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Who We Are

Mission: The mission of the Eastshore Humane Association and Animal Shelter is to promote responsible pet (companion animal) ownership in Calumet County and to care for those animals without responsible ownership.

Philosophy: The Eastshore Humane Association and Animal Shelter was established to serve Calumet County through responsible, legal and humane handling of strays and unwanted pets and to raise the consciousness in Calumet County in order to promote responsible pet ownership.

We do not support the movement by some national humane groups to abolish the raising of animals for food or clothing, etc. or the raising of companion animals to serve or accompany man. Nor do we support any movement to abolish the responsible hunting of unendangered species of wild game animals. But rather, we feel that because domestic animals do serve man in a variety of ways, they are entitled to humane and responsible lifetime care from their human friends.

No-kill Policy: Many of our members and supporters have asked what a "no-kill" policy means. There is not a precise definition, but the following paragraph explains what a "no-kill" policy means to Eastshore Humane Association:

Eastshore Humane Association does not believe in euthanizing any animal that can be medically treated or behaviorally trained to be adoptable. If an animal is suffering in pain and not curable, we believe that it is an act of kindness to euthanize that animal. Also, any animal that is a threat to public safety and welfare, whose behavior cannot be modified, will be euthanized.

When the shelter is full, we use one or more of the following options:

1. Eastshore Humane Association has a responsibility to take in stray animals. "Owner surrender" animals will be put on our waiting list if kennel space is not available. We will contact the owner when kennel space does become available.

2. Eastshore Humane Association only works with reputable breed rescue groups. These groups know the breed and have a nation-wide network to help find these animals a loving home.

3. Eastshore Humane Association will use foster homes as a short-term solution. By working with the foster family, we insure that the animal being fostered is returned to the shelter to be available for adoption.

Being a successful "no-kill" shelter is not necessarily dependent on community size, but community support. Animals deserve a second chance. Whether your assistance is in-kind or monetary donations, your help is needed.

Eastshore Humane Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and does not receive state, county or federal government funding.

Adopting a friend

Adoption Procedures: Adoptor will fill out an application for the animal he is interested in. A 24 hour waiting period is required between the completion of the application and the processing of the adoption. We don't adopt on a first come, first served basis, but instead adopt based on what we feel is in the animal's best interest. We DO NOT ship animals.

Adoption Fees: Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, routine vaccinations, worming and Feline Luekemia/FIV test (for cats). Cat adoption fee is $80 and dog adoption fee is $175. We also offer the Micro-chipping to the general public for $25. Please call to schedule an appointment .


Why do we need volunteers? Operating the shelter is much more than our limited staff can undertake without the help of dedicated volunteers. There are many ways you can help.

  • We work very hard to maintain a clean and healthy environment for our animals, and can always use volunteers willing to help clean.
  • Socialization with both people and other animals is important to ensure our animals will fit well in their new home environments, so "play time" is important.
  • Periodically we have animals come in that need special care. Often we're looking for temporary loving homes for moms with their litters or orphans. Foster homes provide an opportunity for animals to build up socialization skills and confidence so that they can more easily adapt to the challenges life will bring them.
  • Consider sponsoring the spay or neuter of a shelter animal to help offset the costs incurred during their stay at the shelter.
  • Some benefits of volunteering include meeting new friends who enjoy animals the way you do, building confidence and self-esteem and learning about caring for animals and being a responsible pet owner.

    To become a volunteer, simply call the shelter for additional information.


    Eastshore Humane Association relies on the income generated from donations, bequests, grants, memberships, fundraisers and a portion of the adoption fees to maintain operations and programs.

    Items ALWAYS needed:

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    Eastshore Humane Association is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization and does not receive state, county or federal government funding.

    Come Visit Us!

    Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Fridays 1-4pm, Thursday 2-6pm, Saturday 11-3pm, Sunday & Wednesday Closed.

    *PLEASE call for directions.

    Eastshore Humane Association
    1100 Park St
    Chilton WI 53014
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