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Open Adoption Times held at Country Animal Haven in Stoughton Saturdays and Sundays from 12-3PM.

Who We Are

Country Animal Haven is a non-profit no-kill cat and kitten shelter in Stoughton WI. We strive to provide a safe respite while seeking forever homes for these animals who ask for little more than love, food and shelter.

Country Animal Haven endeavors to be a strong presence in the community, working to increase awareness of animal issues. We strongly advocate spaying and neutering of both feral and pet cats to reduce the overabundance of unwanted kittens and improve the general health of adult cats. We hope for the day that all animals will know what it means to be wanted and loved.

Volunteer Opportunities

"Feeding and Watering" the cats With nearly two hundred cats in the shelter, routine jobs such as refilling food and water bowls can be quite an undertaking. Any help with this would be much appreciated.


In a building with as many cats as we have in the rescue, there are many cleaning jobs large and small that need doing. Any help with these jobs would help quite a bit.


We always need people to take animals into their homes to provide them a loving environment until they can be adopted. The more experience they have in a good home the better they will fare when they are adopted.

Gardening and Landscaping

Our shelter in Stoughton has several flower gardens which need occasional maintenance.

Scooping Litter

With as many cats as we have at the shelter, one of the most important but least pleasant jobs is cleaning out the litter boxes. Many of the cats came in as strays or from farms so we need to do everything we can to encourage litter box use. The most important being keeping them clean. Naturally, not many people are eager for this job, but if we can find several volunteers for this job, it would be an enormous help.

Socializing and Grooming the Kitties

Just because cats are in a shelter doesn't mean they need affection any less. We need volunteers to spend time with them to help them learn to accept humans.

Adopting a friend

There is an Adoption Application to be completed during the adoption process, please be prepared to have a copy of your lease if renting and the adoption fee to help make the adoption of your new companion go more smoothly. The adoption fee is $60 for kittens aged one year and younger, this cost includes spay or neuter prior to adoption. Once they reach over one year in age the fee is $50, and also includes spay or neuter prior to adoption.

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Country Animal Haven
Country Animal Haven, Inc.
1755 Williams Drive
Stoughton, WI 53589

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