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Please visit our available pets. Each pet's profile contains a link to the appropriate online application form for that pet. If you have challenges with the online form, please email connellpetrescue@gmail.com to request an application via email.

A completed application form is required to set up a meet-and-greet and adopt an animal from Red Waggin' Rescue, unless you attend one of our adoption events.

Please allow a few days for a response, as we are only part-time volunteers.

Our application form takes about 20–30 minutes to complete. We volunteers do this rescue work in our spare time and unpaid. As a result, we require a completed application in order to meet a pet. An introduction usually takes at least an hour, plus travel time for the applicants or foster family, whereas completing an application form only takes about 20–30 minutes. Having an approved application form on file before you meet a pet saves both applicants and our volunteers time, and avoids disappointment.


Once approved, if you meet a pet and all agree it is a good match: a volunteer will do a home visit, you will sign an adoption contract, pay the adoption fee, and begin the approval period. Generally, adoption fees are $250–$400 for dogs (average is $350 for dogs and $400 for puppies) and $100–$175 for cats (we usually adopt cats out in pairs; no discount for adopting 2 cats), and include spaying/neutering, basic vaccines, and microchipping, all required by our rescue.


All of our adoptions include a 7-day money-back approval period. However, we are quite good at matching pets to homes and have a lower-than-average return rate (the national average is about 7% and for us it is closer to 3%). After 7 days, a pet must still be returned to our rescue but adoption fees are not refunded.



Questions and Answers:

Q: I am interested in one of the animals listed with your rescue. How can I meet that animal?

A: We do not have a shelter facility and an approved application form is required to meet an adoptable pet. Please email connellpetrescue@gmail.com for an application form. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and can be emailed back to us.


Q: How much does it cost to adopt? Are adoption fees negotiable?

A: Most of our animals have their adoption fees listed on their profiles but usually, adoption fees are $250–$400 for dogs and $100–$175 for cats, and include spaying/neutering, basic vaccines, and microchipping, all required by our rescue. Adoption fees are not negotiable as they all pay for the vet care of our animals, and we receive very little in outside donations or funding.


Q: Your adoption fees seem high. Why are your adoption fees higher than at the local public shelter? Or it seems like I could just buy a puppy off Craigslist for the same amount.

A: Since we, like many other animal rescues, are self-funded, the rescue pays for all vet care, transport, and supplies itself, while public shelters are subsidized with tax dollars. The Human Society is an independent organization but large and has a sizeable endowment fund to draw from.

As for buying a puppy/kitten off of Craiglist (or from a breeder, for that matter), the price generally does not include any vet care beyond a basic vaccination and a dose of de-wormer. If you were to go to your local vet and add up the cost for: vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and a microchip, the total is almost guaranteed to be more than an adoption fee, which includes all of this and often more. And you will be paying these vet fees on top of the price you have already paid for the puppy/kitten from a breeder or off Craigslist. We work with a few dedicated veterinarians in the region that give us a special rate, which helps in our efforts to find new homes for these animals at a relatively low cost.


Q: I have an impression that most rescue pets have health problems or behavioral problems, and that most rescue dogs have no training. Is this true?

A: Most of the pets that we adopt out have no chronic health problems and no behavioral problems, although a minority are special needs. It is true that most rescue dogs have no training because they are the result of irresponsible or negligent owners that did not take into account the time, money, and/or commitment it takes when you adopt a puppy or dog. Dogs of any age can learn basic manners and obedience with minimal, if consistent, effort.

Again, we try to find the best fit for each rescue animal and we are as upfront as possible with any special needs or issues that a certain pet might have. Also, all of our adoptions include a 7-day approval period during which the adoption fee is refundable.


Q: How old do I have to be to adopt?

A: You must be at least 21 years of age to adopt from Red Waggin' Rescue. Certain breeds such as American Pit Bull Terriers sometimes require older applicants (over ~25) or homeowners to adopt them, since many rentals do not allow certain breeds.


Q: I don't own my own home. Can I still adopt?

A: Yes, however as part of the application process we will check with your landlord or rental agency to ensure that you are allowed to have a dog of the age, size, and breed for which you are applying. Many rentals have restrictions on these so check to make sure before applying.


Q: Do you adopt to applicants from British Columbia, Canada?

A: Yes. We will supply you with all the documentation required to take your new pet home and will arrange for a volunteer local to you to do a home visit.

Q: Do you adopt to applicants from out-of-state?

A: Yes. We will supply you with all the documentation required to take your new pet home and will arrange for a volunteer local to you to do a home visit.

Generally we adopt to homes within a half-day's drive of our nearest volunteer. The furthest we do adoptions from Seattle, WA is northern Oregon, northern Idaho, and southern British Columbia. We do not ship pets—adopters must travel to the appointed volunteer in Washington State to adopt their new pet in person. We will arrange for a volunteer local or closest to you to do a home visit.

Q: Do you require a fenced yard to adopt? How about a doggy door?

A: A fenced yard and a doggy door are not required. However, we will place a dog based on the best fit and a family that can provide for the needs of the dog, and vice versa. A family that is applying for a young Border Collie that does not run or hike would probably need a fenced yard for that dog to get enough exercise; a lazy mature adult Lab or Chihuahua might do fine in an apartment.


Q: I've never owned a dog before. Can I still adopt?

A: Yes. As long as you are willing to learn, can afford it, and you find a dog that is the right fit for your lifestyle, you are eligible to adopt from our rescue.


Q: Your adoption application asks me for a lot of information. I could just go buy a puppy or kitten from a pet store or off Craigslist without the hassle.

A: In the United States, half of all puppies born don't live to see their 1st birthdays. That's 50% off all puppies dead before they're a year old. This is because puppies and kittens are often bought as if they are commodities instead of living, breathing animals that will have to be cared for over the next 8–15 years. Since many families who buy puppies don't go through an application process, there is no guarantee that the family can afford, will commit to, or will have a stable enough situation for the duration of the pet's lifetime. This results in the deaths of 3–4 million unwanted shelter pets each year in the United States alone (http://www.aspca.org/about-us/faq/pet-statistics.aspx). So you can be part of the problem or part of the solution. (Any reputable breeder will also require information from you before they sell you a dog.)


Q: Do you ever hold adoption events? Where can I attend one?

A: We rarely hold adoption events and even when we do, we do not do same-day adoptions. If you are interested in a pet from this rescue, you are best off emailing us for an application form.


Q: My family really wants to adopt a puppy from a rescue but we keep missing out to other applicants. We don't want an adult dog because it just won't become part of the family the same and might be unpredictable.

A: If you want to adopt a puppy you need to make sure your family has the time, money, and commitment for it. Are the adults of the house gone for 8+ hours per day during the week? Too busy with the kids? Then that's not going to work. Are you prepared for the housebreaking, the midnight bathroom breaks, the chewing, the energy, the potty accidents, and the continued socialization and training into adulthood? In our experience, there is no guarantee with any dog. However, we are much more confident adopting out a dog that is at least 18 months old that we have got to know and has some training, and socialization, rather than a puppy that hasn't shown its adult character yet. We can guarantee that a rescue dog of any age, be it a puppy or an 8-year-old senior, provided it's the right fit, will only take a few weeks to become part of the family, and after a few months, you will wonder how this dog was ever not a part of your home.


Q: I work away from home for 8-10 hours a day. Which dog would be suitable for me? 

A: Generally, no dog does well when left alone for more than 4–6 hours. Dogs are very social creatures and also generally can't go more than 6 hours or often less without a potty break. If you work away from home all day, you should expect to arrange for a dog walker/sitter or doggy daycare 2-3 days a week to keep your dog sane and happy. (Leaving a dog outside by itself during the day is irresponsible and dangerous.) Mature adult and senior dogs may be less active and spend more of the sleeping, so might be a good fit for you. On the other hand, a puppy will require you do be away much less than 8 hours a day until it is 9–18 months old, simple as that. Or you might consider adopting a cat, dogsitting, or becoming a foster family.


Q: Who runs this rescue? Are you paid employees?

A: We are all part-time unpaid volunteers. At any time there are usually 5–15 active volunteers that help in various ways. We all have full time jobs, families, interests, and our own pets to look after in addition. We are a small organization and do this in our spare time.


Q: How can I become a foster family?

A: We are in most need of foster families. In order to foster please email connellpetrescue@gmail.com for an adoption application form. This way by some off chance if you fall in love with your foster pet, you will already be approved to keep it (although this is not common). A completed form also gives us all the information we would need to know that you are situated and able to foster a particular dog, cat, or occasionally other animal. 


Q: I can't foster right now but I am interested to volunteer. How can I help? 

A: In addition to foster families, we need help taking good photos and videos of dogs to promote their adoptions, to run local errands for supplies, to create flyers and to do networking using social media, and to help with transporting dogs. Please email connellpetrescue@gmail.com and tell us how you would like to be involved.



If you currently feed any of the following foods/brands or are considering doing so, please note that there are many similarly priced brands of much better quality for the immediate and long-term health of your dog.

Better alternatives at around $30–$50 for a large bag include Kirkland, Diamond, Nature's Recipe, Avo Derm, and Natural Balance.

If you can afford even better quality all the better. Examples of $50 and up include Acana, Orijen, Ziwi Peak, Wellness, Fromm, Wild Calling, Flint River Ranch, Addiction, etc. it can prevent health problems and keep your dog in better long-term health.


Onto the list of the top 10 worst dog foods:


Who We Are

Red Waggin' Pet Rescue is a 501(c)3 that grew out of Connell Pet Rescue. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers that do this part-time and unpaid.


The City of Connell is located in Eastern Washington, and since it is a small city, it has no animal control, no proper animal shelter, and no pet rescue services. Red Waggin' Rescue is fully staffed by part-time volunteers to help the City of Connell Police Department rescue, provide vet care for, and find new forever homes for homeless dogs and other animals from Connell, WA and the surrounding areas. Our volunteers and foster homes are active in both Eastern Washington and the Puget Sound areas.

Come Visit Us

Although there is a small holding area managed by the City of Connell Police Department, Red Waggin' Rescue/Connell Pet Rescue has no permanent shelter facility.

Our animals stay in foster homes while they await their new homes, that are found in Eastern Washington and all the way to the Puget Sound area.

Fosters for both cats and dogs are ALWAYS needed—please email us if you would like to help out! 

Generally, if an approved adopter is interested in another part of Washington State, transport can be arranged and runs roughly every other weekend.



Our adoption fees cover the basic vet care (including spays/neuters and microchipping) for our dogs. However, we are always in need of a little extra for extra vet care. For example, this autumn, two of the puppies in Eastern Washington were treated for parvovirus and cost the rescue hundreds more in vet bills. Any amount you can spare, even $2, helps care for these animals and to find them new homes. Please visit the following link and thank you!


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