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Urgent Help Needed

Small Scale Reptile rescue recently assisted Countryside Humane Society on the intake of the animals from Aquatic Oddities. We are in need of SERIOUS donations!!! We took in over 100 animals and our vet has treated them all. If you can spare a few dollars for our vet it would be appreciated! Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic 2935 South Fish Hatchery Road Fitchburg, WI 53711 Make sure to put small scale reptile rescue in the comment line. Our group is the primary outlet for dumped and confiscated crocodilians in the states of IL, IN, WI and MI. We have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on care, medical treatment and feeding of these animals. We need your help. These are not animals that we receive and adoption fee for. We do not receive restitution from the animals taken from people who own them illegally. Often the animals are in poor health conditions and need medical treatment. Please look at our Alligator Funds listing under our adoption page for more info on how you can help us to continue to assist the humane societies in these states.


Come see Small Scale Reptile Rescue at the following events.

Petco Southridge Location - 4950 S. 76th Street, Greenfield WI Please note, animals may not be available for viewing depending on weather.

  • We are at the store EVERY Friday in February 2-6 pm!

    Other educational and Rescue Events!

  • Reptile Rampage - Sunday March 8, 2009 10-4 at the Lake Forest Rec Center, Lake Forest IL
  • ReptileFest - April 4 & 5, 2009, University of IL at Chicago PE Building, 901 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL

    Adoption Fees!

  • Green Iguanas - $25.00
  • Inverts - $25.00
  • Amphibians - $25.00
  • Water Turtles (RES/Paints/etc) $25.00
  • Small colubrid snakes $25.00
  • All other Lizards and snakes - $50.00
  • Tortoises - $50.00
  • Large Constrictors - $100.00 - These animals will be microchipped, you must be a home owner to adopt. Home visit is required. Locking caging is required. Large Constrictor experience is required.

    About Us

    Small Scale Reptile Rescue is a small organization that has been operating in Wisconsin for 11 years. Serving the states of WI and IL, we work primarily in conjunction with shelters and animal control agencies to assist in the rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned and seized reptiles. We operate solely on adoption fees and donations. If you can help please let us know! We are always in need of foster homes.

    Adoption Procedures and Policies

    Prior to adoption of any animal from Small Scale Reptile Rescue you must first:
  • Be 18 years of age.
  • Submit an application. To do so visit,
  • Wait for Small Scale Reptile Rescue to complete a background and reference check.
  • Have the permanent enclosure constructed and set up.
  • Have all members of household present for a home visit. Home visits may be performed by rescue associates with basic reptile knowledge. In such case, you need to allow photos to be taken and emailed to Small Scale Reptile Rescue.
  • Supply (if applicable) a letter from your land lord stating that you are allowed to maintain the animal you are applying for as well as a copy of your lease stating pets are allowed.
  • We DO NOT ship any of our animals. If you are not in our local area, please feel free to email us your location and we will assist in finding a rescue closer to you.

    Small Scale Reptile Rescue reserves the right to deny any incomplete applications.

    Please be sure to provide references of people who can attest for your level of experience when the animal is listed as a special needs home.

    Adoption fees vary. Each animal requires different levels of health care upon arrival. Small Scale Reptile Rescue relies on adoption fees to help recoup the costs of medical care. ALL health issues will be disclosed prior to adoption as long as they are known to Small Scale Reptile Rescue. Small Scale Reptile Rescue will only refund adoption fees for health issues that were unknown and present BEFORE adoption. Animals adopted from Small Scale Reptile Rescue are NOT allowed to be bred. Small Scale Reptile Rescue will NOT adopt an animal that is in violation of local laws in the City in which the adopter lives. Small Scale Reptile Rescue DOES NOT ship animals.

    Hopefully most, if not all, your questions have been answered. Once again thank you for taking time to request further information on our animals. You can find an application at in each of our adoption postings. Simply copy and paste the appropriate application into your email program. Fill out all blanks as incomplete applications will result in a denial. Not sure if you are ready to adopt? Ask us questions or perhaps consider fostering
  • We may hold off on adoptions pending weather. Reptiles can be very delicate and the extreme cold of Wisconsin Winters can prove fatal. Please understand if we are unable to immediately arrange a meeting time for the adoption. We are doing this to assist you in receiving the healthiest animal possible. We may also have issues with transporting in snow. Please know that the safety of our volunteers and adopters is of importance as well and we will monitor weather to arrange the best available time!

    Come Visit Us!

    Our new website is active!!!! Stop by today!We do not have a facility. Animals are kept in private foster homes. Approved adopters only will see the animal that they plan to adopt. We do most of our adoptions at the Petco located on 76th Street just south of Layton. All adopters will receive a coupon book upon adoption. We are able to arrange adoptions in Schaumburg. IL and Madison WI very easily as well. Please assist us in keeping costs down and keep communications to email only.

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    Small Scale Reptile Rescue
    PO Box 341026
    Milwaukee, WI 53215
    Phone: 414-708-8698

    Email: Small Scale Reptile Rescue This is the fastest way to contact us. Remember we are a small volunteer organization.
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