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Every Animal Receives:
Vet Exam $42.92
Distemper Combo Vaccine (x2 puppies) $33.55
Rabies Vaccination $23.89
Heartworm/Lyme Test $69.49
Fecal Exam (parasite only) $24.31
De-Worming $2.40
Spay $142.75
Neuter $107.50
Flea/Tick Preventative $12.50/month
Heartworm Preventative $4.50/month
Other Treatments Often Needed:
Blood Test Prior to Surgery (if ill or over age 5 years) $86.18 - $117.80
Titers (check for Distemper/Parvo immunity) $64.50
Brucellosis Test (if coming from puppy mill) $62.79
Ear Cleaning $20.94
Ear Swab (test for infection) $24.84
Ear Treatment $29.02
Fecal Exam (bacterial) $44.64
Urinalysis $31.13
Nail Trim $16.61
Dental Cleaning $142.89- $272.61
Tooth extractions $6.83 each
Anal Glands Expressed $26.60
Grooming $36.00 - $46.00

These basic costs for care do not include: Food, treats, toys, collar/harness, leash, ID tags, training, beds, crates or time/miles to multiple vet appointments which our foster homes graciously provide. We are truly blessed to have wonderful foster homes.

Who We Are

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Papillons and other small breeds from puppy mills which are sprouting up all over Wisconsin. These companion pets are being bred to death and have had a rocky start in life but with the help of Rocky Start Rescue they can finally be free and loved.

Adopting a friend

All dogs are spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations prior to adoption. An adoption application, reference check, home visit and adoption contract are required. We do NOT do same day or on-site adoptions. Adoption fees are based on dogs age & health and the following are a general guide but subject to change.
Purebred adults (over 2yrs) $250.00-$350.00
Purebred puppies (under 2yrs) $350.00-$400.00
Mixed breed adults (over 2yrs) $200.00-$300.00
Mixed breed puppies (under 2yrs) $250.00-$350.00
Seniors (over 10 yrs) and Special Needs dogs $100.00-$200.00

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Rocky Start Rescue

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