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Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary

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Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary
PO Box 153
Sheboygan, WI 53082-0153
Phone: 920-331-0100

Who We Are

Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization dedicated to the rescue of companion animals in Sheboygan County in order to prevent the needless euthanasia of these healthy animals.

Our Mission statement reads:

We are a compassionate, innovative, and progressive sanctuary fostering alternative environments and humane standards of care. Through exhaustive efforts, we seek to help every homeless companion animal reach tomorrow.

Who is Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary?

Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary is made up of a group of volunteers dedicated to rescuing and placing abandoned and unwanted animals. Most members of our group have at one time or another been volunteers with other organziations and have since joined together to form Two Left Paws. We believe in homeless animals being cared for in a setting other than cages or kennels; this is less stressful on the animal. We also believe that euthanasia should only be for those animals that are terminally ill and suffering or for those that have behavioral problems/issues that cannot be rehabilitated with treatment.

Where do your rescued animals come from?

The animals in our care come from various sources. The majority of our cats and kittens have been found as strays and brought in to Two Left Paws for fostering, medical care and a chance at a new life. A large portion of cats and kittens have also been surrendered to Two Left Paws by owners no longer wanting them or those unable to care for them for various reasons (moving, allergies, children, no time, etc). The majority of our dogs and puppies have come from us from owners who no longer want them or are unable to care for them. We also rescue a large number of our dogs from WI shelters/humane societies that unfortunately do not have the space to care for the large number of animals they have surrendered to them or brought in as strays. Each of our animals are put into appropriate foster homes. We will then assess what medical needs the animal may have. Once determined the animal will make a trip to a local veterinarian for a wellness exam and to discuss any potential issues. Each animal is brought up to date on vaccinations, given any necessary medications, given any necessary medical testing, and ultimately altered and microchipped. Some of our less fortunate animals come to us needing extensive medical treatment while others were fortunate in their previous lives to have been vaccinated and altered and are very healthy. Any animal needing medical treatment is usually not available for adoption until any medical problems are treated.

For more information call (920) 331-0100, e-mail, or visit our website Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary

Become a Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary Foster Caregiver

Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary operates today as a "cageless sanctuary", using foster homes to shelter the homeless animals in their care until permanent homes can be found. Foster homes provide shelter, food and water, medical treatment, and most importantly, the love and attention that these animals so lacked in their lives before they came to our sanctuary. These homes are vital for the successful placement of these needy animals, helping them to learn to live with humans and other pets in a stable home environment and to overcome any physical or emotional limitations or behavioral problems they may have. Foster homes are very special "safe havens" for these animals and Two Left Paws is always looking for caring people who are willing to help them move toward a happy and secure future.

Foster homes are needed for young and unsocialized animals, animals with treatable medical conditions, pregnant and nursing animals, animals with emotional issues such as depression or animals coming from abusive situations, or animals coming from situations where they were not cared for properly or where owners were unable to continue caring for them.

Foster homes are responsible for providing a loving home, fresh water, healthy treats, and safe toys for the animal. Two Left Paws will cover all medical expenses. If needed, Two Left Paws can help with food, litter, treats and toys. Keep in mind you are liable for anything that your foster animal may chew or destroy (personal items couch, shoes, furniture, clothes, etc)

If you think you "have what it takes" to be a foster parent and would like to open your home and heart to an animal in need, please contact call (920) 331-0100, e-mail, or visit our website at

Our Wish List

Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary is in need of the following items. Please find it in your heart to help and donate to this cause. The animals thank you for your care, kindness and generosity.

Cat &Kitten Food: Purina, Chicken Soup, Felidae, Wellness, Fromm, or Wysong

KMR formula (for kittens)

Cat Treats

Cat Litter (both clumping and clay litter)

Kitten Shampoo

Paper Towels

First Class Postage Stamps

Legal Size Envelopes

Printer Paper



Cat Beds

Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Cardboard Scratching Pads

Catnip Toys

Cat and Dog Toys

Grooming Tools (combs, brushes and nail clippers)

Gas Cards

Phone Cards

Cash Donations (checks made out to Two Left Paws)

Sponsor a Spay or Neuter ($90 for a spay/ $65 for a neuter)