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We are a member of The National Rescue Foundation of Saint Bernards. You can visit there web site at saintrescue.org to find out if your state has a St rescue or who is closest to you. There are too many homeless St Bernards , just looking for forever homes. Do you have a big enough heart to adopt one of our "Gentle Giants" into your life 'forever'? We are also looking for foster homes for our homeless St Bernards. You would be opening your home and heart to a St that was thrown away for some reason. You just fill out an adoption application on our web page: http://www.wstresq@jmuch.com print out 2 pages of application and fax to 414-764-7840 or mail it back to address on bottom of page.We would do a home visit and reference check. All our dogs are temperment tested and neutered/spay, up dated on shots,heartworm tested and put on preventative. We take care of any medical needs with our rescue vet. All the foster home needs to do is to provide a loving, safe enviornment for a St. Some of the dogs may need some help with basic obedience but most are eager to please. For Foster Families Everywhere Your home may have been The first kind one I'd ever seen; Your voice the first to teach, to praise, To guide me through confusing days. You're the one who taught to me What the life of a good dog ought to be. Your patient persistence all the while May have won my very first doggie smile. And now that I am off to roam, Yours is the home I will always dream of; Your gentle hands, your smiling love, The way you coaxed tangles out of my coat, The sound of your voice, yes, every note. If they learn to love me the way that you do I will know that I owe my acceptance to you. Though my paws may wander far away, Yours is the home where I learned to stay. Karen Ellery, 2000

Adopting a friend

THE ST BERNARD The Saint can be a difficult breed to understand and assess, for those who aren't "breed- specific" in their dealing with these dogs. Their size alone can be incredibly intimidating-throw in a boisterous, puppy-like attitude(these guys don't "mature" until around the age of 3yr, if then!)and even barks that are offered with the best intentions may be misinterpreted as aggression. Throw in that stark black mask that so many of the breed tend to sport, and they can be quite imposing.For the most part, these dogs are just puppies, trapped in that big body. Health problems can include: Hip and elbow dysplasia-which are forms of arthritis Bloat-which is a life-threatening emergency Entropian and Ectropian are conditions of the eyelids High predisposition for epilepsy,which causes seizures Extremely susceptible to heatstress and heatstroke Don't Get a Saint If you are attracted to the breed 'chiefly' by it's appearance-The true beauty of a St lies in his character, not his appearance. If you are unwilling to share your house and your life with your dog. St's were bred to share in the work of their master(they are service dogs,used for saving lives,hiking, pulling carts,etc.) and to spend most of their waking hours with their master.They thrive On companionship and they want to be wherever you are. If you don't intend to educate (train) your dog. Basic obedience and household rules is NOT optional for the St. This training cannot be delegated to someone else - like sending The dog away to "boarding school", because the relationship of respect and obedience is Personal between the dog and the person who does the training. If you lack leadership(self-assertive) personality. If you do not assume the leadership, the dog will do so sooner or later and with more or less unpleasant consequences for the abdicating owner. If you don't value laid-back companionship and calm affection. A St becomes deeply attached and devoted to his own family. If you are fastidious about your home. The St's thick shaggy coat (long-haired variety) and his love of playing in water and mud combine to make him a highly efficient transporter of dirt into your home. You don't need to be a slob to live happily with a St, but you do have to have the attitude that your dog's company means more to you than does neatness. If you find drool totally repellant! There is No Such thing as a Dry mouth St. If you cannot get use to the idea of drool in your house, then try another breed that doesn't drool! If you dislike doing regular grooming. The coat demands regular grooming to preserve the health of the skin underneath.Both long and short haired St's shed. If you dislike daily exercise. St's need to exercise to maintain the health of heart and lungs and muscle tone. If you believe that dogs should run 'Free'. No dog can safely be left to run 'free' outside your fenced property. If you can't afford to buy, feed, and provide healthcare for one. If you want the "latest, greatest, ferocious killer attack dog". A typical St would prefer to slobber a criminal than attack one. If you are not willing to commit yourself for the dog's entire lifetime. The life span is 7-12 yrs. If all the proceeding'bad new' about St's hasn't turned you away from the breed, by all means ADOPT A SAINT!

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