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Who We Are

Tabby Town USA, Inc. is a non-profit, NO-KILL cat rescue located close to Hwy. 14/61between Westby and Coon Valley in Western Wisconsin. All cats temporarily share our home, which is furnished and maintained for feline comfort, and foster homes. We do not keep cats in cages, except when they are brand new to us, or are being treated for an illness.


Claws are vital to cats! They are essential for balance, mobility and survival!

Cats scratch to mark their territory. If they can't mark their territory with their claws, THEY'LL TEND TO SPRAY!

Cats walk on their toes, not on their pads like dogs do. Declawing is NOT like removing a fingernail. It's like CUTTING OFF A PERSON'S FINGER AT THE FIRST KNUCKLE! IT'S 10 SEPARATE AMPUTATIONS!

Declawing changes the cat's personality! Declawed cats tend to:

~ Hide more and bite more;

~ Stop using the litterbox;

~ Suffer chronic leg, back and shoulder pain;

~ Become withdrawn or depressed;

~ Be in a constant state of distress from real OR IMAGINARY predators;

~ Suffer lifelong phantom pain.

90% of declawed cats who end up in shelters are KILLED because of behavioral problems!

Cats are living, breathing, feeling companions. They should NOT be placed on the same level as furniture. Your cat trusts you ~ declaw him and he may NEVER trust people again!

There is no valid reason today to ever remotely consider declawing as a solution to destructive scratching. Declawing is done strictly for the convenience of people and for the vets to make money.

We can offer solutions to scratching problems, like trimming the claws, working with scratching posts, using SoftClaws or StickyPaws, and behavioral training. If you insist on a declawed cat, please adopt one who has been previously declawed

Thank you ~ for THEIR sakes!

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Adopting a friend

All cats and kittens over 4 lbs. are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Kittens over 6 months of age and all adults have been tested negative for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia). The adoption fee of $135 includes some high quality food to take home with kitty. Adopters of kittens too young to spay or neuter are asked to prepay for the procedure and Rabies vaccination (included in the adoption fee of $135). If the adopter takes the kitten to our veterinarian, Dr. Dennis Knight at Coulee Mobile Veterinary Clinic, (Coon Valley 608-452-2220), he will do the procedures and bill Tabby Town. Our vet will also give the Rabies vaccination at the time of spay or neuter and bill Tabby Town. All cats receive age appropriate vaccinations. They are dewormed and litterbox trained.

Potential adopters are asked to complete an Adoption Application and, if approved, a contract stating they WILL NOT DECLAW their Tabby Town pets. However, Tabby Town occasionally has cats for adoption who have been previously declawed. The adoption fee for all cats & kittens is $135, whether the cat is already "altered" or you're given a certificate for a future appointment. Our cats and kittens eat a variety of high quality dry food and we will send home some food to feed your kitty the first week or so. We also highly recommend feeding canned food 1-2 times a day. It will add much-needed water to their system. Cats tend to not drink enough water, causing urine infections.

The adoption fee does not cover all the expenses we incur with the cats and kittens and monetary donations are always needed to help offset vet bills and food.

Come Visit Us!

Tabby Town USA, Inc. is located in Western Wisconsin between Westby and Coon Valley, just off Hwy. 14/61.

From Westby, travel about 4 miles west, towards Coon Valley/LaCrosse, go past the storage buildings and turn Right (north) on Rainbow Dr., then the first Left onto Stenslien Lane. We're the 1st place on the Left.

From Coon Valley, drive 4.5 miles east towards Westby/Viroqua and turn Left (north) on Rainbow Dr., then the first Left onto Stenslien Lane. We're 1st place on the Left.


Tabby Town USA, Inc.
S1695B Stenslien Lane
Westby, WI 54667
Phone: 608-634-4614


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