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Who We Are

The Wisconsin House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits and finding them permanent, loving, homes and to educating others about the care and behavior of rabbits. WHRS operates under article 501(c) of the nonprofit federal tax code for prevention of animal cruelty.

1. Rabbit rescue: Our goal is to buy a homeless bunny more time. Each rabbit we rescue from local shelters is spayed or neutered. Any health concerns are addressed and the bunny is litter-trained.

2. Education & Outreach: Through our newsletter, web page and community activities, we aim to inform others about rabbit health and nutrition, behavior and care.

3. Adoption: The desired outcome in a rabbit rescue is placement in a permanent, loving home. Every rabbit placed means another can be rescued from a shelter.

4. Long-term care for invalid rabbits: Some rescued rabbits have special needs and/or health conditions that are beyond the capabilities of the average bunny parent. We provide special care for these rabbits either in foster or sanctuary homes. This function of the WHRS is most demanding on funds and time. New foster and sanctuary homes are always needed.

Adopting a friend

The Wisconsin House Rabbit Society finds homes for many rabbits each year. Rabbits available for adoption are spayed or neutered, litterbox trained, and socialized. Post-adoption assistance is provided as your new friends settle into their new home.

For more information on adoption or the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society, visit our website at www.wisconsinhrs.org or call (608) 232-7044.

Wisconsin House Rabbit Society
PO Box 46473
Madison, WI 53744
Phone: 608-232-7044

Email: info@wisconsinhrs.org
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