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SWHDR is an independent rescue organization and is a Federal 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization and a State of Wisconsin Non-Profit Organization.


The mission of the Southeastern Wisconsin Herding Dog Rescue is "TO HELP SHELTIES, BORDER COLLIES AND SELECTED OTHER HERDING BREEDS IN NEED AND TO EDUCATE THE PUBLIC ON RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP" First and foremost the SWHDR rescue program is to be concerned with the welfare of the dogs in our program and to treat each dog as an individual case, dealt with fairly and with the best interest of the of the dog in mind. Secondly, we want the homes that these dogs are adopted into to be the best possible match to the needs of the dog and the adopting home.

Adopting a friend

Many of our adopted dogs have acquired many performance titles; junior showmanship wins, Obedience, Agility, Herding and K-9 Good Citizen titles. Our bragging rights also include dog demos, visits to nursing homes, and they have even been stars on TV . . . and still live they're lives as beloved members of they're adoptive homes!

We do not operate a centralized facility. All of our dogs stay in private foster homes. Because of this, our dogs can be seen at either one of our many adoption days or at your home during our mandatory home visit.

All of our dogs are medically checked, heartworm tested, current on shots, altered, socialized and have they're basic house manners taught to them before they are are adopted because the are all in foster homes. All people involved with the rescue are volunteers who have opened their hearts and their homes to all of abandoned and deglected dogs in our care.

Cost for adoption is $150.00 If you are interested in adoption please visit our website at Southeastern Wisconsin Herding Dog Rescue and fill out an application and send it via snail mail or fax. We are currently unable to accept them by e-mail. Sorry!

We also have a special Senior Program for those dogs that 8 years or older. If you are interested in adopting a senior dog, SWHDR will pay for the dogs yearly shots! That would be a $50 - $75 dollar savings yearly to give a home to a senior!

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Southeastern WI Herding Dog Rescue
Phone: 262-554-2048

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