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If you want a simple way to help the shelter, visit www.ffgm.net and click on the paypal button,donations are accepted by credit or through Paypal accounts.Currently we have around 10 ferrets for adoption.Although we can't list them all here,please contact us for fuzzies available. Please if you have very small children, a ferret is not the pet for you. We are also in need of shelter volunteers and donations. If you are interested please give us a call at 414-464-3346. Because we work during the day, messages will be returned between 4pm-7pm M-F and all day Saturday and Sunday. Please be patient with us as we get very busy scooping poop. Emails will be checked as often as we can, again please be patient with us. If your email us and we don't get back to you right away, please be patient as we get so busy at the shelter that we don't always get time to answer our emails.

Although we would like to see all of our ferrets get homes, we will not ship ferrets.

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Our Mission Statement

Section 2: The Specific Purpose for which FFGM exists are:
(a) Rescue of unwanted and abandoned ferrets from owners, humane societies and all other sources, in order that they may be placed in new homes if after evaluation they are determined to be adoptable. FFGM will provide for those animals which are received but after evaluation are deemed not adoptable. Ferrets adopted through FFGM will be pets and will never be used for breeding or for experimental purposes under any circumstances. Ferrets will, after all instances, be spayed or neutered prior to adoption if the animal was not previously spayed or neutered. New owners will be asked to sign an adoption agreement which will spell out specific conditions of adoption before adoption is permitted. This form of agreement is attached to these bylaws as Addendum 1.
(b) To educate the public about ferrets and their care, to discourage breeding, and to discourage ownership of ferrets to the extent possible if: there is a chance they may later become unwanted, abused or abandoned; there are small children in the home, or the potential owner does not understand responsible ferret ownership.
(c) To continue to develop and maintain an information and resource file concerning ferrets, including the history of ferrets, health care and treatment, nutrition and all other aspects of ferret husbandry. FFGM will contribute articles, pamphlets and books to this information and resource file. One person shall be responsible for these records and will be identified as Club Archivist.
(d) To operate as a non-profit organization, working with membership dues, donations received from adoptions, funds raised by club-sponsored activities, club fund raising projects, all of which will be planned and announced by the Fund Raising Coordinator and/or President. All funds derived from all sources will be used to care for and support animals awaiting homes, to supply routine and emergency medical care for animals awaiting homes, to cover advertising costs required to locate potential ferret owners, to circulate a bi-monthly newsletter to members, to hold monthly meetings for membership and additional meetings as may be required for membership, Officers, Board of Directors and Coordinators, and to sponsor and hold an annual Ferret Frolic for members and their ferrets, and the public. A portion of available funds may be put back into fundraising activities following discussion by Board of Directors and then with the membership if initially approved by the Board of Directors.
(e) FFGM does not sanction ferret breeding under any circumstances.
Section 3: To promote general understanding and communication among ferrets owners and all parties interested in the welfare of ferrets
Section 4: FFGM will not affiliate itself with any business or organization.
*Taken from FFGM's bylaws (article 2).

Adopting a friend...

Our Standard Ferret Adoption Agreement

The following adoption terms have been set by Ferret Fanciers of Greater Milwaukee to ensure humane and quality care for ferrets:

1. A good home and humane treatment will be provided for each ferret that is adopted.
2. The adoptee ferret will NOT be used for any type of experimentation.
3. The adoptee ferret is to receive full preventative and medical care by a licensed veterinarian whenever necessary.
4. Ferrets will not be transported to states where their status is illegal.
5. If for any reason you cannot keep your adoptee ferret, it must be returned to Ferret Fanciers. Under no circumstances is a ferret to be abandoned.

You will need to acknowledge:

Epizootic Catarrhal Enteritis (ECE) or the mystery "green slime" virus has been explained to me and I have received literature on it.
I understand the possible effects of the mystery virus(ECE) on the ferret(s) I am adopting and of exposing other ferrets to adopted ferret(s). No guarantee has been made as to the results of cure.
I will not hold Ferret Fanciers of Greater Milwaukee, any member, or anyone else associated with the Ferret Club responsible for any illnesses of such exposure.

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Ferret Fanciers of Greater Milwaukee
P.O. Box 11625

Milwaukee, WI 53211
Phone: 414-464-3346

Email: ferret_otter@yahoo.com
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