We are open Tuesday from 12pm-6pm and Saturday from 12pm-4pm. We are also open by appointment to potential adopters. If you have seen an animal on this website that you interested in adopting but can not make it to our shelter during our open hours on Tuesday or Saturday; then please call for an appointment!

Doors are locked 15 minutes before closing to allow time to assist with final customer questions and settle the critters in for the night.

Chippewa Humane Association

Animals for Adoption

On average CCHA has about 150 - 200 adoptable pets at one given time. Keep in mind that although pets are posted on Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet, not every single animal is put up. If you're not interested in any that you see on the websites, feel free to call the shelter and ask about other animals. Also, if you're interested in a certain breed, size, or age, contact the shelter and they will put you on a wait list. When an animal that fits your wants joins the shelter, you will be contacted.

Click the links below to view our lists of animals on Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet.

Adoption Fees

Unaltered $90
Altered $110

< Cats:
Unaltered $60
Altered $80

Other Animals:
Ferrets $40
Birds $40
Small Animals $40

These prices include tax.

If a second cat is adopted within 30 days of the initial adoption, the adoption fee is waived. Animals that have been at the shelter for over 9 months, or over 9 years of age are eligible for $10 off the adoption fee.

Chippewa Humane offers ASAP Adoptions, meaning some animals are eligible for same day adoption with an approved application.

As part of our mission to prevent pet over- population, the shelter requires all animals to be altered before they are adopted. Though we have many animals that are already altered, we are financially unable to spay and neuter every animal. Therefore, if you have chosen an unaltered animal, the shelter will make an appointment with a local vet clinic, transport the animal to the vet, and, when necessary, pick the animal up from the vet to observe it before it goes into its new home. Arrangements are then made for the new adopter to pick up the animal. This is at the expense of the adopter. In the case of animals too young to be altered, we will provide you with a neuter contract and a date by which the animal must be altered.

** The neuter fee covers veterinary services and is NOT refundable. **


Chippewa Humane is not funded by tax-based monies, so we rely on donations, adoptions, and fundraisers to keep our doors open! Remember, the staff and volunteers are resourceful. We will gladly accept generic brands, used items, and other supplies not listed. We appreciate your generosity and know the animals do too!! We have a pay-it-forward policy. Any item we are unable to use is forwarded to other organizations in need. Call the shelter if you have any questions about any item(s) you wish to donate.

    Cleaning Supplies:
  • Bleach
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dish Soap
  • Multi-purpose cleaners
  • Trash bags of all sizes
  • Hand sanitizer
    Office Supplies:
  • Copy paper
  • Postage stamps
  • Used ink/laser jet printer cartridges
  • Gordy's County Market Receipts
    Animal Care Supplies:
  • Oil dry for use as kitty litter
  • Other non-clumping litter
  • Cat carriers
  • Leashes
  • Purina Kitten Chow
  • Purina Cat Chow
  • Cat Chow without dyes (Preferably not Meow Mix or Friskies)
  • Gentle leader or halti training collars
  • Dog Collars
    Miscellaneous Supplies:
  • Lawn mower
  • Washing machine


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