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We have currently have no dogs available for adoption. We are in desperate need for reliable foster homes. This does take commitment but the benefits are life saving! Please send an email for more information!


LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS Looking to jump start your fitness regime? How about volunteer to walk our dogs! This greatly eases the burden of our foster homes, and gives the dogs a chance to meet other caring people! We are in need of FOSTERS,TRAINERS,GROOMERS,and all VOLUNTEERS If you are interested in volunteering, please go to and ask to apply. We do require a vet reference and a neighbor reference, as well as a background check. We can not help canines without your help! Please VOLUNTEER!

Who We Are

Mission - To provide protection, shelter and care for neglected, abused and unwanted canines. To assist canine owners in preventing unnecessary relinquishment of their canine. Dedicated to preventing cruelty and overpopulation of canines through public advocacy, education and awareness. History - Bay Area Canine Rescue (BACR) was formed in December of 2005, due to the absence of a non-breed specific canine rescue in the area. BACR is dedicated to helping not only canines in need, but also the families associated with those canines. BACR will assist with temperament issues, additional training and temporary housing of canines. BACR joined the efforts of animal shelters and other rescue groups that were unable to meet the demands of canine overpopulation. BACR is not for profit and operates solely on donated funds and time by sponsors and volunteers. All canines rescued will be evaluated through a course of no less than 14 days, in which they will receive veterinary care, behavioral training and temperament challenges. Once the canine passes an evaluator’s testing and is processed into BACR, he/she will be available to an approved home. All canines that are processed into BACR are placed in foster homes until adopted. All canines adopted from BACR will either be spayed/neutered before adoption date, or will receive their spay/neuter after specific contractual time. Donating- Those wishing to become a sponsor of BACR are required to complete a sponsorship form to be reviewed. All sponsors are reviewed on an annual basis, at which time sponsorship may be reinstated or revoked. Sponsorship within BACR allows for advertising, marketing, and networking within BACR and BACR affiliates. Those wishing to become a member of BACR are required to complete a membership form to be reviewed. All members retain membership for one year, at which they may chose to reinstate. Members of BACR are allowed certain access and privilege according to their membership level. Those wishing to become a True Friend of BACR are able to donate any amount towards the efforts of BACR. True Friends of BACR are listed in the BACR Journal, which is published monthly.

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Our rescue is made up of volunteers who donate their time, money, and homes to unwanted canines. All of our canines are cared for in foster homes, where they are members of a family. They learn basic manners for indoor living, and participate in temperament testing, and introductions to many different experiences. Some canines that come into rescues have never been exposed to car rides, leashed walks, stairs, children, other animals, car washes, vacuums, etc. We strive to make certain that every canine who is adopted through our rescue becomes a family member for life. Because of our efforts with re-homing, and to protect the privacy and lives of our foster home - we require that all applicants must be approved before meeting any of our canines. This helps to ensure those who come to visit are actually taking steps to adopt, and not just stopping over to play with our adorable pooches. For anyone wanting to just "play" with our canines - we welcome you to apply to volunteer, and help with our canine socialization program.
Bay Area Canine Rescue

Green Bay, WI
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