Colors #71 Black
Monetary Donations
White Printer Paper
Colored Printer Paper
K.M.R. Kitten Formula
Laundry Detergent
Cat Beds
Cloth Tableclothes
Potty Pads
Rubber Bath Mats

Community Cat, Inc.
PO Box 447

Whitewater, WI 53190
Phone: 608-201-3241

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