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MADACC currently rescues and assures safe, temporary shelter, veterinary and humane care for nearly 12,000 stray, unwanted, abandoned, mistreated and injured animals each year – more than any other animal control shelter in Wisconsin. MADACC provides a central location for owners to find and recover their lost pets at 3839 W. Burnham St. in West Milwaukee and is open seven days a week, including evening hours on weekdays. MADACC rescues strays and removes dangerous animals from public areas providing effective animal control services by active enforcement of Wisconsin State Statues pertaining to animal welfare.

MADACC is an organization charged with the responsibility of rescuing thousands of lost and homeless animals and animals suffering from cruelty, neglect and indifference.

Animal Care and Control facilities are often referred to derogatorily as “the pound”. They are often one of the most misunderstood organizations in any community. Although their mission is to save lives, their community’s irresponsible pet ownership requires them to euthanize animals, and then they are faulted for doing so. These organizations don’t have the luxury of shrinking from the life and death issues of animal welfare. They are the only animal welfare agency in any community that has to address the issue of pet euthanasia head on every minute of every day.

On any given day, the MADACC animal control facility admits between thirty to forty animals. The building houses, on average, two hundred and eighty animals. Many of these animals remain unclaimed by their owners, although over 25 percent are transferred to other organizations, over 50 percent are euthanized. We are continually recruiting established agencies for their services in providing permanent animal placement for those animals we can not find homes.

The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission is an intergovernmental agency consisting of the mutual interests and representation from all nineteen municipalities within Milwaukee County. Dedication of the 21,500 square foot animal control facility was held August 26, 1999. The purpose of MADACC is to provide: shelter, care and disposition of stray domestic animals, the search and recovery of lost pets, county quarantine services for rabies observation, referral services for wildlife problems, and to promote responsible pet ownership through client education and the licensing of dogs and cats.

Adopting a friend

Because of the way MADACC was established in 1999, (to strictly be a stray holding facility for Milwaukee County’s 19 municipalities) MADACC is not able to have a comprehensive adoption program that could serve all of its adoptable animals. Structurally, MADACC’s facility does not have the space to house animals for long periods of time. MADACC also does not have the staff to run a comprehensive adoption program.

The most important assistance MADACC needs is help to move animals out of its system as quickly as possible. The quicker they move, the less likely they will become stressed and sick. Also, because of the nature of our animal control services, we can be called upon at any time to assist police departments, fire departments and Sheriff's departments from 19 municipalities to impound animals. Space for incoming animals is a priority…we do not have the luxury of turning animals away.

Because of this, we are dependent on our placement partners taking our adoptable animals. This is vital to our operations and also leaves us in an extremely precarious position. The bottom line is that we need all the help we can get. We are still euthanizing healthy adoptable animals at MADACC every day. The idea behind an adoption program here is to simply have another outlet for the animals that are sitting on our transfer list and waiting to be taken by a placement partner.

Agencies wishing to volunteer by extending our animal placements into permanent homes are requested to contact the shelter.


Volunteering at your local animal shelter is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals in your community. Currently we have a variety of volunteer positions available to help improve the lives of over 13,000 animals a year. If you would like to help homeless animals in our community please fill out an application form:

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MADACC receives nearly 10,000 stray, neglected, abandoned, unwanted, mistreated and injured animals a year. Your donation helps Milwaukee's neediest animals.

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The shelter is open to the public Monday through Friday from 10:00AM to 8:00PM. Normal business hours for Saturdays and Sundays are from 10:00AM to 5:00PM. Adoption hours are 1-7pm Monday through Friday and 11-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission
3839 West Burnham Street
West Milwaukee WI 53215
Phone: 414-649-8640

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