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Our Adoptable Pet List

Our Featured Pet Is, Jack a very nice and sweet collie/lab mix. Please read about him on the adoptables page. .

How to adopt from us:

We offer same day adoptions w/ completed phone application or online application. Visit the link below for a online application or call us for a phone application. We go by appointments, We can make appointments any day of the week. Fill a adoption application

About Our Rescue

We are a small private rescue run out of my home and through fosters as well. We take in dogs and puppies and sometimes cats depending on foster availability. But contact us anyway as we know other rescue who may be able to help you out. All animals are treated as family members and are very happy here. We start housebraking them if they arent already and training them. We take alot of time out with all the animals and make sure there being taken well care of. We take in mostly owner surrenders but sometimes buy a pet out of a bad situation or one who isnt being taken care of properly (Neglected). We make sure all animals go to a home they can feel confortable with along with the adopters. So when we place a animal we strive for forever homes! Which they get! We keep in contact with the adopters and make sure there doing well. We get many emails and pictures from so many happy adopters, Its hard to let any of them go but we know there getting a good homes that will love and care for them as much as we do.

Surrendering your pet

If your a owner thinking of surrendering a pet we know how heartbroken you must be at this moment. But we will make sure your pet get the best home out there and thats are promise. We do not charge the owners any surrender fee because its hard enough for them to give up there babys much less have to pay to get them forever homes. We get them there forever homes free of charge thats what we do. So if your thinking of making that heartbreaking choice put your trust into our rescue we will do the best by you and your pet.

Adoption fee's and adopting information

Please read if your interested in adopting from us. We adopt to homes with kids of all ages as long as your home is a good fit for the animal. We adopt out of state as long as your willing to make the trip to our rescue. WE WILL NOT SHIP OUR ANIMALS! If for some reason a pet isnt altered before leaving our rescue it states in the contract you have to have it done within 6 months and proof sent back to us within the 6 month time period. We do not accept checks for the adoption fees any longer. We must be notified if you are bring along another pet to meet our adoptable animals. Adoption fee's Adoption fee's are based upon what we have into the animal and etc... So the adoption fee may be more or less. All adoption fee's are stated on the animals ad. This fee can sometimes be lowered under special terms, But in most cases it cannot be lowered. Standard adoption fee rate is from $100.00-$250.00 In the case we have to buy or rescue one out of a bad situation the fee of course may be more.

A Big Thanks To Petfinder!

I have to give a big thanks to! We have increased our adoption rate because of them and got more pets into good forever homes because of them. I thank them for helping out our rescue because without them our adoptions woudnt be the same. I want everyone else to give them a big thanks for letting shelters and rescues like us use there site free of charge. They are a life saver for those who are in kill shelters as they help get them into homes and have the shelters have more of a chance to get them in homes instead of putting them to sleep. So petfinder We at Recycled Pets Rescue Thanks you for everything!!!

Our rescue is located 10 miles from wisconsin dells!

Recycled Pets Rescue

Lyndon Station, Wi 53944
Phone: 608-547-0192

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