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Who We Are

Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue is a dedicated group of wonderful volunteers devoted to rehoming Boston Terriers in need in the state of Wisconsin. Whether they are abandoned, picked up as strays or surrendered by their owners, we are here to assist. We are not a shelter. All dogs are fostered in private homes and receive all needed veterinary care prior to placement, including but not limited to spay/neuter, vaccinations and HW testing. Interested applicants are asked to fill out our Adoption Application before being considered for adoption. Please complete the Word document and return by email to the person listed in the bio as a contact for the dog you are interested in.

If you find a Boston Terrier on our website that you are interested in, and apply to adopt him/her, please be patient and give us up to two weeks to contact you back. All of our volunteers work full time, and have their own pets and families to care for in addition to responding to requests through our network.

Please know that you will be required to have a home visit completed by a volunteer, have personal references checked, veterinarian references checked, and a fully filled out and approved application and be charged an adoption fee.

The standard adoption fee is $300.00 but a sliding scale may be used based on the dog’s age or medical condition.

Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue’s mission to find the BEST family for a Boston Terrier. What we mean is, we get literally dozens of applications for each dog, and many of the applications may be wonderful applications, but there is sometimes one family that is better for a particular dog for whatever reason. This does not mean your application is not a great one, we just get so many applications it is not possible to fill them all. If you are not picked for a particular dog you apply for, please be patient, stay in touch via email with WBTR and apply again for another dog in need that interests you.


Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue is going to be starting their 8th Annual Boston Terrier Quilt Raffle. This is our only fundraiser we do every year. We make a one of a kind, Queen sized Boston Terrier Quilt and raffle it off to raise money to pay for vet bills and other expenses for our fosters. To get more information about the raffle, please click HERE.

Come Visit Us!

For more information, we welcome you to visit us at our website Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue.

Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue

Waukesha, WI 53189

For information on surrendering a Boston Terrier please contact : wbtr@new.rr.com.

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