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What is Singing Blues?

Singing Blues: Bluetick Rescue is a small organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless Bluetick Coonhounds in Wisconsin. Our founder has been in love with this wonderful breed for many years, and it breaks her heart that so many are homeless. The goals of Singing Blues is to help some of these dogs find loving homes and to educate the public about the joys of having coonhounds as family pets.

Our rescue dogs live with wonderful foster families who work to help our dogs master the basics. They have all received any necessary vet care. This means that they are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and tested for parasites. Our dogs are also tested for heartworm disease and started on monthly preventative. All dogs placed through Singing Blues are also microchipped.

Why Blueticks?

Bluetick Coonhounds are wonderful dogs who are easily distinguished from most other coonhound breeds by their appearance. They have a short, dense coat consisting of unique black and white speckling, ticking, that produces a blue color. Most have tan coloring on their face, chest, and legs. Large black patches on the head and ears are common.

Blueticks make wonderful companions and generally become very devoted to their family. Most get along well with other dogs, but some have hunting instincts that may make them unsuitable for life with cats or other small animals.

While Blueticks make wonderful pets, they are not for every dog owner. Blueticks, cannot be trusted off-leash. Once they find a trail, they will wander off. Blueticks shed and some may drool, so they are not the breed for people overly focused on neatness.

Bluetick Coonhounds do have a very loud bark, and people envision a row of coonhounds tied in someoneís back yard barking frantically. The truth is that if you intend to leave your coonhound alone in the backyard, they will drive your neighbors insane. Dogs abandoned to the backyard bark out of frustration and boredom. When given the opportunity to truly be a part of the family, most coonhounds donít bark any more often than most other breeds. They will, however, let you know if someone is at the door!

At Singing Blues: Bluetick Rescue, we will work with you to determine if a coonhound is the right breed for you. If a coonhound will fit in your life, we will try to help you find the RIGHT dog for your lifestyle. Every dog is an individual, regardless of the breed. If we donít have the right dog for you, we will try to provide you with other options to find the friend you are looking for. After all, we want every homeless coonhound to find a place in someoneís heart.

So, do you want to adopt a Bluetick?

At Singing Blues, we always put the welfare of our canines first. To ensure that we are finding the right homes for them, we ask all adopters to complete through screening process. Individuals interested in adopting a Bluetick from Singing Blues should start by requesting an application emailing us at When the application is received, it is reviewed, references are checked, and a homevisit is scheduled. This may seem like a lot of work to get a dog, but it helps everyone involved by making sure this will be a good experience for all. Singing Blues does ask for an adoption fee of $115 to help cover the costs involved in providing for the needs of these wonderful dogs.

Can you help?

The keys to our success are caring foster homes and loving adoptive families. Unfortunately, providing care for these wonderful dogs requires more than love. Singing Blues needs other things. This is our wish list:

Monetary Donations!

Monetary Donations can be mailed to
Singing Blues
PO Box 43
Knapp, WI 54749

King Sized Kong Toys
Gift Cards to Petco, PetSmart, or Fleet Farm
Office Paper
Limited Slip Collars (10-16 inch)

Come Visit Us!

Singing Blues does not have a formal shelter. All of our animals are housed in foster homes with loving families. We will schedule appointments with approved applicants who are interested in meeting our coonhounds.
Singing Blues: Bluetick Rescue
PO Box 43
Knapp , WI 54749
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