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Want to help animals at One Life At A Time but don't have room in your home? Sponsor an animal in need by making a donation to help pay for food, vetting, and their care! Any amount is always appreciated, and goes a long way to help the animals in our care! You will receive a confirmation of your donation, along with a receipt for your tax deduction.

One Life At A Time Small Breed Rescue helps many puppy mill dogs, or shy, fearful dogs with anxiety. These special dogs can benefit from a special device worn called a "Thundershirt". Thundershirts help these special dogs feel more relaxed and calm. If you would like to help our dogs calm their anxiety and fear you can donate a Thundershirt! Just click on the link below:

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One Life At A Time Small Breed Rescue's Wish List:

Small Doggie Beds (Washable), Fleece Blankets, Toys, Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, Food, Treats, Cleaning supplies (We love OUT products!) Potty Paper, Belly Bands, Pads for Belly Bands, KONG Toys, Chew Treats, and Grooming Supplies are just some of the items we use on a regular basis!

Our Featured Pet!

Meet Matrix!

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Meet Matrix, a 6 year old male Poodle Chihuahua Mix. Matrix was rescued from a puppy mill in Waycross, Georgia. Matrix is a very special boy and will need a very special home. Matrix is a very unique dog. If you look deeply into his eyes, you will see a beautiful, caring, old soul. He has layers and layers of personality. He is inquisitive, smart, loving, silly, and loyal. He has really warmed up and has really come out of his shell while with us at the rescue. He does get a little timid in new situations or with new people, and prefers a solid routine in his daily lifestyle. That's not to say this little boy doesn't like adventure....He LOVES to go for walks and explore new places. He is also very snuggly and will cuddle on your lap and let you pet him or massage him for hours. When it comes to toys, he really doesn't have that much interest. He prefers to act silly and put on a show rolling around and wiggling his body all over you to demonstrate his own way of playing. We call this game "silly boy". The more you laugh and play with him while he does this, the more eager he is to entertain you with his silly antics. Matrix will need a fenced in yard for his safety. We prefer a home with adults, who understand the special needs of puppy mill dogs. He does do well with other little dogs, but would also do great in a single dog home. Matrix has been fully vetted, and has also had dental work done. He is neutered, micro chipped, and given all of his shots and vaccinations. Matrix has been heart worm tested and fecal tested. He stays on heartworm preventative and flea preventative. He is an overall healthy dog, but does get occasional allergies in certain seasons. If you are looking for the rewarding experience of giving a puppy mill dog a new leash on life, please contact One Life At A Time Small Breed Rescue for an application and consideration. Matrix has a very big heart, and would love to share it with the perfect family. Is that family yours?

Who We Are


Gina Skorka, President and Founder

One Life At A Time Small Breed Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping small and toy breed dogs in need. I take in many hard cases that shelters feel are not adoptable. Many times the stress of the shelter environment and the confusion of being lost or surrendered by their owners can bring out a fearful or aggressive side in the animal that is temporary but can be worked with. Our goal is to rescue animals from euthanization and place them into loving homes after addressing their medical, social, and behavioral needs.

Volunteer Opportunities

One Life at a Time Small Breed Rescue is always in need of helpfull hands and big hearts! To learn about our volunteer opportunities, please email us directly! One Life At A Time Small Breed Rescue is currently accepting new applications for foster homes. To learn about this rewarding experience, please send us an email to: .

Meet Carol, our newest volunteer!


Carol recently moved here from Florida. Carol has a heart filled with lots of love for cats. She has two of her own, Sammy and Harley. When Carol is not busy volunteering for us doing fundraisers, adoption events, home visits, and socializing our scared dogs, she works for the New Berlin School District. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication Carol!!!!

Adopting a friend

Tiny- Adopted Doodle Bug Sprite Photobucket Dewey- Adopted!

If you are interested in adopting any animals I have listed, please contact me at for an application. The adoption process is as follows for my rescue: If the application looks good I will contact your vet and other references.

Once applications are verified and reference checks are completed, a home visit is set up. At that time I will bring the animal/s you are interested in adopting to make sure everyone is a good fit and that any current companion animals work out with the new one/s.

If everything at the home visit goes well and One Life At A Time feels you are a good candidate for the adoption process, the adoption contract gets filled out and terms and agreements regarding the adoption are set. The pet may or may not be available right away depending on vetting required. Neuters and Spays are maditory for One Life At A Time adoptions. If you have current companion animals, I suggest we do a trial foster for one week to see how things go, but as long as your application and home visit are approved, we can set up the adoption at that time.

Adoption fees for our puppies up to four years old is $275. Dogs that are five years or older have an adoption fee of $150. Please contact One Life At A Time for details. Full grown animals have smaller adoption fees. Please consider giving an older pet a second chance~!.

All animals are fully vetted prior to adoption. Spays and Neuters are done prior to adoptions as well, no exceptions. Animals are tested for heart worm, parasites, and given shots and vaccinations. While in our care they are all kept on heart worm preventative as well as flea and tick preventative. Any health concerns and illness are also treated prior to adoptions. Our animals are also micro chipped!

I work on a first come first serve basis but always keep the animal's best interest in mind.

I will also place a home owner over a renter. Renting is the number two reason people surrender animals. When new jobs are taken and people move many times the location they choose does not allow pets. If you are looking to adopt a pet and are a renter, we will be contacting your landlord to make sure pets are allowed. For a list of pet friendly housing, please check with your local humane society or contact us.

I do not require a fenced yard, but do find it a nice asset for pet ownership and the safety of the animal. Certain animals (such as puppy mill dogs) may require a fenced in yard for their safety, depending on their background.

All current pets must be UP TO DATE with routine exams and vaccinations or their application will NOT be considered. One Life At A Time feels it is very important to keep your pet's health a top priority along with spaying and neutering your companion animals. We will be calling your vet reference to verify this information.

Some animals require vetting, rehabilitation, and other work before they become available to the public for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a specific small breed, please enquire with One Life At A Time! All of our pets are in loving foster homes until they are adopted out.

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